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I'd like to see pictures of the cakes made by the finalists in Episode 4 for the Sextuplets on your website..
The Challenge alumni will be thrown a number of difficult tasks, from creating one-of-a-kind wedding creations to undergoing a 24-hour cake-making marathon. Each week the judges eliminate one cake artist, and the winner takes home the biggest prize in Challenge history: $50,000!

Challenge emcee Keegan Gerhard serves as host and notable pastry chef Patrick Coston and famed cake designer Kerry Vincent lead the judging panel."Last Cake Standing super- charges our popular Food Network Challenge series to make it the toughest, longest, most extreme cake competition ever," said Bob Tuschman, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production.
The action-packed competition begins with surprise instructions to move into their kitchens and immediately start creating their signature cakes. The competitors serve as wedding ceremony witnesses and consult with the newlyweds before completing impromptu cake sketches.

Hours before the competition, they are divided into teams and required to combine their cake designs.

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