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Carnival Eats gives us an inside look at the mouth-watering and outrageous foods famously found at fairs and carnivals, the wacky characters who create them and the culinary thrill seekers who devour and delight in them.
Host Noah Cappe is thrilled to be on the road, travelling from coast to coast in search of the biggest and best carnival eats on offer. Noah Cappe has travelled all over North America with Carnival Eats, but there are still a few locations he’d like to explore. Noah Cappe’s dream dessert is a decadent combination of sweet carnival treats and classic sandwich toppings. April 25, 2013 by admin Leave a Comment Food Network’s continuous competition series Food Network Star returns for a ninth season this summer with fresh talent, powerful challenges, and culinary idols including Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown leading the charge to find the best and greatest new faces in culinary tv. The Kitchen gang is sharing their best brunch ideas, starting with Katie's oven-baked Dutch baby. That case is old but worth repeating here: food stamps stabilize households and the economy in bad economic times, pull millions out of poverty, and have very low overhead.
I DVR Guy's Big Bite every week, love the show been a fan and saw Guy "in concert" when he took his show on the road. Premiering Saturday, January 4, the new daytime Food Network series is co-hosted by culinary favorites Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian. Each episode takes place in the show's casual, inviting kitchen-living room set, where the five co-hosts come together for lively discussions, recipe demos, guest interviews and, at the close of each episode, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere," a special cocktail segment with Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, also a master mixologist.
Reality shows are already getting popular all over the globe and there are different kinds of reality shows that now being telecasted and repeated based on public demand.
However, if you love kitchen reality show then you must try not to miss out the second season of Worst Cooks in America which will be on your television screen on January 2nd at 9pm Eastern and Pacific Time.
Worst Cooks in America is already popular across the masses as it garnered a lot of buzz during the first season when Chef Anne Burrell won the title for her red team. However, with the opening of the second season it is expected that there will twice as much as fun because this time Chef Robert Irvine will be battling against Anne Burrell. Both the chefs will lead their respective team recruits and transform them from worst cooks into the finest cooks on the television. Worst Cooks in America has already received a huge amount of public response in the first season when Anne Burrell won the competition.
Backstory – Look, I know it’s strange that the first rule has nothing to do with cooking, but this might be the most important rule of all: Come up with a unique and compelling backstory.
Know The Judges – Yes, I know we are on to rule number two and I still haven’t even talked about cooking.
Master Your Meat –In a perfect world all of the ingredients would be judged equally, but that’s not how the judges roll in the Chopped kitchen. Keep it Clean – I am not just talking about keeping your hairs off the plate (although that is important).

Talk Some Trash – Sometimes the best offense is a strong defense .The kitchen is cramped, so use that to your advantage. Know the Pantry – I have seen too many contestants run off to look for the quinoa or cumin or something else I know nothing about, only to spend valuable minutes searching in all the wrong places. A connoisseur of all fair foods, from corn dogs to deep fried anything, Noah’s an expert at eating. The team also discuss new ways to use pomegranate as well as tasty tricks with waffle irons. Geoffrey Zakarian, Sunny Anderson, Marcela Valladolid, Katie Lee and Jeff Mauro all return for some more delicious recipes, and top tips for cooking success. From food trend discussions and family meal tips to trivia games and twitter questions from viewers, the entertaining one-hour, thirteen-episode series covers all things culinary. Hence, you can see two top chefs battling against each other on the show that demands a lot of patience and skill. However, the competition is not that easy as team recruits have to go through some tough cuisine making tips that would demand a lot from them. However, it is expected that the entry of Chef Robert Irvine will double the excitement and the fun that people had last year. A list of basic rules so that you must follow if you wish to make it to the final round and avoid being… CHOPPED!
In rounds one and two you will be given a piece of meat or seafood and it is paramount that you cook it properly. You must try and remember where ingredients are in the fridge and pantry, because those wasted seconds could be putting your head squarely on the chopping block! All I know is that I have seen too many people serve steak with brown potatoes and a brown sauce. In brand new twists and turns, focus groups of Food Network fans will have the chance to say their opinion on contestant performances and one finalist will be brought back after the elimination round for the second chance for victory. To kick off the new season, the group are dealing with Mother’s Day, as they cook up some easy, yet fancy, ideas for a perfect brunch for mum. The format of the game will remain the same and therefore 12 chefs from different parts of America will participate in the show based on the nominations provided by their friends and family members. Worst Cooks in America has also been popular across the masses as it quite comic when team recruits end up messing the cuisine or when they do something stupid.
If you think you can just crush up those corn chips and put them on your salad as a crouton, you are out of your damn mind. I am sure the judges will be impressed that you managed to make a delicious mushroom risotto in thirty minutes, but if you undercooked your pheasant or overcooked your pork loin, you are sure to be taking the Chopped walk of shame. Viewers will also be allowed to vote on the website or by phone before the August 11th season finale to see who will win the ultimate prize: their own Food Network show.

From a foolproof guide to the perfect chocolate chip cookies, on to some cheeky cocktails, the team has everything you need to make the day special. They will then split up into two teams which is also known as the Red Team and the Blue Team. However, if the team recruits win the title they receive a winning prize of $25,000 along with the Kitchen Hero title. The game show goes on for grueling eight weeks where team recruits have to make sure that they earn some points for their team or they get eliminated from the game as the worst cook in America. They don’t call chef Aaron Sanchez the “Latin Cuisine Authority” because he likes his food bland. Just make it look beautiful and full of color, like one of Geoffrey Zakarian’s finely tailored suits. Let someone else try to cook polenta in twenty minutes while you fry up something delicious. Every time I see someone go for it, I have a loud “oh no he didn’t” moment yelling at my TV.
Then follows a grilling master class, as the chefs present the perfect way to grill up a succulent steak.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a meth-addicted homeless person who learned to cook in a dumpster (although that would be a huge plus), but you should at least be able to talk about how you were bullied as a child and cooking was your only salvation. Add to that a tasty pasta salad and a superb gin punch, and the party is just about complete. You will increase your chances of victory and, if I have learned anything from reality television, your chances of getting invited back to future contests and spinoffs. Fortune favors the bold and in the Chopped kitchen the farthest playing it safe will take you is second place.
And they don’t call  Chris Santos “Renegade Restaurateur” for, well, I have no idea what that means. But it might have something to do with the fact that he looks like the lead singer of Staind.
So, if you are caught throwing it on your dish at the last moment, you surely deserve to be banished from the Chopped kitchen for all of eternity.

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