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When most people think of food poisoning, they think about the vomiting, the nausea and the diarrhoea. In extreme cases, listeria can cause mental retardation, seizures, paralysis, blindness and deafness in newborn infants. Everybody fears food poisoning for the acute illness it causes – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps. But according to a new report, what most people don’t know is that long after the patient recovers from such symptoms, many food-borne pathogens still insidiously cause serious long-term health effects, such as kidney failure, paralysis, seizures, hearing and visual impairments and mental retardation. In all, more than 250 pathogens can contaminate food, annually making 76 million Americans a year sick and killing 5,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Listeria monocytogenes: Infections of the brain and spinal cord that can result in serious neurological dysfunction or death.
Buck said there’s little known about the magnitude of the problem – though it’s probably vastly understated — because there’s little surveillance of food-borne illness and virtually no long-term follow-up of cases.
This is a complete guide on how to cure food poisoning stomach pain by using some of the effective home remedies. If eating outside for you is a trend, then you might face food poising.Yes, the only reason behind food poisoning is nothing but corrupt food and food handling practises.
Even those who have strong cravings for roadside food will not deny of the filthiness of that stuff.
They take such food or drink just because it tastes, looks and smells perfectly fine at that time. It is mild, most often, but can be life threatening sometimes.Nearly 5K Americans die every year just from food poisoning which is a matter of concern! According to medical science, food poisoning is a sort of illness caused by the intake of contaminated food. Infectious oraganisms like bacteria, viruses, parasites or their toxins are the most usual causes of food poisoning. Although our stomach has strong immunity against their growth but tell me can any immunity sustain too much ingestion of these creatures? So, food intoxication can occur even when the microbe that generated the toxin is somehow absent in the body. In all, infectious organisms are the stimulus behind food poisoning as they are responsible for the contamination of food. Contamination can happen at any stage of production that can be growing, harvesting, storing, or shipping.Moreover, it can also occur if food is handled or cooked improperly. Cross-contamination, transfer of infectious organisms from corrupt food to perfectly fine food, is also the cause many a times. Heating done while cooking often kills pathogens present on the food.Therefore, food items that are eaten in the raw form such as salads, fruits, etc.
It is the most common reason of food poisoning in the UK.Most often, it affects meat and poultry where contamination occurs when animal excreta meets meat surfaces. It mostly affects home-canned foods items having low acidity or inappropriately canned commercial foods.
Other sources include apple cider, polluted water, unpasteurized milk, and alfalfa sprouts. Salmonella is a bacterium found in the intestines of animals.It can survive in animal products such as egg and meat. The principle sources of this bacterium include raw food and seafood.Shigella can contaminate any food that has been washed in polluted water. Symptoms break out within 7 days and last for up to a week.Food poisoning caused by Shigella is known as shigellosis or bacillary dysentery. Listeria may be found in chilled, ready-to-eat foods, like cooked sliced meats, packed sandwiches, hot dogs and soft cheeses. Most cases of food poisoning take just 1 or 2 days to conclude and that too without any treatment many a times.
Health care professionals mainly consider Cyclospora infections as the potential reason behind food poisoning with prolonged symptoms. So, symptoms depend exclusively on the infectious organism, the amount of exposure, and factors like age, health, etc.The symptoms may start within hours of having the corrupt food or drink, or they may take days or even weeks.
In most cases, perhaps 9 out of 10, these symptoms pass away in few days and you will make a comprehensive recovery. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome, a situation in which body is lacking water and urea gets build-up steering the results towards kidney failure. Pregnant women- Changes in circulation and metabolism during pregnancy increase the risk of food poisoning. Infants and children- They are at risk as their immune system is in ‘still growing’ mode i.e.

People with chronic disease-Those having any chronic condition like diabetes, AIDS, or any liver disease is at big risk because chronic diseases reduce immune response considerably. You habitually travel to places where you are exposed to infectious organisms causing food poisoning.
First of all, doctor tries to diagnose the type of food poisoning you got by studying your symptoms only.
CBC will help to identify if the infection is still present in the body or not and the stool sample will help pinpoint exactly which pathogen has caused the infection. Secondly, we can develop immunity to antibiotics, so this remedy is only a ‘short-term plan’.
You may be acquainted with ginger as just a spice which adds flavour to your dishes but let me tell you it is the best home remedy for curing food poisoning. Ginger extract can be taken with lemon juice for quick relief in case of nausea, vomiting etc.
It is beneficial against inflammations and those nasty cramps in stomach.At last, you may also have a small piece of ginger 2-3 times a day.
Basil is another awesome home remedy for food poisoning.From skin diseases to acidity or from throat to stomach, basil can cure all. If you want to get rapid comfort from vomiting and weakness, take 2-3 tablespoon of basil leaf extract, mix it in a half cup curd and add a pinch of black pepper and black salt into it.
Cumin seeds are known for their superior anti-bacterial properties which can do wonders against food poisoning.
Take 10-15 cumin seeds and an equal quantity of fenugreek (or methi) seeds and make a powder of them.
Add that powder in a glass of water and drink it to get rid of vomiting and abdominal pain. Anyways, to make its recipe, mix a spoonful of methi seeds with a tablespoon of yoghurt and just gulp it down.
Peppermint oil is known for its calming effect which is extremely required for people suffering from stomach inflammations during food poisoning. Now think what a ravishing thing it would be to take this peppermint in your beverage timings.
If you take some fruit juice like apple or orange juice then just add a couple of teaspoon of corn starch syrup in that. It’s time to get detox!The acidity of lemon kills almost all the bacteria that cause food poisoning. Cut a raw papaya into small cubes and add it to a glass of water.Put the mixture to boil for about 15minutes or so and then drink it. Bananas are actually composed of a handsome amount of potassium and thus, reduce the effects of food poisoning to a very impressive level. One in every 10 people across the globe or approximately 600 million suffer from food contamination every year.
Following the study, WHO is urging the government and all industries to enhance food chain assessment and control.
The mortality rate due to foodborne disease is highest in developing and poor countries; however, even first world countries like the United States and Europe also have outbreaks. The study conducted by 150 researchers for 8 years found that children below 5 years old are most vulnerable. The report further specified that a high percentage of death in Africa is due to aflatoxin, cyanide, salmonella and pork tapeworm. Some food poisoning develops rather quickly, sometimes immediately after digestion or within a few short hours.
Clostridium botulinum is a bacteria that produces a spore that exists on little oxygen and produces a heat-sensitive toxin. Sudden Death of Healthy Chihuahua  Not rated yetLast week my family's healthy 5 yr old male neutered Chihuahua was found lying underneath the garbage can in our back yard. The Dog Health Guide is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian or other Health Professional. Depending on the strength of one’s immune system, people can be more susceptible to foodborne pathogens – especially young children and the elderly.
As a result of contracting shigella, campylobacter or salmonella, this leads to a lifetime of inflammation and joint pain.
For adults, extreme cases of food poisoning can cause brain and nerve damage, or even death. Over time we hope to make it a great source for resources, news, information and occasionally a good chuckle.
About half of all reported cases of food-borne illness affect kids young than 15 and children under 4 are disproportionately the victims of poisoning by the most common pathogens.

Awesome home remedies are given for adults as well as for children that will not take more than a couple of days to show their prodigy.
Whereas in intoxication, the ingestion of toxin present within the food plus the bacterially generated exotoxins cause infection.
It is more frequently spread when serving dishes can’t keep food hot or when food is chilled slowly.
It can also spread through unpasteurized milk, contaminated water and even contaminated soil.The incubation period varies from 9 to 48 hours and can take weeks also, but symptoms pass within three days or so.
However, in few cases of food poisoning, the incubation period can be as extended as that of 90 days. However, pregnant women, elder ones, children and people with subdued immune systems are the groups always at more risk than rest. As you grow grey, your immune system may not respond that quickly and effectively to infectious organisms as it did when you were younger. Those who are undergoing any radiation therapy or chemotherapy for cancer is also vulnerable. If it is difficult to reach a conclusion from the study of symptoms, generally, you will be asked to give a stool sample and to get your CBC blood test done.
I am sure 99% of you will run to a doctor, he will prescribe some antibiotics and thus, you get the ‘quick fix’ that you were hunting.
Firstly, antibiotics can wipe out all the bacteria in our body; both good and bad ones which are its major shortcoming. And finally, if the medicine is there in your kitchen’s wardrobe then taking appointments for a doctor will be nothing but stupidity.
All you need to do is to take 2-3 tablespoon of ginger and equal amount of lemon juice and add in it a pinch of freshly ground black pepper. Immediately swallow a bread piece as soon as you get aware that you caught food poisoning.The repercussions of food poisoning will get minimised to a great extent by this smart step of yours.
Moreover, cold milk will unquestionably give you the necessary strength you need to withstand the constant vomiting scenario.
Of this number, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that more than 420,000 die and most victims are children.
They comprise 40 percent of the 600 million cases related to food and 30 percent of the 420,000 deaths recorded. Staphylococcus aureus is a form of food poisoning that is contracted through meat, seafood, salads, sandwich spreads and foods with a high salt content. Salmonella is one of the more well-known types of food poisoning and generally infects the intestines. Please include information such as age, sex, breed, medical history (past diagnosis), medications your dog is taking, recent changes in behavior (lethargy, appetite), etc. But in reality, food poisoning can cause more than just that to the victim; they can cause serious and permanent complications to one’s body.
Also, depending on which virus, bacteria or toxin is contracted, your symptoms and severity can be different. In most of the incidents, it affects a group of people all consuming the same food like in social gatherings, picnics, restaurants, school cafeterias, etc. It is quite obvious that good bacteria will be required to balance the removal of bad bacteria and if it is also removed then definitely it will be problematic.
These numbers can be accounted for usually due to consuming of raw or undercooked food like meat or eggs and contaminated produce or dairy products.
The bacteria enter through the nose and throat and sometimes through the skin and superficial wounds. The bacteria can be ingested through home-canned foods and can lead to blurred vision, respiratory distress and possibly death. Clostridium perfringens is a bacteria that is formed in heat-resistant spores and is found in dust, soil and the gastrointestinal tracts of animals and humans.
Pictures are also helpful in identifying problems such as fluid accumulation in the abdomen.
We will do our best to get back to you quickly (depends on how many questions we receive each day).
Salmonella can also be ingested from foods that have been contaminated from raw poultry or meat. If you do require an immediate response (not for emergencies) we suggest using this online dog veterinary service that is available now.

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