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After a little break through the holidays, new episodes of Pioneer Woman begin Saturday, January 3!
Saturday, December 6: This Saturday night is the hour-long Pioneer Woman Christmas special on Food Network!
I make a big glazed ham, biscuits and ham gravy, a pretty and yummy fruit salad, and fun eggs baked in potato cups. Saturday, March 16: The calf-working crew comes by for a rib-sticking lunch of pork chops, the best green beans ever, a delicious hash brown casserole…and a yummy cobbler! Saturday, March 2: When Marlboro Man brings our friends Butch and Julie over for an impromptu dinner, I have to think fast to get food on the table before they get to the house. To send with the kids on horseback, I make yummy chocolate-dipped granola bars that are to-die-fer. Saturday, September 8: The girls and I have pasta while Marlboro Man and the kids are out of town, then we all reunite in a big Burger-and-French-Fry-Fest. Saturday, August 30: We have our good family friends over for a big spread of Mexican food! Saturday, August 25: In another typical (not) cooking show episode, I give my two Basset Hounds a bath. And Marlboro Man took them all to cut down cedar trees, so he got some benefit out of it too! On the food front, the next day is a big potluck at our church, so I whip up comfort food to the max and Charlie helps me. After the restaurants close and when a chef is itching for a (culinary) fight,  Knife Fight happens.  From executive producer Drew Barrymore, Knife Fight is a gritty and rowdy after-hours culinary battle of chefs facing off, cooking at least two dishes in one hour using  secret ingredients — all in front of a wild, late-night crowd.
Guy’s Grocery Games is keeping it all in the family when it returns with new episodes on January 10th. Starting the week of January 5th, our schedule is stocked with new episodes of Beat Bobby Flay, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Mystery Diners, Cutthroat Kitchen and Chopped!
Ree Drummond is sharing a whole new season of family-friendly comfort food when The Pioneer Woman returns with new episodes this winter.
My father-in-law and his crew of fearless fence-builders have been working hard, so I take them a big lunch so they won’t have to stop and run to town for food.
Join me as I spend Easter weekend delivering Hot Cross Buns to friends, cooking the kids a springy lunch, decorating Easter treats with the boys, and getting potluck food ready for Easter Sunday.
While my family ships cattle, I whip up a make-ahead dinner followed by a heavenly pancake bar for a late post-shipping breakfast. I take a trip to the supermarket to buy a whole bunch of family pack chicken…along with lots of things that go with it. We’ll kick off the new shows with a new installment of 16 Minute Meals—with a little bit of a healthy twist! Here are some key words you need to know: Kabobs, gingerbread, cowboys, roping, dancing, and eighties wigs.
Join me as I show you some of my very favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, from dressing to sweet potatoes!

One of my favorite PW episodes to date, this show features four of my favorite quick-and-easy pasta dishes. Before the girls and I take off on a college trip, I stock the fridge with some ready-made food and snacks for the boys. My sister-in-law Missy and I throw a big engagement celebration for our good family friend, Haley.
My girls and I love Chinese food, so I surprise them with an at-home dinner of all our favorites!
I cook lunch for the crew on the day we reveal the new corner entrance to the Building we’re renovating in town.
I take you along on a shopping trip to a restaurant supply store (swoon) and show you all the cool things you can find there, from iron skillets to scoops to torches…and some delicious things you can make with them! The guys have such a long day of working calves that I wind up taking them breakfast…AND lunch!
After the kids help Marlboro Man gather some big ol’ bulls, they come up to the Lodge for a lunch of delicious comfort food. With Ladd and the kids away, I go into a little bit of a boot camp mode where I exercise a little more…and share some of the things I eat when I want to eat a little lighter.
In this super fun episode of PW, Alex’s homeschooling group heads to the Lodge for a night of Julius Caesar! Tim and Missy come up to the Lodge for dinner…while the kids decide to have their own separate meal. It’s Potluck Sunday (which is my favorite kind of Sunday) and while Ladd and the kids are working cattle the day before, I whip up a load of make-ahead potluck favorites. Last year I showed the whole Thanksgiving feast; this year, I take a slightly different approach and show all the glorious things you can do with Turkey Day leftovers!
I love 16-minute meals more than anything, and this Saturday I’ll be sharing three more of my faves! While the guys wean calves, I make a big (translation: huge) Tex Mex spread of fajitas, beans, and cinnamon ice cream.
Ladd and the kids are moving cattle around, and I whip up a delicious pizza lunch with two different varieties, along with Lemon-Limeade and a yummy ice cream pie.
The guys tear out an old set of pens and the kids help them build new ones while I make a big Tex-Mex lunch to deliver to them on site.
After some heavy rains, our homestead is in need of a little pick-me-up, so we spend an afternoon sweeping and tidying up…then we light a bonfire of branches and sticks.
I list lots of my favorite things around the ranch—everything from the Best Grilled Cheese to the Best Dimples! I do a week of cooking to stock the freezer…starting with an epic supermarket journey with my boys. My good homeschooling friends (one with baby in tow) make the trek out to the ranch for a fun, food-filled evening.
To deliver to the cowboys and kids after a long morning of calf working, I whip up spicy roasted chicken legs, cowboy beans, deviled eggs…and the most decadent brownies in the universe.

Lots of fun episodes planned this time around, featuring the family, the ranch…and Charlie, of course. The kids and I surprise Edna Mae with a home-delivered birthday meal…including this multi-layer cake! First, I take orange sweet rolls and bacon to the cattle-working crew…then, to thank my BFF Hyacinth for taking my oldest to homeschool coop, I whip up a surprise dinner for her household. While the guys work cattle, I whip up a tailgating lunch of hearty lasagna, delicious garlic cheese bread, and these luscious fried fruit pies. Using list form (one of my favorite things) I go through ten of the things I love the most. I have my best friends from high school out to the Lodge for our annual reunion and make lots of food to kick off the weekend. I decided to get highlights right before we filmed it and when I left the hair place I was convinced I was a platinum blonde. Sometimes we do this when there’s nothing we can think of that he really wants or needs. I make football food like guacamole, wings, and brownies, but the real fun of the show is the dudes.
When the dust settles on 2014, we’re ringing in 2015 with new shows and new episodes of your returning favourites. The first four new episodes to kick off the season will have families racing down the grocery store aisles and competing for a shopping spree of a lifetime worth up to $20,000.
For more details, click on each show name to view the show’s website and schedule information. Starting January 10th, catch her every Saturday with back-to-back episodes beginning at 12pm ET. I share four more of my favorite freezer basics, which can be made into a whole bunch of different meals.
Prime Rib, gorgeous cupcakes, flowers, drinks, party favors…this’ll be a fun episode! Marlboro Man and the kids spend the day chopping down cedars and I make them a big spread of pasta, salad, and these hilariously simple cookie treats.
Dinner menu is fried chicken, potato salad, colorful cole slaw…and fun little key lime pies!
It’s been ten years since our last meeting, so we all decided to get together and do what we always did best: EAT!
This family trip to the grocery store sounds way more exciting than any weekly grocery shop we’ve heard of! This episode examines three different (exceedingly busy) nights on the ranch…and the delicious throw-together meals that result.

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