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The SAVE FOOD initiative is a joint campaign instituted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Messe Dusseldorf GmbH to fight global food loss. Ultimately, the most effective leverage points in the food value chain will be always be found „at the workface? in day-to-day practice – and that is where industry involvement is essential,” explains Bernd Jablonowski, Director of interpack and SAVE FOOD at Messe Dusseldorf. One of Dow’s corporate 2015 Sustainability Goals is to achieve at least three breakthroughs that will significantly help solve the world’s major challenges, including affordable and adequate food supply. At the same time, the membership of SAVE FOOD will help Dow share its views and knowledge regarding food packaging solutions with other involved parties. A stylish paperboard box can enhance the beauty of your food products while bringing new and recurring customers for your business. We are able to have a competitive edge because of our highly experienced designers who are able to come up with unique packaging ideas. All our packaging including paperboard and clear plastic cartons are tailor made to suit your needed sizes for the purpose of preserving food products. Versatile Packaging is a one-stop packaging platform for all your packaging needs such as manufacturing, printing and delivery. Decoration Finishes: Lamination, gloss, varnish, glitter, UV oil, embossing, foil stamping, creasing, die cutting, silk screen print. Packaging cartons can be transformed into a foldable form for ease in assembling and delivery. We have been dedicated to providing overall packaging solution such as structural design, graphics, material recommendation, sampling, production and deliver to your company.
Clear Plastic - PVCClear Plastic - PETClear Plastic - PPClear Plastic - OtherPaper - Cardboard (i.e. International Converter understands the demands and requirements of today’s retail food environment. A story in the Guardian last week revealed that shops selling expensive organic food have reported big loses as the credit crunch strikes. While Aldi, which adopts a pile it high, sell it cheap approach to food was gaining 17% custom on last year. More heartening was that a survey for Sainsbury’s found that 62% of customers are concerned about wasted food and are more likely to use leftovers and cook food from scratch, rather than buy expensive, energy-intensive and over-packaged ready meals.
So I was thinking about this whole credit crunch idea and to one of the questions Richard Millington from MoreEco put to me in a recent interview.
I know that we have some faithful readers who like to combine doing their bit for the planet with a frugal lifestyle.
There is even a dedicated forum to Green and Ethical money saving over on the hugely popular Martin Lewis’ Money saving Expert forum. Here in the UK, some people were forced to choose whether to heat their homes or eat a decent meal as prices soared almost overnight.
But maybe it’s time to rethink our ways so that we can still feast like Kings AND put the central heating on. There are around 60 million of us living in this country, so that’s a lot of food per head that is being bought home and thrown away. Anyway, looking at food, I’ve brain stormed a list of ways in which you can go zero waste AND save money. Sandwiches can be kept fresh in a box like the laptop lunchboxes (we have one to give away in a competition in the future, so stay tuned for details) and you can take your own drinks in a reusable bottle. If you find something on offer such as tomatoes in season then batch cook some pasta sauce and freeze it. If your butcher is selling off some mince then buy it (in your reusable container of course) and make a load of bolognase sauce, chilli or shepherds pies and put it in the freezer. Plastic yogurt pots are a real bugbear for many people to get rid of, so do yourself and the planet a favour and learn from my procrastination.
Home made cakes and biscuits taste a gazillion times better than shop bought and I’m yet to find biscuits that do not come in some kind of plasticised wrap.
When it comes to using chocolate chips, buy a large 100g bar of chocolate that comes in paper and foil and just get a knife out. You can make BIG chocolate chips this way, plus you can steal a few while you’re cooking and no one will notice. You can grow tomatoes in a hanging basket, peppers in a large windowsill, salad leaves in a window box and virtually everything except large root crops in a container of some sort. In addition, the kitchen windowsill is the perfect place to grow pots of herbs and sprouted seeds. This means you can buy fruit and vegetables loose rather than in plastic wrap and you can buy exactly the quantity you want. Herbs are a prime example; how often have you bought those lovely looking pots of herbs in the supermarket only to have them dead in a few days?
You can use the herby ice cubes to add to soups and stock and use the butter direct onto vegetables. Riverford, which delivers 47,000 boxes of organic fruit and vegetables to households in the south-west of England every week, compared its prices with the equivalent organic vegetables from the supermarkets and found its box was cheaper. These pesky things although in a cardboard box, usually come wrapped in cellophane and often have a tiny staple attaching the string to the bag. Other herbs for tea include lemonbalm (excellent for stress and to promote sleep), sage (brilliant for sore throats and menopausal hot flushes), thyme (invaluable if you’re going down with an infection), and chamomile (soothing and relaxing).
It’s cheaper, healthier and if you patronise your farmers market, farm shop or local orchard is all available sans packaging.
Two of my favourite kitchen gadgets are my blender for making smoothies from fruit that would otherwise be past its best and my dehydrator for taking advantage of produce that is in season. 11- finally, I want to mention something I’ve discovered about using our local butcher for meat.
As regular readers will know, we now take our own reusable containers to the butchers and he uses them for our purchases. They cost me about 50p more, but I only have to travel 2 miles to get it and last week’s chicken stayed fresh for a whopping 10 days!
You remember the comment I put on the post about the nectarines I bought in a plastic punnet in Lidls the other week?

Have just packed Mr A off to work with his smoked salmon sandwiches and lots of healthy treats for his second day back in the driving seat after the holidays.
You’re comment about just buying what you need, not necessarily the bulk packs, is exactly right. What a great article and I agree with so many points, I’d need another article to follow them all up!
My husband saw something about breadmaking the other night and got all inspired… for *me* to try it.
Penelope Cruise: Apparently Intercare only accept drugs that are a minimum of 15 months in date.
Simply Being Mum: Found this post while trying to find a pasta brand that wraps in recyclable plastic! A trip though the local grocery store easily demonstrates the many attributes of plastic thermoformed packaging for food display, protection, and preparation. This multitude of thermoformed food packaging is produced on Brown Machine's continuous thermoforming machines, trim presses and tooling in arrays available up to 64a€? x 64a€? from polypropylene, APET, RPET, OPS, PLA, HIPS, CPET, polystyrene foam, multi-layer barrier, and other specialty materials.
For two decades, the aluminum utensil is the leader in catering as a mean to transport food package.
Many restaurants and catering units still insist on the use of aluminum because there was no alternative material offered in a large variety of sizes and capacities.
After two years of research and multiple tests we present you a full range of plastic utensils suitable for microwave oven with more than 100 different codes. It is commonly accepted that, in recent years the food market in a a€?packagea€? has a remarkable growth. At the same time, the increasing competition has increased the need for the best food quality and also the right packaging and presentation.
For example, concepts such as the package stress during transport, the image of the product when it reaches the final consumer as well as the temperature of food have begun to concern a conscious businessman who understands the developments as a challenge and as an invitation for improvements in the industry and not a threat. There are several categories of restaurants and below we present you some suggestions for use depending on the food provided.
The series MS500 up to MS1000 is ideal for this category as there is a need for a simple and functional package.
MS 1000BS: Pasta (except spaghetti in the oven- here we suggest a series of CPET material for baking in an electric oven). MS SQ250-350-450-550: For desserts, salads, as potato salads, Russian salad, and some appetizers (mushrooms a la crA?me). Finally, it is possible to print up to 2 colors on the lids and color the lid or the utensils with a minimum order of 30 packages and with additional fee. Description: What will the box be used for, what is the approx weight, value and type of goods to be packaged?
This decision is an important next step for Dow, based on the objectives of both organizations to address the global issue of food shortage and food waste. As it is one of Dow’s business objectives to contribute to the development of better packaging solutions, there is a clear fit between the two organizations.
We have earned a reputation of delivering effective and timely packaging solutions to our dearest clients. Our highly equipped factory includes up to date technology for the production of finest packaging for your food products.
We will carefully analyze all your needs and produce few samples for you to double check if the packaging is fine. We offer packaging choices like packaging box, in addition we make carton boxes, plastic boxes, personalized or bespoke boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, mobile phone, toy and many types of other markets. In addition, McDonald’s is creating 4,000 jobs to cope with the increasing demand for cheap fast food!
By using a reusable box (you can get stainless steel ones if you want to be free of plastic) you can dramatically reduce the amount of waste you produce AND save money. With a sprinkle of water it can be bought back to life in the oven, or slathered with garlic butter you’ve got yourself a nice side dish of garlic bread. In autumn, when apples are falling off the trees, grab them and cook them down for instant apple pies throughout the winter.
Making your own will usually save you money and will certainly reduce your waste, but alas, not your waist.
Honestly, chocolate chips to me are like shop bought grated cheese or potatoes that come with a knob of butter and a sprig of parsley. What use is a ‘value’ pack of apples if half of them are wasted through not eating them in time?
When you get them home be realistic about how much you will use fresh and then freeze the rest. If you have a glut of something like corriander or basil, then make them into pesto or pasta sauce and freeze that. Most people buy something like mint herbal teabags on a regular basis and you’ll find them next to the regular teas in all supermarkets.
Use seasonal shopping wisely by preserving things when they are at their peak and prices are knock down. But freezing, preserving and canning can be done too – just ask for empty jam jars on Freecycle.
It isn’t just the plastic bottles (ok, they can be recycled) but the massive carbon footprint that comes attached to a slurp of the bottled stuff.
I’ve been buying fresh chicken for the cat which means she can enjoy a zero waste meal. Not only do I have zero packaging (supermarket chickens used to come on a polystyrene tray with a thick piece of some non recyclable in the bottom and shrink wrapped in plastic), but chickens from the butcher last longer. Before, with ones I bought from the supermarket, I was throwing them away after 5 because they were going off. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste.

We got out of the habit before the holiday, and he spends loads on lunches when he has got one prepared at home. I would feed it raw, in preference, but my girl is 15 and I doubt she would be impressed with a radical change of diet! They did a survey a while ago and I think found they were approx 25% cheaper for the same goods bought in Tesco and only exotics had to be imported the rest was grown on either the home or sister farms in Boston or Louth.
And your brilliant post on your blog today about your trip to London just shows how you can have a great holiday with limited money. But that’s a treat every other weekend or so, otherwise I am using prepacked bread, rolls or wraps for packed lunches for him four days a week.
Beginning in the bakery, a variety of thermoformed containers are utilized for cakes, muffins and cookies. As packaging material is not appropriate for the proper presentation of food, and most often the packet arrives at a deformed state at the final consumer giving a bad image for both the product and the company that provides it.
Consequently, many food businesses provide food delivery of food in a package while there are businesses that take action only in the field of a€?take-away a€“ deliverya€?. The businessmen in this sector have realized the great importance of the state of the food when it comes to the client while the previous years the only worry was the a€?propera€? package when the package was leaving from the store. It may be concluded that for the consumer, the product quality is perfectly compatible with its packaging.
SAVE FOOD is pleased to include a supplier of resins to the food packaging value chain as one of their members, allowing the Initiative to add yet another option to fight food waste. With its expertise and international scope, Dow can make a major contribution to the success of SAVE FOOD. By joining SAVE FOOD, we add another option to work across the value chain on the reduction of food waste,” says Marc. With our packaging, your food products will stand out from numerous other products in your retail outlet. You require ever increasing barrier performance, tamper resistance, and package integrity at a competitive value.
A few months ago I was reading about food riots and numerous deaths in some countries from lack of food. I want you to stop and think about that next time you come home loaded with your groceries.
Either chop, place in an ice cube tray and cover with water or mix up with softened butter and freeze. Please read through these before sending us a…Food See food waste in this sectionAbout Us Welcome to My Zero waste! Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books. Just now herring(cooked in vinegar in the oven), Ayrshire new potatoes and scotch tomatoes are in season.
Overall, we saved a lot of money since we started our Zero Waste challenge and I encourage people to make a note of their expenditure too. I get the type which come in a cardboard wrap, which say board and sleeve recyclable and put them in with our mixed recycling collection.
Glad to see Mr A is getting his chocolate fix – did you put it in with the smoked salmon sandwiches?
The deli area provides ready-to-eat salads, meat and cheese spreads, rotisserie chickens, pre-packaged lunchmeats, take-out containers, and sandwich wedges. Our design and QC employees strictly follow all these disciplines and procedures to fulfill your expectations.
International Converter is an industry-leading supplier that consistently works to raise the bar in delivering packaging solutions. I bet you wish you had less of one ingredient and more of another anyway, so now’s your chance. In addition, you might save yourself a fortune on over the counter medication if you take a cup of mint tea after your meals to aid digestion instead of renees (or whatever they are called) or Gaviscon.
There is the downside of the internal wrapper, but we have a mixed soft plastics collection at our local HWRC, where one day I bored the poor men to near death showing them my array of plastics, saying can I drop this, that and t’other including the wrapper and hooray, they said yes!
Over in the meat section youa€™ll find both foam and rigid atmospheric packaging for the various cuts of steaks, ground beef, and in the dairy, both thermoformed egg cartons and yogurt containers. From raw material to the final phase of bonding the packaging, we maintain a consistent check on producing top quality packaging for our valued customers. We work with you to understand your total packaging process and to optimize the performance of our product across your packaging operations. I would love to move away from the tinned cat food; although, we have moved from the mini tins to the supersize tins which reduces overall waste. Sometimes, not always, I end up with those annoying pieces of plastic film, which go the same way as the Quavers wrappers. The fresh food section displays berries, tomatoes, lettuce and grapes in rigid, clear thermoformed containers so shoppers can see the freshness. And a variety of shelf-stable, oven ready and microwaveable choices are in thermoformed packages. Our broad knowledge of food packaging ensures you receive focused product development assistance. By the time you reach the specialty and gourmet section you will see virtually every shape and size of thermoformed package design one could imagine; and this is only a sample of thermoformed products for food packaging.

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