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Christopher Otter diagnoses the impossibility of fully governing large-scale food systems and the novel ecologies they create. The high-energy food economy allowed foodstuffs to move around the planet at historically unprecedented speeds. Transporting dead meat was promoted as more safe, efficient, and humane, but this raised the question of decay.
The emerging spatial pattern thus involved extremely elongated transportation and distribution chains linking large hubs where foodstuffs were stockpiled and processed.
The scaling-up of food systems thus produced historically novel ecologies: distended chains of controlled cold, for example, or the industrial slaughter of mass agglomerations of mammals.
Viewed from the perspective of the microbiome, food systems were novel forms of evolutionary space. This process involved the effective distribution of previously unknown pathogens and, in some cases, the actual emergence of entirely new microbes that crossed species barriers as a result of the form of food systems. Food systems can best be conceptualized as giant “ecotechnologies” which extract, process, and distribute vast amounts of edible matter to human populations.
The CDC estimates that there are about 48 million illnesses caused by food poisoning each year, and as a health care professional you're bound to see more than a few.
I remember a few months ago coming across a data visualization challenge on the Kantar Information is Beautiful website about Human Cost. So, a few months after my first attempt I sat down again to think about interesting design options. One thing I wish the data would have had was the total number of visits that each Cuisine had in the same period (I know, rather difficult to get, but it was just wishful thinking), so I could say something about the % of visits that resulted in outbreaks. I wanted to try and style each pathogen as much as the appearance of the actual creature as possible.
I did still want to create the bubbles in D3.js so I would know that the areas were sized correctly and the import the SVG circles into Illustrator and design all the text, locations and bugs in there.
I always love circular data visualizations and I felt the number and size of the groups lend themselves well for a circular layout with the title in the center.
How do I change the stroke color while retaining the fill color using eyedropper in Illustrator?
So after one week of evenings & 9 -12 hours of LotR later (and a few hours during the day here and there as well), you can see the final product below. I have to admit that after spending so much time with the bubbles and knowing exactly what actual number of outbreaks each of the bubbles represented, that I’ve realised even more that humans are really bad at judging areas. And then, after two and a half months of waiting, it was March 16th and I was actually a bit nervous while riding the subway to work. Both winners look really good, but I found it interesting that none of my two favorites made it into the top 2. Be sure to subscribe to the Visual Cinnamon website and get an update when I post a new project, tutorial or blog! A Los Angeles-based company is recalling 2.5 pounds of cheese tortellini, because the product contains undeclared allergens which may pose a serious health risk for people who have allergies to these ingredients. If you are a consumer who has recently purchased these products, and suffer from an allergy to wheat, milk or eggs, then you must avoid consuming these products.  The product can be returned to the store where it was purchased in exchange for the replacement of a refund.
California food poisoning lawyers find that the risk of suffering a food poisoning illness or food-borne illness increases dramatically during summer. California food poisoning lawyers find that the risk of suffering a food poisoning illness or food-borne illness increases dramatically during summer.  A new study finds that food poisoning incidents related to contaminated chicken and ground beef contribute to the highest number of hospitalizations.
The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention has released a report card on food poisoning outbreaks across the country. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention has released a report card on food poisoning outbreaks across the country.  The report card indicates that the incidence of some types of food poisoning illnesses, including those caused by Campylobacter and Vibrio organisms, actually increased in 2012. However, food poisoning lawyers warn that the data may be very misleading.  For instance, the agency estimates that for every case of Campylobacter infection reported, there are at least 30 cases of illnesses caused by the pathogen that are not diagnosed.
A new study explores the possibility that a protective biofilm around the organism protects it from elimination through infection control methods.
Salmonella poisoning is one of the most common foodborne illnesses in the United States every year, sickening thousands of people every year.  A new study explores the possibility that a protective biofilm around the organism protects it from elimination through infection control methods. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every 6 Americans suffers a foodborne illness every year, and more than a million of these are related to the Salmonella organism.  This is a common pathogen that is typically spread through contaminated food and unwashed hands. A new study finds that a protective biofilm or coating of bacteria possibly protects the pathogen from elimination.  The study was published recently online in the International Journal of Food Micro Biology. According to the researchers, earlier studies have indicated that Salmonella organisms are much more likely to survive in dry weather, and the existence of this biofilm may explain why.  Not many people know that Salmonella organisms can also survive in dry foods and even fresh produce. Food poisoning lawyers believe that this is an important finding, because understanding how these bacteria survive is key to developing strategies to eliminate them.
A Santa Clara, California-based company has announced a recall of approximately 1,260 pounds of beef trimmings because of the possible risk of E. These products were allegedly produced between November 1 and November 9, 2012.  The company believes that at least some of these products are still lying around in customers’ refrigerators.
The alleged contamination was discovered when a shipment of veal was tested, and showed contamination by the E. Most food-poisoning related outbreaks every year are linked to contaminated poultry or meat and eggs. Worst part was I was dry heaving and puking so hard that my abs were hurting, so I was laying in bed, my stomach all fucked up and my abs feeling like I'd just done 2000 situps. I have heard people try to get out of work by claiming they got food poisoning and citing they threw up once and can't come to work. I got it from eating crab at Joes Crab Shack when I was 17 and I was the sickest I have ever been in my life. I finished throwing up and shitting everywhere, and I found my wife and told her we needed to leave immediately. I finished, walked out, and told the kid working there to get me some bleach, a mop bucket, and some gloves.
Among the most significant ecological effects of human populations has been the stretching of food systems across great tracts of space.
While some food in the ancient period travelled significant distances, most food today is consumed a long way from its site of production. In the nineteenth century, for example, railroads and steamboats allowed the transportation of live animals across North America or the Atlantic Ocean. The ultimate solution, mechanical refrigeration, was fully functional by the 1880s and was soon being used for the transportation and storage of meat, milk, and fruit through a “cold chain” that wove abattoirs, dairies, trains, storage depots, and delivery trucks into a relatively streamlined network characterized by calculated temperature control. Grain elevators, mills, bakeries, sugar refineries, dairies, cold stores, feedlots, and abattoirs replaced smaller institutions and were often clustered in particular geographical zones (ports, urban peripheries).
As complexity theorists have noted, when a system increases in scale, it frequently displays emergent properties.

Of course, knowing that food poisoning is a common occurrence isn't any consolation to those suffering through the nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and digestive problems it can cause. While simple common sense would tell you that leaving foods like meat and dairy products out of refrigeration makes them unfit to eat, temperature regulation can be a bit more complicated.
Most of us are smart enough to not let refrigerated foods sit out, but sometimes we can forget to put away the leftovers or want it on hand at a party. Cross-contamination of foods is a major health issue and one that many out there should be highly conscious of avoiding at home. Raw oysters may be a delicacy, but ingesting them doesn't come without some serious risks. We've all done it at one point or another, but eating expired food comes with a big risk for food poisoning attached. Even those seemingly innocuous veggies can be the source of food poisoning if not washed and prepared properly. For the most part, people are fine after eating foods that are unpasteurized, provided they have been stored and served in a safe manner. I thought about entering, but I was in the middle of moving to a new house and on a busy project at work, so after one morning of thinking about ideas I let it slide.
With the absolute numbers it might appear that the British cuisine is less risky than the Chinese. So, in the end I decided to try and focus on the absolute numbers. Thinking about absolute numbers got me to bubbles with different sizes. Being able to pull each circle and seeing them wiggle back into equilibrium had a creepy bug kind of feeling already. Having to color 10 different cuisines so you can distinguish them and looking nice together with the mint green of the pathogens was almost too much. However, I guess I had a case of not being able to let go of a design in which I had already spend quite some time. I guess I just have to get used to the fact that the visualization area is different from my mathematical background, where I am used to there being only one right answer, or one algorithm performing best.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. If they really knew what food poisoning is then they would be sick for days and a lot more would be going on with them than just throwing up once. I kinda felt funny on the way home but didnt think anything of it and went out on the town about 9 or 10 that night I puked for what seemed like hours.
We stopped at Babies R Us (fuck off) on the way home and about half way through this shopping spree, it hit me. He asked why and I told him there was no way I woyuld ever expect someone to clean up that mess. Human beings have been doing this for centuries, even millennia, as the Roman grain trade, the spice trade, and the Columbian exchange demonstrate. A 2002 Worldwatch Institute report noted that the average American food item travels between 1,500 and 2,500 miles from farm to plate (Halwell 2002). This substantial scaling-up of production involved new forms of construction, manipulation, and mechanization.
There is a quite substantial amount of slack between component parts; for example, between abattoir and fast food restaurant. Emergence refers to the capacity of systems to generate genuinely novel phenomena: they are surprising. Across food systems, strange new forms of life appeared: molds and slimes clinging tenaciously to the surfaces of frozen carcasses, or wingless insects devouring wheat in granaries. Like all giant systems, however, they have also produced many unintended consequences, such as the globalization of epizootics, or the genetic homogenization of foodstuffs. Your best weapon against food poisoning is prevention, and there are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of exposure to some of the common bacteria that cause it. While you might enjoy rare steak, runny eggs or certain raw veggies, these foods can all carry bacteria when they are not cooked long enough or hot enough to kill off the offending particles.
Refrigerators can malfunction, foods can be forgotten on the counter and instructions on labels can be misread. In order to keep these foods safe to eat and avoid some common bacteria taking hold, you should always put leftovers away as soon as you can.
Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling foods at home (for at least 20 seconds) and only eat at restaurants with strong showings in health department assessments. When juices from contaminated meat get onto cutting boards, hands and into the refrigerator, contamination can spread to other foods, some of which you might not plan to cook at all. Oysters from the Gulf of Mexico are commonly contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus bacteria which can cause mild to serious food poisoning. Botulism is perhaps the most common bacteria contaminant in improperly canned food, and is one of the most serious and potentially deadly forms of food poisoning out there. Always check expiration dates before ingesting any food in your home or purchased at the store. When reheating foods, make sure that meats reach a temp of at least 160-170 degrees F and that other foods come to around 165 degrees F.
Prior to reaching your table, there's no telling how many things they may have come in contact with, so always clean any fruit or vegetables with a soft kitchen brush and water (or a pre-prepared veggie wash) to ensure that any bacteria it contains will be largely washed away. Dirty kitchens attract mice and rats that can spread disease and also create ideal places for bacteria to grow and thrive and access your food.
Yet for those with compromised immune systems, who are pregnant and the very young and very old could be at risk for food poisoning from these.
However, another challenge was announced in December 2014 and I had a whole week of free evenings (and the extended editions of LotR) between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Once everything in my stomach had already been thrown up I just constantly dry heaved the rest of the night every 15-30 minutes or so. Went to sleep thinking I had a stomach bug, woke up in the middle of the night and shit like a furry of thousand steers on wheat (for the country folks cattle get the shits when they graze wheat). One oft-cited Swedish study from 1993 found that the components of a typical breakfast—apple, bread, cream, orange juice, sugar, and so on—travelled a distance approximating the earth’s circumference before consumption (Pfeiffer 2006:25). Durability was also increasingly engineered into foodstuffs themselves through the use of preservatives, pasteurization, wrapping, and other techniques.
This means that food disasters emerge slowly, unspectacularly, and insidiously, unlike, say, meltdowns in nuclear reactors or explosions in petrochemical plants (Perrow 1984). I conclude by examining one such emergent property of food systems: their tendency to create the ecological conditions of emergence and distribution of new forms of pathogen.
In the 1880s, western European public health officials began to observe an increasing incidence of various types of food poisoning. One particularly important unintended consequence of large-scale food systems is the production and circulation of new and deadly pathogens.

Meat Through the Microscope: Applications of Chemistry and the Biological Sciences to Some Problems of the Meat Packing Industry.
Learn these common causes of food poisoning so you can eat smart and help stop yourself from becoming just another statistic. If you're serving food at a party, keep hot food at 140 degrees F or warmer, cold foods at 40 degrees F.
Additionally, always make sure your hands are clean before eating food as well, especially if you will be touching them.
Additionally, even oysters that do not come from this region are often left unrefrigerated for several hours while being brought to shore. Always boil jars and lids to be used in canning to kill off any lingering bacteria and make sure that all cans are properly sealed.
If there is no date on the package, no packaging or only a sell by date, use the government guidelines for cold storage to help you determine if a food is safe to eat or not. This will ensure that any bacteria that might have made its way into the food will be killed off and that you'll be able to avoid a common cause of food poisoning. It's essential to keep any space you plan to cook in and any tools you plan to use highly sanitized. How does it even develop, I don't think I consumed tons of dairy products before it just sorta happened.
Now I not talking just a good ol case of the squirts, I mean not a solid bit of anything in my shit.
Nonetheless, the past 200 years or so has seen a significant material transformation in how food is produced, processed, stored, and distributed. This great expansion of the distances traversed by food was a consequence of the development of steam and internal combustion engines, meaning that today’s food systems are heavily dependent upon fossil fuels. Meanwhile, these systems efficiently distributed unwanted diseases like rinderpest and foot-and-mouth disease across greater distances, leading to a wave of European epizootics and emergency public health strategies ranging from culling to trade embargoes. Such economies of scale facilitated the accumulation of waste materials in sufficient quantities to make possible the profitable reuse of very small, biologically distinct parts of animals: abattoirs harvested glands for the pharmaceutical industry, for example. These cases, they realized, were related to the physical conditions produced within modern food systems. Food systems have thus generated, evolutionarily, novel foodborne risks that have produced reactive mitigation strategies ranging from Pulsenet, the American network that coordinates the molecular subtyping of foodborne pathogens, to mass cattle culls such as those seen in Britain following the BSE crisis. Never leave perishable food out for more than two hours, especially if the weather is warm. Without these precautions, you could put yourself at risk of coming in contact with bacteria like staphylococcus-aureus and clostridium-perfringens. Always wash any utensils, countertops and cutting boards that have come in contact with them immediately, sanitizing them with bleach and water, or even having separate tools for handling meat can be a big help. While you may be fine after eating raw oysters, be aware that ingestion of these shellfish uncooked is a big risk and could lead to serious health issues. Improper canning can also happen with foods you get off grocery store shelves so look out for bulges, discolored food, or seepage.
While foodbourne illness is more commonly caused by meats, recent outbreaks of salmonella and E.
The USDA advises putting a tablespoon of bleach into one gallon of water to create a sanitizing liquid. We were packed in pretty tight in a 30 minute ride out to the rehearsal, I started sweating buckets out of nowhere. A working definition of complex modern food systems would include the significant distance between component parts and their openness, sprawling extent, and nodality: they are slack, slow, porous, opaque, and vulnerable (Hughes 1983). Modern food poisoning was a consequence of extended food chains, their ecologies, and the food habits they engendered: prepared foods were more frequently cooked, cooled, and reheated, which gave pathogens opportunities to slowly multiply. In the same year, the term prion was first used to refer to numerous similar, but novel, disease agents apparently causing several mysterious brain diseases in humans and animals, including bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) in humans. These heterogeneous strategies—some sophisticated, some brutal—illustrate the impossibility of fully governing large-scale food systems, an impossibility ultimately rooted in the fertile agency of life itself. Be safe instead of sorry and ask that your food be cooked through or use this chart when at home.
Always read the label to see what foods will need be refrigerated immediately and which have to be cooled after opening. This can help prevent any bacteria hanging out in your kitchen from getting on food and will ensure that none are able to cross contaminate one another. I knew something was terrible wrong, right when we got to the church is when I was supposed to meet all these people she had been telling me about.
The total energy cost of food thus significantly exceeds that of its production (Smil 2006:52).
Meat products and canned meats were particularly dangerous, especially foods like pork pies, whose jelly was an “admirable nutrient media for bacteria,” particularly when slowly cooled (Savage 1920:168).
BSE had afflicted more than 36,000 cattle by 1992, and the British government responded by culling more than 100,000 cattle.
For example, the Danish bacon industry grew up symbiotically with the dairying system: skimmed milk left over from making butter was fed to pigs. Food handlers often displayed inadequate hygiene, not least because of poor sanitary facilities. BSE was an unpredictable consequence of decades of feeding cattle with meat and bonemeal recovered from abattoir waste. In the middle of talking to her grandparents I literally had to run back to this tiny church bathroom.
Vague concerns were raised about the practice, but the assumption was that heat treatment would sterilize any disease agents (Moulton 1929:310). Shit and puked the entire time, when I finally cleaned up and got out, she came up to me all pissed and asked where Id been. Unfortunately, and unpredictably, this new disease agent proved highly resistant both to heat and chemical disinfectants. Spent the entire weekend in my hotel room shitting my brains out and throwing up profusely.
Worst part was her grandmother stayed in the room with me, she wouldnt leave no matter how many times i asked her to so she listened to me shit my brains out the whole time.

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