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Unleash the powerful flavors of freshly ground spices with the Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder.
After dealing with a leaky (and often explosive) food processor for over a year, it was finally time to break down and hunt for a new one.
My only complaint is that crumbs get stuck in the lid and I haven’t found an easy way to get them out. I have been debating for 5 MONTHS about which food processor to buy because I wanted to be sure it could handle making nut butter.
Running out the door to pick up my weekly nut stash- totally making this this afternoon- Thx! I made heaps of nut butter in an old Cuisinart (1070s model?) for four months when travelling in Mexico, it was brilliant. I have this food processor also and that is my one complaint, the crumbs getting stuck in the lid! Yep,,,I agree with the bits in the lid,,,very annoying,,,and yep clean-up is the best part.
About CuisinartOne of the most recognized names in cookware and kitchen products, Cuisinart first became popular when introduced to the public by culinary experts Julia Child and James Beard. The blades are uniquely designed to grind spices and nuts with a simple press on the lid, sealing in all the finely ground spices for immediate use or storage.

Next to my blender the food processor is my second most used kitchen appliance, so I want one that does the job well. A butter knife seems to do the trick, but it’s a bit annoying that I can’t seem to take apart the lid. I ended up adding walnuts, almonds, pecans, flax, chia, hemp, pure maple syrup, fine grain sea salt, pure vanilla extract, and a touch of coconut oil for an ultra silky feel.
My Ninja was my most used kitchen appliance and it just died a couple weeks back and I broke down and got a Vitamix-I am LOVING it!! I tried making nut butter with it and I really didnt like making it this way…it was so hard to scoop out! When attempting to make butter in a friend’s VitaMix we were surprised and annoyed at how long it took. Efficiently grind any spice or create original, tantalizing blends to spice up your dishes and beverages. After asking for your input on my Facebook page and reading reviews, I decided to buy the Cuisinart 14-cup food processor.
I read that others have this problem too, so hopefully Cuisinart remedies this in their next release. You can’t tell by the photo how many amazing ingredients are lurking inside, but it’s packing a nutritional powerhouse.

Under management by the Conair Corporation since 1989, Cuisinart is a universally celebrated name in kitchens across the globe. It’s straight-forward and easy to use which is always a good thing for those of us who are appliance challenged.
Feel free to play around with the seeds and nuts depending on what you have in your own kitchen. Spread out mixture onto baking sheet and bake for about 14-15 minutes minutes or until lightly golden, stirring once half way through. Watch closely after 10 minutes.Remove from oven and allow the mixture to cool for a few minutes before placing into a food processor. I have not tried making nut butter with this yet, since I’m still wary, but I may have to try this, it looks delish!
I blame the bone-dry honey dates!] I am looking forward to trying out the dough setting too. Add in the vanilla, salt, and coconut oil and process until combined and smooth.If you’d like crunchy almond butter, stir or pulse in chopped nuts.

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