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Food quality is another concept of crucial importance in understanding consumer attitudes to organic food. It is evident that expectations of product quality are as high for organic foods as they are for conventional foods. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Even after squeezing out excess water when I\'ve rewound it isn\'t fitting neatly back on to the reel, the hose bulges out over the white cover. Very good value and exactly what I had been looking for to replace the wrong type hose I had been using.
This is a quality product that makes life easy for you, no kinks and you remove nearly all the water when you wind it back onto the spool. A ticket will be automatically created in our online helpdesk to track your enquiry through to conclusion. Please Note: Not all items held in stock at our Exmouth premises, if you are specifically interested in a 20m flat Food Quality Cassette Hose and are visiting our shop then give us a call on 0845 8698940 to verify if the item is a local stock item. This concept also needs to be opened up, and its specific contents must be investigated thoroughly in any given context.

Indeed in some cases the expectations are higher for organic foods, and there may be additional quality features where organic food is concerned. The perceived better taste of organic food is raised in several studies, both in Italy, Denmark and the UK (and in studies from other countries). Mine is leaking from tiny holes on the 'edge' of the flattened hose and the only reason I can think of is frost damage?
I had searched for similar items on the web and was delighted to find the Outdoor Bits item at the best price and correctly specified.
Item arrived here in the far north Highlands of Scotland at 10 o'clock this morning - I only ordered at 3.30 yesterday afternoon.
Your communication on the progress of the transaction and speed of delivery was second to none. A number of definitions have been suggested and applied, some of them technical, others less so.
Thus several concepts referring to “inner” food qualities that are assumed to have importance for human health are used in connection with organic food (see, for example, Jensen et al. Both Italian and British studies indicate that quality aspects relating to appearance (size, uniformity etc.) are not considered very important by consumers buying organic food.
Much cheaper than buying from boating outlets where everything is priced in 'marine pund units'!!

It is neatly wound on to a cassette with good quality push-on end fittings and stores very easily. I bought it to replace an identical one I bought some years ago and which provided excellent service. I have already tried it out at home and I am sure that it will be very useful on our next holiday.
Some quality definitions treat the quality of a food product as equal to the sum quality of its parts, while others reject such an equivalence (see, for example, Klett 1986), claiming that the emergent properties of the whole go beyond the sum of the parts. Methods of measuring the vitality of the food (picture-developing methods) (Schwenk 1991, Balzer-Graf and Balzer 1991) and its structural energy (Popp 1991) have been developed and used in research on organic food quality. A holistic approach to the measurement of food quality, suggested by Meier-Ploeger and Vogtmann (1991), includes social, psychological, environmental and political dimensions.
In keeping with this, the review indicates that consumer attitudes to the quality of organic food vary between countries and in different contexts.

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