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New Delhi, March 10 : India Wednesday invited investment in the food processing industry to raise the processing levels of its agricultural produce from the current 10 percent to 20 percent. Inaugurating an annual exhibition on food and hospitality, Aahar International 2010, here, he asked for investment in the supply chain and cold chain infrastructure, and technology to provide forward and backward linkages. Sahai said the food processing sector in India was the only sector that remained unaffected by the global financial crisis. The date 25th September, 2014 will go down in the history of the Indian manufacturing Industry. Through this campaign, our PM is extending an invitation to all the investors, big or small, to invest in India to unlock the abundant opportunities available here and suggests that it is not just limited to being a market. As ‘Make in India’ has made its big move for the enormous growth in the manufacturing industry, the Food Processing sector is being seen as the one possessing immense potential that needs to be unleashed. On the vast expanse of 199 million hectares land, 42 Mega Food Parks are being raised in public-private partnership with an investment of INR 98 Billion.
Agreeable fiscal incentives have been introduced by the central and state governments which include capital subsidies, tax rebates, depreciation benefits, and also reduced custom and excise duties for processed food and apparatus. To fast-track the establishment process of food processing industry in the country, the government has provisions for various tax and other incentives to businesses.
Teams have been dedicated to usher and support the first timers in investing from the nascent stage for the food park set-up. The Indian government has a target to invest $20 billion in food-related infrastructure from the private sector. Also, National Mission on Food Manufacturing Policy (NMFP) is like a master key that can open many locks if utilized wisely by entrepreneurs.
The 4th Global Investors biennial Summit recently held in Indore saw an assemblage of bigwigs, ministers, MSME delegates with an eye to invest more and further its development. In West Bengal, Multinationals like ITC, Keventer Agro Ltd, Reliance and Future Group are thinking out to commit nearly INR 3K crores in the Food Processing sector. To say the least, the campaign is hardly couple of months old but it has undoubtedly been impacting not just India but the whole world as is well evident from the above stated instances. In the long run, the cultivators, industrialists, entrepreneurs and allied sector have to work in unison for a steady growth and to make Indian food industry the Food factory of the world.
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Then, why is it that despite showing so many positive signs and having all the resources and workforce required, we are still lagging behind others in this arena? These are the major bottlenecks that have to be coped up by a small food processing industry and they get intensified as we move onto medium to large scale industries. Insights and comprehensive up-to-date knowledge on the know-how of the Indian food Industry.
Information regarding several policy measures and initiatives undertaken by the Government of India for the promotion and development of this industry, to the existing as well as budding entrepreneurs who are looking forward to gain a strong foothold in this industry . Our Indian Food Industry is making its mark on the world business map and by identifying the challenges in all the segments of the food processing sector and addressing them would bring a huge growth not only in terms of local business revenues but foreign investments as well.
With our portal, a person who is wishing to take the first step with a venture in food processing or manufacturing or one who is already established in this sector, will have an encyclopedia of information related to raw materials and machinery, sourcing, government food related policies, food exhibitions, food laws and regulations, food supply chain and various other important aspects of this industry. Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and Daily Food Updates is not responsible for any errors in the same.

This entry was posted in About and tagged food business operators, food companies, food companies of india, food entrepreneurs, food industry, food manufacturing industry, food processing industry, food safety and standards authority of india, FSSAI, indian food government, indian food industry, indian food processing industry, ministry of food processing industry, MOFPI on November 29, 2014 by Rishika Gupta. Food processing helps in preservation enhances the flavor and reduces the toxins in the food product which results in better distributional efficiency. You can go in for degree, diploma, certificate and short-term programs to become an expert in food processing. Despite the fact that food processing industry is at a nascent   stage, it offers income avenues to trained professionals. The avenues can be in the field of self- employment or in case you can find a job  in companies, food research laboratories, catering companies, food wholesalers, hospitals, and  restaurants  as  bakers, trimmers, fish cutters, slaughterers, meat packers, food batch makers, food cooking machine operators, are required in substantial numbers; however, there is dearth of all these professionals. Food processing industry in India has a very potent market for consumer food including pasta, breads, cakes, pastries, biscuits,ready to eat and ready to cook products. Punjab Agriculture University,(PAU) Ludhiana runs 5 day training programs for farmers on Agro processing. When asked about the initial investment required for setting up an Agro Processing Unit he said,”The initial investment depends upon the type of plant and the type of machinery required whether it is flour milling or rice milling. You can combine your degree in Food Processing with an MBA and seek a job with the leading giants in dairy products like Nestle, Amul etc. Among the agriculture commodities, fruits and vegetable considered as perishable commodities are available in seasonal surplus during the certain parts of the year in the different regions and wasted in large quantities due to the absence of facilities and technical know-how or proper handling, distribution, marketing, and storage and product development for processed food products. Dr Amarjit Kaur, Head , Department of Food Technology said,” The training on home Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables is imparted twice a year once for summer vegetables and second time for winter season fruits. Quite a number of universities and institutes can be approached for acquiring knowledge in food processing. Department of Agriculture) are the most common regulatory bodies interacting with this industry.
Working in a dense industrial area we can fulfill an ongoing request for sheet metal, surface and centerless grinding and plating processes.. Our customers' requirements include 3D true 4th axis capabilities for challenging medical and surgical devices which are often made from hard to machine rare and exotic materials. At Lazar Machining we are equiped to handle long rods and large parts and have dedicated staff to provide quick turn around. Products range from extremly complex 3D parts manufacturing, surface and JIG grinding and post prosessing.
Lazar Machining has decades of experience working with Hollywood's most trusted camera manufacturer as well as special underwater and special effect companies. 1 lakh crore (Rs1,000 billion) to increase the processing level from the current 10 percent to 20 percent," said Minister for Food Proceesing Industries Subodh Kant Sahai. When the manufacturing sector was affected by the recession, this sector grew from 6 percent to 14.2 percent," he said. It has been highlighted as one of the focus sectors in the new manufacturing policy, 2011 in relation to GDP, employment and investment of the Indian economy and has an objective to raise the food processing level upto 25% by 2025 from 10% in 2010.
The parks are incorporated with 1200 developed plots along with complete basic infrastructure enabled that entrepreneurs can rent for establishing the food processing and ancillary units.
Abattoirs modernization and already running schemes like cold chain and Mega food parks establishment are getting a big boost with this movement. The ‘Make in India’ mission is working to revise the policies to make the functionality easier & effective.
It is set to trigger and meet the demand of organic production which has a great national and international market today and only the North East India has what it takes to cater such a huge demand through its well-organised production.
Thus, spurring the growth of the Indian Food Processing Industry, by drawing the attention of the both big and small investors around the world. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, our Food Processing Minister in an interactive session recently held with SAD-BJP MLAs of Punjab. Looking at its status quo which shows a tremendous potential in every aspect from production to consumption to export to growth, it has been ranked as the 5th largest industry in the world.

Although, these hurdles can be taken care of with the help of empowered government policies, up-gradation of techniques and the accurate knowledge dissemination among all the players in the food Industry.
Thus, this would facilitate in looking into their concerns and solving the issues they may be facing while running their operations.
In other words, it is a technique of manufacturing and preserving food substances in an effective manner with a view to enhance their shelf life; improve quality as well as make them functionally more useful. From the confines of food preservation, packaging and transportation, which mainly involved salting, curdling, drying, pickling, it has widened its scope and size. In this time crunched society, where the husband and wife are working it comes up with many new items like ready-to-eat food, beverages, processed and frozen fruit and vegetable products, marine and meat products.
Moreover, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries has ambitious plan to set upfood parks across India in every parliamentary constituency so that a real food revolution can be brought about and employment can be generated. In you are an agriculturist, you can diversify your income and increase shelf life of your produce by setting up a processing plant that processes your wheat and converts it into flour for bakeries for breads, restaurants and the like. Dr Ashok Kumar, Prof and Head, Department of Processing and Food Engineering, PAU says,” In order to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among the rural youth and encourage value addition and diversification in farming and farm produce, we run training programs from Monday to Friday on Agro Processing. This would generate employment among the youth and also prevent migration of youth to urban areas in search of employment besides uplifting the overall quality of farm produce”, he further added. Though the share of organized sector is less than 15 per cent, it is expected to rise rapidly, especially inthe urban regions. Fruits like kinnow, grapes are bring about a glut in the market  during the season and often perish because of their low shelf life. Our decades of machining experience can assist your engineering to support your design team from the prototyping through production run manufacturing. Essar Infraprojects to place INR 50K crores in all bestowing substantial share to the food industry. Thus, we can hope for more from this campaign and see it shaping the future of the Indian food industry in a short time to come.
It covers spectrum of products from sub-sectors comprising agriculture, horticulture, plantation, animal husbandry and fisheries.
Further, 4-year B.Tech courses in food technology are also conducted, with the same eligibility criteria.
Among the milk products manufactured by the organized sector, some ofthe prominent ones are ghee, butter, cheese, ice creams, milk powders, malted milk food, and infant foods. They are also guided about the loan schemes and Government subsidies available on setting up of these plants.
Also, Adani is looking to place INR 20K crores and Future group INR 2K crores in the food industry. Some of the techniques used are spray drying, juice concentrates, freeze drying and the introduction of artificial sweeteners, colorants, and preservatives. The training includes techniques of processing wheat into flour, turmeric into turmeric powder for value addition and increase in shelf life. If the farmers are engaged in food processing, it could contribute to the economic development of the rural population as well as uplift them from poverty”. Modern Printers and Excelsior Printer Pvt Ltd, Janipura, Jammu and published from EXCELSIOR HOUSE, Janipura, Jammu 180007 (J&K). The farmers are informed about the training through advertisements in the newspapers and through KVK’s (Krishi Vigyan Kendras). Subsidized stay arrangements are made in Farmers Hostel for the participating farmers”.

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