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Demand Reform From Tyson Foods: A Food Giant With A Massive Footprint on Forests, Climate, Animals and People.
Our food system is broken thanks to a handful of powerful Big Ag companies that are driving climate change, animal & human rights abuses. Tyson Foods and its global subsidiaries are one of the world's largest producers of chicken, beef, pork as well as prepared foods containing Conflict Palm Oil.
Tyson Foods is one of the largest meat producers in the world with recently reported record profits over $37 billion in revenue.
Corporations like Tyson Foods, through its factory farm industrial model of production, is driving animal rights abuses, runaway climate change, increased levels of corporate control, high levels of food waste, forest loss and fragmentation, soil erosion, water scarcity and pollution, loss of biodiversity - both genetic diversity of crops and threatened extinction of key species, food insecurity, and racial inequity.
Take action with RAN to demand that the biggest and most egregious global food producers, starting with Tyson Foods, adopt a comprehensive palm oil and meat sector policy. Your company is a key driver of the irresponsible production of meat and palm oil—two of the biggest drivers of climate change. Tyson Foods profits from a broken food system that negatively impacts human rights and our planet’s fragile ecosystems. The policy must include strict environmental and social safeguards for palm oil and meat production that will break its link to the destruction of rainforests, peatlands and the abuse of communities, workers and animals.
As a matter of urgency, Tyson Foods must transparently report on its efforts to curb its impact on people, wildlife and the planet.
Envirogen Water Technologies, the water treatment specialists, that own Puresep, EWS (UK) and Derwent Water, have expanded and strengthened its service division to meet the growing demand.
Under the leadership of Bill Denyer, Service Manager, the new structure gives way to a regional and market sector bias, giving service customers specialist and dedicated contacts. Aran Morris and Jim Hallatt, both highly experienced in water treatment technologies and solutions, have responsibility for the service contract customers in the North and South respectively. Nick Whiteley has been promoted to Principle Industrial Engineer whilst Kevin Barr is now Principle Healthcare Engineer. Bill Denyer says “These changes give us an even stronger service division in place to meet the needs of existing and new customers. The PureCare Service Offering from Envirogen boasts of flexible levels to suit budget as well as requirement. Our special supplier directory allows business to make contact with each other quickly and easily. Keep abreast of the latest industry news by joining our mailing list and receive regular newsletters directly in your inbox.

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I have not looked at a Food Network Magazine in years, however the last time that I did, I remember seeing it jammed pack of recipes. Disclosure: Thoughts and Reviews was not compensated for this post and is not responsible for shipment of prize.
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I do love to bake sweets but have been trying to eat more healthy and am really into experimenting with new salads. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The UK’s YouView has become the first connected TV platform to add a video-on-demand portal from media company UKTV, producer of ten channel brands including Watch, Dave, Blighty and Good Food.
The agreement means that YouView will be able to provide seven days’ worth of catch-up services for the UKTV channels Dave, Yesterday and Really, with entertainment channel Dave to become the first to launch on the portal in July. Darren Childs, CEO of UKTV, said: “The UKTV network currently reaches over 42 million viewers a month and this agreement with YouView will make our award-winning programmes and channel brands available to even more viewers.
For years, RAN has profiled Cargill’s role in this flawed system, but there are other US Food Giants that are responsible for some of the worst food system impacts, and Tyson Foods is one of them.
It’s leading brands include Tyson®, Jimmy Dean®, Hillshire Farm®, Sara Lee® Frozen Bakery, Ball Park®, Wright®, Aidells® and State Fair®.
Tyson Foods must transparently report on its efforts to curb its impact on people, animals and the planet. I demand that your company change its system of production and adopt a comprehensive, responsible food policy.
It must publish data on its contribution to rainforest destruction, carbon pollution, biodiversity loss, human and workers rights abuse and its impact on global water supplies.
Both are extremely experienced in their specific markets, and are available to support those customers and engineers, ensuring that Envirogen’s high service standards are maintained and best practice within those markets is promoted.
We are seeing an increase in demand for flexible service offerings, and customers that require support that delivers on value and high quality” Bill goes onto say: “We wanted to and needed to strengthen this department to meet the growing needs of this division.
Their regional in-house team of engineers are equipped with the latest technology giving customers instant access to spare part supply, visit reports, billing data. The network plans to launch a fourth free-to-air channel in the UK on July 8th, called Drama.

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Launching at 1pm AEDT on 17 November 2015 is the Food Network, broadcasting food-inspired entertainment and travel, and home cooking from all around the world.
Tyson is known around the world for its massive poultry operation, and recently RAN exposed the company for its link to Conflict Palm Oil via one of its leading brands, Sara Lee. It must publish data on its contribution to rainforest destruction, carbon pollution, biodiversity loss, animal and workers rights abuse and its impact on global water supplies.
All this is replicated back to the internet giving customers a login to their dedicated area, leaving the customer in full control and all the information they need at their fingertips. Any foodie would love this magazine – I am sure they would find a lot of great recipes to try.
The channel will replace SBS3 on free-to-air, with all programs available through their SBS On Demand online catch-up service.Food Network will complement the existing SBS Thursday night lineup of food programming, with a smorgasbord of local and international cooking shows. The system of chicken production that Tyson has built keeps farmers in a state of indebted servitude, living on the edge of bankruptcy, and takes a huge toll on the climate. The schedule will include the Curtis Stone series Beach Eats USA, Kitchen Inferno and his Australian series Surfing The Menu.
Not to mention its high-density Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) which hold thousands of animals in inhumane conditions of indoor confinement.
The winner will be chosen randomly via Gleam and sent an e-mail at the e-mail address provided. Due to a loophole in US environmental regulations, CAFOS are classified as farms, not factories, which means they are exempt from many (needed) penalties or regulations. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the e-mail or the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected.
Pour in the shredded chicken and broth, stirring gently to combine; bring to a simmer.

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