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August 23, 2012 by trashtastika 2 Comments On earlier visits to Singapore I had breezed through ION Orchard as part of the Orchard Road experience. The luxury brands are all there: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, Miu Miu etc, as well as mid-range favourites like Topshop, Zara and Uniqlo. ION offers fine dining as well as food chain outlets, delis and confectioners, cafes and bars, mostly on the basement floors but also on the floors above. It is the ION food hall on Basement level 4 that I gravitate towards, and the outlets here are outstanding. Old Chang Kee, Punggol Nasi Padang and the Wang San Yang Tea Pavilion nestle alongside Ginza Bairin and 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken! Food Opera is the primary one, offering 22 stalls and 4 mini-restaurants in the hawker style. Padang cuisine is the traditional food of ‘Urang Minang’ (Minang people) who inhabit West Sumatera, Indonesia.
Food Republic reviews some other Food Opera outlets Soup Guru, Ah Wok and Scott’s Beef Noodles here. As for me, I ordered the Nasi Kuning with Ayam Merah, which is yellow rice with chicken in a red gravy largely comprised of tomato, turmeric, garlic, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, chilli and soy. The chicken was still still just a little crispy from having been fried first, and the sauce was extremely tasty without being burn-your-mouth-out hot.

In need of some freshening up before I hit the street again, I encountered the splendour that is the ION Orchard ladies toilets! So whether for the shopping or the food, ION Orchard is definitely worth perusing next time you’re in Singapore.
Hehe…yes I can see how an animal head, like some paintings, could appear to follow you round the room. Aesthetically there is an immediately appealing sense of history and homeliness, as well as luxury and whimsy. As I am very fond of the flavours of Malay, Indonesian and Peranakan cuisine, it is no wonder that I finally decided upon Padang Padang for my lunchtime repast. The key to Padang cuisine’s rich flavour and mouth-watering aroma is the correct blend of spices. I kinda like the interiors trend myself, tho am very glad that hunting as a sport has died down from what it was.
Sometimes there are performances at the Kong Kong cultural centre but don’t hold your breath, they mostly perform European Opera.
I was yet to experience the wonder that is Food Opera, the very upmarket hawker-style food court in the ION Orchard basement.

Modern design trends, such as animal heads on the walls and large sculptures are everywhere, including animal sculptures such as deer, pigs, giraffe and even golden dragonflies and insects. Padang Padang is owned by Mrs Wahyuningsilh and the recipes are inspired by her grandmother – a 3rd generation Peranakan in Indonesia. I also could have chosen a multi-dish from their many meat and vegetable options (as you can see in the photo above).
In India, there were conquests everywhere to see in Rajasthan, and it made me sad to see tigers, lions, cheetahs etc hanging up.
Uber-glamorous chandeliers illuminate the space, throwing the beautiful gilt ceiling mouldings into sharp relief. At Padang Padang, they are committed to using only natural ingredients and processing them traditionally to retain their original taste and health benefits.

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