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A worker uses a roller to disinfect her subordinates as part of efforts to ensure cleanliness in a food processing factory. Food processing and handling is a large issue, especially in the United States with fast food restaurants. First comes the "wind shower." Wearing overalls and rubber boots, employees stand in a narrow room as air jets in the walls blow away any dust on them.
Reading Fast Food Nation made me realize that the people that are employed are paid minimum wage, and are placed in horrible working conditions.

They wade through ankle-deep disinfectant and don caps, High Risk Nitrile gloves and surgical masks. In order to get these flavors back companies have to create certain chemicals to design the specific flavor that they want. Only then can they enter the chilly, white-tiled room where they pack Alaska salmon for American dinner tables and Russian cod for McDonalds fish sandwiches.
The goal is to make sure food is healthy before and after the  distribution from place to place.

During this time, new food and drug laws were being passed to strengthen local efforts to have better and safer food.

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