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The Union Minister of Food Processing Industry, Harsimrat Kaur Badal in a statement said; she was keen to give impetus to the Food Processing Industry as she sees a huge potential here after her talk with the representatives from the industry. She also said that the Government would like to give impetus to the food processing industry, allocate it more funds and also the Government is thinking of making it an independent Ministry so that the food processing industry could achieve zenith. The Product Approval process has been seen as a bottleneck by many food business operators and it was also one of the main agenda of the minister.
The minister has promised to hold discussions with FSSAI on the reasons for the need of repeated approvals and also on the issue of imported food shipments that are lying at various ports. The representatives of the industry felt, though the Act is simple, but FSSAI needs to take control of the situation for the better implementations of the regulations. When questioned about FSSAI’s restructure, the Minister said that the standards followed globally are not accepted here in India and so there is always scope for the improvement and the Government would act as a facilitator to see that the dreams of the food industry are realized.
The minister said that her Ministry would also look into ‘best practice model’ where a food map of the country would be built to easily pinpoint what is being grown where, what are the shortcomings, and what needs to be done. With regard to an increase in the share for the food industry from the current level of 1.5% of the total foreign direct investment (FDI) coming into the country, Badal said that this matter can only be decided by the Government.
She said her Ministry would work on improving the situation of farmers, so they can get better yield, at better prices and the waste is minimized which would hopefully lower the inflation. The Minister feels that the food processing industry can be instrumental in imparting skills to a large part of the population, without the need for a specialized college. Food Safety Helpline has been established to help you understand and implement the requirements of Food Safety and Standards Act.
All meat and poultry processing facilities, to prevent infestation, the processor must create a proactive program for stopping these pests from threatening the safety and quality of the product.
The pest control program is a stand-alone program and is also a part of the plant's food safety system. There is no insect, other than the housefly, that is more easily recognized and detested than the cockroach.
With an aim to boost the food processing sector in the country, the Food processing ministry is offering special incentives and financial assistance to small and medium entrepreneurs for setting up food processing units in India. In addition to this, the Government of India will also provide tax incentives to Food Processing Industries.
The new design has its emphasis on being simple with an easy to learn and easy to use interface. This new functionality provides customers the ability to customize their QuickBooks version interface to meet their specific business needs, while providing them access to data across applications. Also important is the Intuit One login feature which will give access to Intuit?s accounting add-on solutions from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
In an attempt to supply healthy and nutritious food to the rural India as a part of mid-day meals, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries is looking forward to join hands with the multinational food and beverage company, PepsiCo for developing products which can be supplied as a part of mid-day meals. To boost the industrial development in the state, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan during a road show in Coimbatore has given an open invitation to the industrialists from Tamil Nadu to set up their manufacturing units in MP. Before heading for his three-day visit to Japan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India’s association with Japan will help in boosting trade between Asia’s second and third largest economies. Kerala's textile manufacturing sector on professionals of other states, Kerala Artisans Development Corporation (KADCO) is organising an interaction session on 29th August at nearby Kalamassery. With an aim to improve the trading opportunities existing in the market and to provide a platform to the MSMEs for exploring latest technology and marketing mantras, Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA) is organising a conference on ‘Net-working MSMEs across nations for technology and marketing’ on August 25th, 2014 at 9:30 am at KASSIA auditorium. Small businesses face several challenges and I strongly believe that technology can bring the much-required transformation. Technological advancements, globalization and need for efficient operations to be competitive, SMEs are slowly and steadily transforming towards standardized business processes. IPR litigation veteran talks about all that an SME needs to know in order to file and own IPRs successfully. A vegan activist takes on the Indian taste buds with dairy-free ice-creams in a bid to introduce the healthier and eco-sensitive dairy product free lifestyle to the masses. A corporate lawyer tries to change the way business is handled in Dehradun along with her husband and their boutique projects aimed at filling the gaps in lifestyles of Uttarakhand’s capital city. Cloud computing is definitely the need of the hour; however, SMBs need to clearly understand the benefits of cloud computing to make the most of the technology.
While elections are almost set to bring change in the political leadership of the country, all the key parties the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Indian National Congress (INC) are throwing promises for the industry. It is critical for food and beverage processors, handlers and packagers to look at food safety in a new light: ultraviolet light.

Steril-Aire’s multi-patented UVC technology has been proven effective in food and beverage processing applications by providing continuous, non-chemical decontamination of food surfaces and the surrounding environment. Approved by the USDA and FDA for surface decontamination, germicidal UVC technology provides a cost-effective method to enhance food safety.
Numerous studies have demonstrated that the HVAC system is a viable amplifier, reservoir and transport of bacteria and mold.
Steril-Aire DE Series UVC solutions are ideal for internal installation in new or retrofit, medium to large air handling unit systems.
Steril-Aire’s Single-Ended (SE Series) fixtures are ideal for new and retrofit fan coils, heat pumps, unit ventilator systems, terminal units and ductwork. Steril-Aire’s single-Ended, NEMA 4X UVC Emitters are ideal for exterior air handling units, including rooftop units, AHUs, heat pumps, fan coils, packaged terminal units and ducts. Designed for medium to large air handling units typically found in commercial and industrial applications.
Provides a quick, simple installation of Steril-Aire Single-Ended UVC Emitter® germicidal lamp lengths from 12” to 42”. The Steril-Aire UVC Kit for Air Handlers is ideal for indoor air handling units (coils up to 84” with dual access), fan coils and unit ventilator systems.
Includes a 120-277 V power supply, seven Emitter lengths — 12”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 42”, and the largest selection of mounting options in the industry. The Steril-Aire SterilWand UVC Emitter is a safe and effective way to decontaminate surfaces such as walls and tabletops and improve indoor air quality (IAQ). An advanced air cleaner that combines three scientifically proven, powerful air purification technologies—germicidal UVC, activated carbon and a HEPA-style filter—to safely, effectively clean air in rooms up to 1,000sf. Steril-Aire Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS) can air filter and decontaminate safely, quickly and efficiently. Effectively decontaminates air and surfaces in unoccupied rooms up to 12’ x 12’—usually in less than 24 hours—with highly concentrated, scientifically proven UVC.
AG Environmental Solutions Ltd, Rubicon Centre, CIT Campus, Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland.
Identificare i componenti critici, i rischi associati e i possibili test necessari: la normativa che regolamenta la sicurezza dei processi alimentari prevede la verifica di eventuali migrazioni che possono costituire un pericolo per la salute umana anche col sussidio di simulanti che mimano il comportamento dell’alimento a contatto con l’oggetto. Inserisci il tuo indirizzo e-mail per iscriverti al sito di Macchine Alimentari e ricevere via e-mail le ultime notizie pubblicate. At Engineering Applications we have more than 30 years experience working with clients in the food industry, so we fully understand the stringent approach needed to ensure food safety. From the time that we begin designing the plant and equipment needed on the production floor, through to fabrication, installation and commissioning, you can count on us to take a preventative approach to food safety. We take compliance with hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) standards, extremely seriously and we focus on preventing contamination and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, which is what sets us apart from the competition. It doesn't matter if you need structural platforms, walkways and stairs or if you need a sophisticated production or packaging line installed, we are capable of designing, fabricating and installing your solution now.
Contact us today for a chat on how we can help with your food production or processing project. She said the government would definitely do as much as it could to allocate more resources in the new budget to improve infrastructure like cold chains and remove supply-side bottlenecks.
The food business operators opined that the product approval fee of Rupees 25000 is very high for small matters like change in the name on the label. She has targeted these as doable objects though she was prompt to say that a lot also depends on the stakeholders, particularly the various state governments. As part of the best practices model she would like to make a Board which has officials of the concerned department of the State so the issues concerning the industry can get cleared and that should solve the need felt for single – window clearance.
Another way, the food processing industry can fight inflation is to increase food processing so the housewife always has healthy alternatives off the shelf at a reasonable price.
Cockroaches have been shown to transmit diseases including pathogenic food borne bacteria such as salmonella, Vibrio cholera, Staphylococcus aureus, and others both in the insect's gut and on its exterior surface. They are usually small insects that infest and destroy foods during all stages of their life cycles.
They must be controlled in and around a food plant because rats and mice carry and transmit disease, and they can cause significant economic losses by damaging food containers, contaminating food with rodent droppings, and consuming food.
The various tax incentives include deduction of expenditure for setting up and operating a cold chain facility, deduction of expenditure for setting up warehousing facility for storage of agricultural produce; deduction of tax from profit available (100% tax exemption for the first 5 years of operations), exemption of Service tax on items in the negative list, and so on.
Steril-Aire’s UVC Emitters® provide an exceptional level of protection against foodborne microorganisms and shed a whole new light on food safety with significant results.

Steril-Aire germicidal UVC Emitters® prevent mold, bacteria, yeast and viruses from contaminating food, meat and beverage products from the preparation of raw materials through processing, curing, packaging, transportation and storage. Installed in HVAC and air makeup systems (AMUs), Steril-Aire UVC provides ongoing protection from mold and organic buildup on coils and drain pans.  Steril-Aire UVC delivers continuous, non-chemical surface and airstream decontamination, reducing airborne pathogens before they are circulated throughout your plant.
Le aziende alimentari e produttrici di macchinari ed elettrodomestici sono responsabili della conformita alle normative vigenti che disciplinano i materiali e gli oggetti destinati a venire in contatto con gli alimenti. Il che significa, in termini pratici, un lavoro fatto a step che prevede innanzitutto di “valutare la componentistica delle macchine di aziende alimentari e aziende produttrici di macchinari ed elettrodomestici, distinguendo i vari componenti di superfici, rulli trasportatori, valvole, coclee» (Tabella). Dopo l’analisi della documentazione disponibile, si passa al Risk Assessment (ovvero l’analisi dell’esploso del prodotto e l’identificazione dei materiali con valutazione della documentazione ricevuta dai fornitori di componenti critici) e la redazione di un piano analitico con identificazione delle prove necessarie (per esempio, oltre che tramite prove di migrazione globale e specifica tramite screening test dei componenti critici). We have performed work in literally hundreds of companies who cater to the food, beverage or pharmaceutical industries.
The delayed process of the product approvals has also been one of the key issues for the food industry.
Two major species of rats are found in and around human habitation: the Norway rat and the roof rat. Girish Babu, CEO Technopark said, ‘’Entrepreneurs were taken to foreign countries to get more exposure to their ideas. Intuit has allowed third parties and app developers to create small business applications around it. Steril-Aire’s UVC Emitters are ideal for surface disinfection, tumbling drums, conveyor and shaker systems, commercial refrigeration and other food processing equipment. In altre parole bisogna «identificare i componenti critici, ovvero i rischi associati e i possibili test necessari, basati sull’utilizzo di appropriati simulanti che mimano il comportamento dell’alimento a contatto con l’oggetto”. Segue poi la fase di screening test, e in caso di primi risultati «sospetti» si procede a un test approfondito e quantitativo delle sostanze individuate. This is done by sealing and filling cracks and crevices and maintaining a sealed, smooth surface throughout the plant in production and nonproduction areas.
Stored product pests are not generally associated with disease, as are cockroaches and flies, but they are considered a major food contaminant.
Gli aspetti sensoriali possono essere valutati anche tramite test finale su utilizzo della macchina (per esempio test organolettici per individuare un eventuale deterioramento delle caratteristiche organolettiche dopo che l’alimento e stato processato dalla macchina).
As a group, they prefer dry products such as cereal grains and flours, but other foods such as nuts and dried fruits may be infested, as well.
Both rats and mice reproduce rapidly, rats having 20 offspring per year and mice up to 35 young per year.
Di fronte a un quadro cosi complesso, e quindi bene sapere cosa sia necessario fare per assicurare la conformita delle proprie macchine.
Conclude infine la redazione della dichiarazione di conformita, necessaria per legge per le aziende, da rilasciare poi ai clienti finali.
A parlarcene e Marinella Vitulli di Ecol Studio Spa, un laboratorio, con sede a Lucca, che ha competenze specifiche che riguardano gli adempimenti necessari per essere conformi alla normativa. The life cycle for most weevils is four to five months, and they can infest nearly every cereal grain.
Flour moths lay their eggs in flour or meal where the larva destroys the product, and they are important grain pests. Dry powders and dusts, such as boric acid and insecticide powders, take advantage of the cockroaches' habit of preening themselves. It is important to understand that no pesticide can be used in a food processing plant unless EPA has approved such use. Prevention: The purchase of quality, pest-free grain and food ingredients is the first step to prevention Regular cleaning of storage areas and processing equipment to remove ingredient spills and accumulated dust is also important. Fumigation of empty storage bins with phosphine, ethylene oxide, or carbonyl sulfide are effective control options for stored product pests.
Similarly, fumigation may be used in facilities when processing operations are over for the day.

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