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The restaurant’s owners and management will be taking guidance from a celebrity chef and must be willing to overhaul their menu, decor and theme to put them back on the path to success! I know I speak for many in our small town of Port Henry, NY, when I ask (beg) you to come here and re-make one of the two restaurants in town (Boni’s Bistro). Boni has a big personality and we need somewhere nice to eat without having to travel an hour. The Food Network is getting into the restaurant business in a location not always associated with good food: An airport.
The channel has opened its first Food Network Kitchen at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in South Florida in the JetBlue terminal. Now, with passengers arriving early to get through security and limited options for in-flight food, there's a market for airport dining.
The Food Network Kitchen is the only eatery serving hot food at the JetBlue concourse, but the network's brand is a big attention-getter. There are no waiters, so customers sit at tables after ordering at the counter or they can get takeout food, either made to order or readymade items like sandwiches and salads. The menu promises organic and sustainable ingredients and offers dishes with connections to local ingredients and regional culture, such as a Florida shrimp po'boy ($13) and a salmon burger with Key lime mayo ($14). Wait times can back up when flights arrive and the airport gets busy, so it's best to arrive early if you plan to sit down, as Liz Lamoureux did before flying back home to San Antonio, Texas.

Beverages range from espresso to entwine, the Food Network's wine brand, to locally-inspired cocktails like Lansky's Run, named for the Prohibition-era gangster Meyer Lansky.
The design of the restaurant resembles the cable network's test kitchen: a butcher block bar counter, subway tiling, stainless steel surfaces and pots and pans hanging in a row -- only here, they hang behind a cash register. The network's logo is plastered on everything from to-go boxes to brown paper bags filled with jelly beans and chocolate-covered pretzels.
But while the network has already put its name on consumer products like frying pans and candles, along with its concession stand and stadium food, serving quality food at an airport restaurant presents different challenges.
The Food Network and Delaware North Companies plan to open more outlets in the spring at the busy JetBlue terminal. I just spoke to a casting director friend of mine that is currently casting for a new show that will be on the Food Network. Whether it’s opening up your own gourmet sandwich shop or serving your mouthwatering cupcakes to the masses, we want to document your path to business success!
Professional training and a background in restaurants and hospitality welcomed but NOT required.  Enthusiasm, fun and passion are a must! This is an opportunity for a new restaurant owner to get NATIONAL AND LOCAL EXPOSURE on FOOD NETWORK, one of televisions most popular networks.
Buyers who have recently purchased or are about to close on a new restaurant business or space and have not remodeled.

Any brick and mortar food service business is welcome: cafes, bistros, pizza joints, delis, bakeries, wine bars, coffee shops, taco stands.  We love variety! Helping restaurateurs to maximize their investment when buying and selling their restaurant. Another Food Network Kitchen is scheduled to open at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport by the end of 2013. I’m contacting local brokers and agents who may have clients that would jump at this amazing opportunity to be featured in their own episode on Food Network! A listing on Twin Cities Restaurant Blog does not necessarily reflect an affiliation with or endorsement of the listed restaurant. There are also some fun facts on display: A poster near the cash register details local ingredients used in the meals, while paper placemats explain how to filet a fish and describe different cuts of beef.
No warranties or other guarantees will be offered as to the quality of the information or anything else offered here.

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