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It has ordered 13 new episodes of the culinary talker, which just premiered on the Food Network in January. For Sarah Penrod, the 30-year-old League City catering chef battling to be the “Next Food Network Star,” it all came down to 30 seconds. The final four chefs in the reality cooking show were charged with creating 30-second promos for their would-be TV series. The Denton-reared Penrod boasted in her promo that she wanted to “take America on a food tour of Texas.” Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, the judges labeled her inauthentic and voiced disappointment that she didn’t mention that she was a mother of two. The show’s remaining three contestants include chuck wagon cook Lenny McNab, Italian hunk Luca Della Casa and seafood expert Nicole Gaffney. In a post-show interview featured on the Food Network website, “NFNS” host Alton Brown said, “It came down to a simple question. Maybe it’s because I love looking at food, but I just love the shows on The Food Network.
Food Network Star: Probably the most like your American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance type-shows, but without the judges trying to take over and be the stars of the show. I’ve just begun this Food Network obsession so if you watch TFN and have a favorite, tell me about it so I can add it to my list.
JessicaDoesn’t know how to cook and survives pretty much on macaroni and cheese and pizza, so naturally, loves to eat out at restaurants.

You know you have watched a lot of Food Network shows when you start to consider chefs as eye candy!  Thanks for including my favorite chef eye candy, Michael Symon, in your blog.  Sigh.  He can cook for me any day baby! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
April 25, 2013 by admin Leave a Comment Food Network’s continuous competition series Food Network Star returns for a ninth season this summer with fresh talent, powerful challenges, and culinary idols including Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown leading the charge to find the best and greatest new faces in culinary tv.
The Kitchen gang is sharing their best brunch ideas, starting with Katie's oven-baked Dutch baby.
I have issues with Nicole’s point of view and I have issues with her personality, which I find lacking. While I like all the shows, from the fun and informative ones like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to Good Eats, I mostly LOVE the challenge shows. They have to create 3 meals, all with harsh time constraints and work with surprise, not always traditional ingredients, then have to hear all about what they messed up on and get Chopped one by one. Chef Robert Irvine helps save restaurants from having to close down and it’s intense, cruel and heartwarming all at the same time. The team also discuss new ways to use pomegranate as well as tasty tricks with waffle irons. The people competing are so passionate and the judges are not just there for the drama like other reality competition shows.

In brand new twists and turns, focus groups of Food Network fans will have the chance to say their opinion on contestant performances and one finalist will be brought back after the elimination round for the second chance for victory. Not even because I have a need to eat bizarre foods…although I am open to try new things when they look delicious . And between the time restraints, people yelling at them and crazy food items or unique situations being thrown at them, they’re just so intense! Viewers will also be allowed to vote on the website or by phone before the August 11th season finale to see who will win the ultimate prize: their own Food Network show. Wouldn't you have thought that after all of the comments from so many people in so many threads that Food Network would have gotten the message the people are sick of DDD re-runs and endless competitions?? Worst of all, I bet this isn't costing FN anything, they are getting the companies to pay for it in exchange for showcasing the product. Some execs will write us off and say the old days are gone and we all must embrace innovation. Meanwhile, more people switch over to the cooking channel or even stop watching altogether and on top of that, the ratings have gone down.

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