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You may have food poisoning if you have eaten food that is contaminated with bad organisms. Toxic: You can get toxic food poisoning by toxic agents which is caused by eating wild mushrooms or not preparing food properly.
Parasites: Parasites can rarely cause food poisoning, but it is something you should watch out for.
Food poisoning is a food-borne illness that generally affects the digestive system of an organism. Commonly, these kinds of bacteria cause food poisoning: Clostridium perfringens, Listeria, Staphylococci, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Escherichia coli (E.
Foods that are most likely infected with Clostridium perfringens are those cooked slowly in great numbers and are left to stand at room temperature. Infection with this kind of bacteria usually affects the elderly, pregnant women and their babies, and other people who have reduced immunity. Salmonella is found in poultry, meat, and dairy products such as unpasteurized milk and eggs.
The people infected with salmonella must be particular with their personal hygiene since they pass the bacteria to another person that they come in contact with. Infection with this type of bacteria shows symptoms of fever, headache and muscle aches, and watery diarrhea that could be severe and bloody case. FOOD POISONING BACTERIAL TOXINIntoxication is caused by the symptoms of bacterial cells need. Desmond Lun of Rutgers University is apparently researching how to alter the genetic makeup of E.
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Clostridium perfringens yields heat-resistant spores, making this type of bacteria almost improbable to be completely eradicated by normal cooking. And certain foods like cold cut meats, unpasteurized milk, mould-ripened cheese and pates are not left out by this kind of bacteria.
Unless these foods are properly cooked and chilled, salmonella can easily grow and multiply in numbers. Clear and concise as my first essay for my Foundation degree in health and social care requires.
Although, many different types of food poisoning are rare.The most common bacteria that you may get food poisoning from is E.
Pesticides are caused by eating unwashed vegetables or fruits that are infested with pesticides. Most people who have food poisoning do not go to the hospital because you can get better after a couple days. Or, if you want to be a true ninja, you can add your own content to this sidebar by using the appropriate hooks. The spores that are able to survive the cooking temperature may also be prompted to germinate by the heat.
Infection with these bacteria causes nausea, dizziness, abdominal cramping, and severe vomiting. Once infected, symptoms such as cramps, nausea, diarrhea, headache, and vomiting are experienced.
Even though this type of bacteria does not grow in food, it easily spreads and multiplies.
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Coli.  You will know if you have food poisoning if you are experiencing nausea, cramps, a fever, weakness, and bloody diarrhea. Beaver Fever is caused by drinking contaminated water that is usually from water that are located in the mountains. The only time you need to go to the hospital is when you know you have eaten something toxic like a poisonous mushroom or have taken in pesticides from your fruits and vegetables. Through asexual reproduction (division of self), they are able to grow their number exponentially; a single bacterium may end up becoming several million in just 8 hours and multiply to thousands of millions within 12 hours.
So to have greater chances of killing the bacteria, the food must be reheated under a temperature of at least 60°C or preferably 75°C. The 0157 strain actually produces a potent toxin that affects not just the kidney but also the renal tract. To avoid consuming the toxins from fruits and vegetables you need to wash them before you prepare them for a meal. We''ve got to make quite drastic changes to do it and it requires major intervention," he said. Coli from contaminated water from your well, eating uncooked meat, consuming unpasteurized dairy products. Also, make sure to wash your hands regularly so that you don’t contaminate anything that you touch, you may never know if you are spreading some type of bacteria, toxin, or pesticide! For how long the incubation period lasts, may be hours or days, mainly depends on the type of bacteria and the number of bacteria taken in.
Staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria that you get from eating food that has not been refrigerated properly like macaroni salads, dairy products, or tuna salads.
These ruminants (cattle, goats, sheep, and deer) provide food to humans and possibly transmit the bacteria through raw or undercooked meat (particularly hamburger) and unpasteurized milk.

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