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Lobster, crab, scallops and other types of shellfish make for tasty meals and appetizers, but an enjoyable dining experience can go awry quickly if it turns out the food has been contaminated. The symptoms and signs of shellfish food poisoning may differ from one individual to another, but they include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and headache. As with any type of food poisoning, it is important to replace lost fluids and electrolytes, so keep yourself hydrated, especially by consuming clear liquids. Shrimp, whether served in the form of a shrimp cocktail or as part of an elegant meal, is a popular and flavorful food. Shrimp contaminated with bacteria or other toxins causes food poisoning, but you might not realize you ate tainted food until sometime afterward, when you develop a headache, diarrhea or other symptoms. Shellfish Food Poisoning TreatmentSHELLFISH FOOD POISONING TREATMENTOnly and know what a treatment or management . Based on characters created by master storyteller Eve Celestial (an advancing secondary Midwayer) and co-creator Dennis Human, "Future's Beginning"is a professionally produced mystical science fiction tale of the convergence of three elements of the universe a€“ time travel, imagination, and destiny. What makes this DVD audiobook truly unique is that the storyline and time-line intersect and arc in such a way as to allow for a different storytelling and listening experience each and every time. Musical selections by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed by the Apollo Orchestra and vocals produced by Jeff Myhre. Join Oliver Pryor (Darin Skylar) from 1920a€™s England on his and your journey through the reaches of time and space! Eve (Jennifer Grimm) who is both the beginning and the end as she transcends the dimensions of time and space and represents the future beyond that which we have come to label as reality.
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Accidentally eating tainted shellfish will result in the uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms of food poisoning. If the symptoms are severe, see a health care provider, who may decide to clear the toxins from your body.
But eating contaminated shrimp can lead to food poisoning, and that means trouble--stomach pain and vomiting, among other symptoms.
Sometimes, the lips, tongue and gums will tingle or begin to go numb, and there may be difficulty in talking or swallowing. Red tides are a phenomenon triggered by toxic plankton that reproduce in large numbers, causing water to turn red or reddish-brown. In general, however, additional signs of shrimp food poisoning include dizziness, stomachache and muscle weakness.
A healthcare provider might opt to use activated charcoal to filter the toxins out of your body.
Avoid eating shrimp if you are not sure how long it has been sitting in an unrefrigerated environment.
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The health care provider may also treat the food poisoning with antibiotics or other prescription drugs.
In addition, you should make sure that cooked shellfish has been prepared at the proper temperature.
You could experience paralysis, tremor or a numb sensation in the lips, tongue, arms or legs. When preparing or serving shellfish (or any other food), wash your hands frequently and use only unsoiled dishes and utensils.
Otherwise, a key to getting better involves keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water and other liquids to replenish the fluids and electrolytes you have lost because of the illness. When handling multiple types of food, make sure that any juices from meat or seafood do not come into contact with ready-to-eat items.
Food poisoning also can cause blood in the stool, as well as problems with your sight, including double vision or blurred vision. Symptoms of shrimp food poisoning could emerge anywhere from a half hour to several days after you eat contaminated shrimp.

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