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That case is old but worth repeating here: food stamps stabilize households and the economy in bad economic times, pull millions out of poverty, and have very low overhead.
I DVR Guy's Big Bite every week, love the show been a fan and saw Guy "in concert" when he took his show on the road. This weekend on Food Network it’s all about having fun in the kitchen with dear friends and moms. Start off your Saturday morning with a big breakfast, Southern style, from Paula Deen, Rosanne Cash and her daughter. On Sunday evening, watch a poker-themed episode of Cupcake Wars with special guest judge Mimi Rogers.
Start your Saturday morning with Paula, who’s cooking a feast of sloppy but delicious Tex-Mex inspired recipes with her friend Cheryl. On Sunday evening tune in to all the competition, starting with a new episode of Cupcake Wars, where the bakers compete for a chance to serve their goods at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Start the morning off this Sunday with mouthwatering new episodes of Guy’s Big Bite and Sandwich King. If you’re planning on entertaining soon or are looking for new recipe inspiration, Food Network has you covered with a lot of ideas this weekend. On Saturday morning, Paula and entertaining guru James Farmer show you some easy and delicious entertaining recipes. The cooking continues on Sunday morning as Guy is inspired to come up with recipes based on Chinese takeout items. This weekend, Food Network has all-new episodes from Paula, Ree, Giada and Guy as well as a night of competition on Sunday. First thing in the morning on Sunday, watch Guy put a twist on turkey burgers and make spicy margaritas.
Whether you’re looking to get your chocolate fix or just some simple dinner ideas, or you love watching cooking competitions that may include alien creations, celebrities and vengeful chefs, then tune in to Food Network this weekend. Start Saturday morning with a chocolate-filled menu from Paula Deen, who’s in the kitchen with actress Angie Harmon.
On Sunday morning, Guy’s making a delicious dinner of stuffed peppers and for dessert, churros. It’s a weekend of celebrations, game-day get-togethers and competition on Food Network.

On Saturday Paula and her brother Bubba are preparing for a birthday celebration with lots of grilled and fried foods. This weekend it’s all about cooking classic recipes with a twist, budget-friendly ideas and hard-core competition on Food Network. On Saturday, both Paula Deen and Trisha Yearwood have a few Southern classics to share with friends and family. Recipe of the Day: Fan-Favorite Guacamole Salad If you love guac so much you don't even need the chips, you're going to love this. Chef Jonathan Waxman joins Guy in the kitchen where they create braised pork sandwiches, a roasted beet salad, and the Pink Sombrero, a tequila cocktail with grapefruit juice and basil syrup. First it’s an episode of Chopped that challenges the contestants to fry up something in each of their dishes. Finally, it’s Round 2 of the ICA tournament as Iron Chefs Jose Garces and Marc Forgione face off in Kitchen Stadium.
Guy makes a delicious meal of turkey lasagna packed with cheesy goodness and Jeff learns the secrets to making classic Vietnamese sandwiches. Later in the morning, Jeff and his son, Lorenzo, learn how graham crackers and marshmallows are made, which leads Jeff to come up with an entire menu of sweet sandwiches. Then on Chopped All-Stars, four judges compete against one another and are judged by their own peers.
Later, on The Best Thing I Ever Made, there are more chocolate recipes to satisfy even the biggest chocoholic. On The Pioneer Woman, Ree is hosting a family game day on the ranch and she’s cooking up lunch afterward.
Ina deconstructed the favorite dip into a chunky salad with the usual fresh ingredients, plus satisfying black beans and an invigorating lime vinaigrette. Read on to discover a few surprising insights the Food Network star shared during his cooking demo at this year’s New York City Wine & Food Festival.
Then it’s the season premiere of Food Network Star with Giada, Alton and Bobby mentoring 12 hopefuls who are competing to win the coveted TV dream job.
In the evening tune in for a special birthday treat on Cupcake Wars as the competitors battle to win the approval of guest judge and birthday girl Tiffani Thiessen.
Later, Giada is taking inspiration from the Venices of Italy and California to come up with her light and refreshing menu.

On Restaurant: Impossible, Robert helps a couple loosen control over their restaurant so they can let the next generation take the reins. On Barefoot Contessa, Ina’s reinventing a lobster salad, learning the secrets to a chocolate cake and more. On Giada at Home, Giada’s sharing her budgeting tips for making three meals out of one chicken. Guy shares his fearless attitude toward cooking and life with recipes that reflect his diverse tastes. And last, it’s the finale of Iron Chef America Tournament of Champions with Iron Chef Symon vs. And on Sandwich King, Jeff is learning the secrets to baking biscuits from his mother-in-law. Afterward, in the fourth round of Chopped All-Stars, celebrities Johnny Weir, Joey Fatone, Laila Ali and Judy Gold descend upon the Chopped kitchen to compete for the first time. Then on Giada at Home, it’s an episode of recipes that are just as comforting as they are decadent.
Finally it’s a face-off between Iron Chef Bobby Flay and Challenger Micah Wexler on Iron Chef America.
Right after on Giada at Home, Giada’s showing her love for chocolate with a chocolate-inspired menu.
Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off take on a celebrity dinner party challenge to determine who wins it all. In the afternoon, on Sugar Dome, teams of artists are creating edible creations inspired by outer space. And on Iron Chef America, it’s a heated rematch between Iron Chef Morimoto and challenger Chef Cantu. Then on Sandwich King, Jeff cooks up a number of different burgers with his son, Lorenzo, by his side.

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