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All Cutthroat Kitchen chefs are notoriously diabolical — with their penchant for mind games and ease in doling out doom. Recipe of the Day: Guy's Veggie Burger With three beans, peppers, onions, oats and more in the mix, these top-notch, spiced-up burgers will satisfy everyone sitting at your table — even the meat eaters. But every once in a while we see a contestant who isn’t just a wicked-good competitor but rather a contender on a whole new level of evil.

Be on the lookout for no-holds-barred bidding, round after round of high-stakes sabotage and, because host Alton Brown is at the helm, unapologetic challenges that just might force these second-time rivals to rethink their willingness to play the game. Just load the slow cooker with cooked pasta, cheddar cheese and a few other fixings, then return to a creamy pot of gold a few hours later.
In the all-new upcoming tournament, Cutthroat Kitchen: Evilicious, these especially fierce fighters will take their places in the Cutthroat arena for a second round of battles and, of course, all-new opportunities to sabotage.

In fact, they relish in the chaos — especially when they’re responsible for creating it for others.

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