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The vinegar scared me at first, but it was quite surprising how well the flavours worked together, it turned out so wonderfully. Featuring chunked information rather than just straight recipes, you'll learn the whys that will help you recreate fabulous dishes of the world without recipes.
Pot roast is inherently simpler to make than stew, in which the meat has to be dredged and seared, and the concoction can cook only so long before it disintegrates (you have to watch it).

With pot roast, you assemble your ingredients, toss them into the crock pot, set the timer, and ta-da! I've been served bland pot roast many a time (and I would never complain--home-cooked food is inherently good for you--food made with love has to be healthy, right?), so I sought to jazz up the bland factor with a few simple add-ins and I think it worked.
I think so too (the bacon and smoked paprika give it a certain something extra) and I hope you will agree.

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