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The planned closures are due to a combination of factors, including changing product needs, the age of both facilities and prohibitive cost of renovations, as well as the distance of the Chicago plant from its raw material supply base. This webinar will examine factors that can help attract, motivate and retain skilled employees, how to increase productivity with improved workspaces and employee satisfaction and growth through best-in-class welfare, training, teaming and other employee-centric environments.
Check out the July 2016 edition of Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Magazine, and get caught up on the State of the Industry! The following email came in recently, which certainly warns us all to be more prepared and resilient for the future, as Dan and his family found out when the devastating floods hit Grantham, South East Queensland in January 2011. Produce that has potential for storing for later use, or can be dried or used in some other form.
The following plants or seeds would be practical for you to consider growing and storing for the future as survival food.
When these plants are plentiful in the garden, the leaves can be dried, crushed finely and stored, to provide a protein source in the future, by adding to soups, stews, casseroles, etc.
Sweet fruit root, arrowroot (both Queensland and South American), cassava, taro, coco yam, Jerusalem artichoke, Chinese artichokes, jicama, oca, sweet potato, American groundnut, sacred lotus, water-chestnuts, yams (Dioscorea species). All the root crops listed above, and pumpkins, squash, large Lagenaria gourds including long beans, flour gourds (also called wax gourds), chilacayote, loofah, asparagus, perennial beans like 7 year bean, choko, pie melon, African cucumber. Isabell Shipard will be running 1 day courses in 2011 (30 September and 1 October) on How to be more Self-sufficient. Participants will see many practical plants, and there will be a variety to smell and taste.
In this course, Isabell will share valuable information, which every person will find practical for daily living. Hi, I would like to share this to my blog but you do not have the blogspot share link icon on your pages. When grown on nitrogen rich soils (and particularly when these are cultivated inorganically), the plant tends to concentrate high levels of nitrates in its leaves[76]. The leaves of comfrey are nutritious and can be eaten raw or cooked or dried for making teas and strong brews of herbal infusions.
There is abundant evidence that comfrey has been used for food and medicine for many thousands of years by many people and cultures around the globe. I have been drinking a herbal infusion made with 30 grams of dried comfrey leaf, brewed overnight in a litre of boiled water for about 6 years and eat the leaves regularly in salads and as cooked greens.
The meat processing company said that the closure is part of its efforts to improve the overall performance of its prepared foods business.
Tyson Foods said in the press release that it will be closing down its pepperoni plant in Jefferson, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois, which makes prepared foods for the hospitality industry. About 480 people at its Chicago plant and 400 people at its Jefferson plant will be affected by the move. Donnie King, the president of North American operations of Tyson Foods, said in the press release that they've looked at a lot of options before deciding to close down its plants. Tyson Foods adds in the press release that the planned closures are due to a combination of several factors, which include changing product needs and the age of the both facilities.

The company also took into consideration the prohibitive cost of renovating the plants and the distance of the Chicago plant from its raw material supply base. The Wall Street Journal adds that the closure of the plants comes as Tyson Foods continue to remake itself following the acquisition of Hillshire Brands Co.
Tyson Foods announced in July 2014, shortly after the acquisition, that it will be closing three prepared foods plant. The Wall Street Journal adds that Tyson Foods announced in August that it will be closing down its 400-person beef-processing plant in Iowa due to the declining herds of U.S. The revenue growth of the company's prepared foods division has led Tyson Foods' top-line growth in recent quarters, due to the Hillshire acquisition.
Tyson Foods said in the press release that the two plants are expected to cease operations during the half of the company's fiscal year 2016, which will end on October 1, 2016. Tyson Foods adds in the press release that they plan to work with state officials to ensure that affected employees are informed about unemployment benefits and potential re-training opportunities. Food Plant Design prepared organizational structure and product flow layouts for the successful landing of a project to construct a dairy processing facility in California. Food Plant Design designed and installed process piping modifications to eliminate water hammer, shudder, and vibration for a beverage plant. Food Plant Design managed the complete design and installation of a dairy to produce inexpensive dairy and soymilk products for a government food program.
Food Plant Design executed a fat reduction process upgrade to 6 separate meat crumbles co-packing facilities throughout the U.S. Food Plant Design provided process engineering, automation, equipment, and piping design, as well as start-up support for a RTE plant expansion, from raw materials, cooking, packaging, freezing, conveying to case packing. Food Plant Design provided several companies business planning, production architecture, process evaluation, and design, then later construction oversight for new pharmaceutical facilities with integration of process systems and utilities. Food Plant Design provided a bio active compounder with cost reduction and project management activities. Food Plant Design helped secure an account for a snack food producer by developing the client’s Food Quality Manual and HACCP plan.
Food Plant Design improved the packaging operations for a snack food manufacturer to meet a big box rollout.
Food Plant Design designed the pilot plant layout with test kitchen for a snack food producer. Food Plant Design completed design and project managed the installation of a multi-kettle kitchen to produce caramel, chocolate, and other fillings. Food Plant Design has helped several manufactures prepare OSHA Process Safety Management paperwork, mechanical integrity, Standard Operating Procedures, and AutoCAD drawings of the facility for evacuation and safety for ammonia refrigeration systems. Food Plant Design worked with an equipment supplier to automate the CIP cleaning protocol for a cooking room from needing 6 people to 1 and reducing the overall down time. Food Plant Design coordinated and directed the efforts of launching the startup business in tech transfer from research to commercial operations for a bio-catalysis of novel lipids.
Thanks for info in your book, as I was able to use some of the info to help my wife, daughter and I to get out with only a couple of scratches.

How much food and non-perishable food does your family have on hand if all shops shut tomorrow? We need to save our seeds, to preserve the biodiversity of seeds, to guarantee the survival of these plants, in this century — and save them from genetic engineering.
The course will share many ways of using plants and seeds for food, flavouring, disease prevention and healing. But some names I wil have to look up… As permaculture is international I think it would be helpfull to add latin names.
That lightweight and not amusing article that furthers the myth that comfrey is bad for you is another example of journalism serving the interests of big business. It is very good for people and animals and has only recently received bad press — perhaps because excessive use of comfrey leaves in our diets will put drug companies out of business! Have been living a lifestyle free of capitalism, and when shit goes down, it’s time to have this stuff ready and on point.
FPD prepared all the drawings and helped secure state certification of the plant as a food production facility. It was quickly incorporated into existing culture by building it as a website with browser access. FPD increased throughput 6 fold while holding operational costs flat, and providing leadership, guided reorganization of and training for operations, engineering, and maintenance. Part of the design included centering the utilities in the room for ease of connections when changing out equipment. Today, it produces tempura chicken, meatballs, crepes, omelets, soups, sauces and Chicken Cordon Bleu.
It only gives aid to Big Pharma — who do not want us to enjoy this amazingly beneficial herb. One would have to consume enormous quantities to have a harmful effect, but mature leaves do not have the pyrrolizidine and so harvesting mature leaves for eating is better practise. FPD also developed plans for automating oil, salt, and flavor blending, and designed new Quality Lab and Personnel facilities. The project also included the design of work flow and operator work stations for ergonomic and quality conformance. The project also included building the process scale up systems and overseeing the operations. Could rolling strikes disrupt electricity, water, telephone, transport and other amenities to shops and our homes… and how would no petrol affect every household? Growing our own food is very satisfying as well as beneficial to our health and well-being.

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