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In the mean time, if you’re really chomping at the bit to watch something, below is my original audition tape for the show.
Having cooked up a new look for Food Network's "Ultimate Recipe Showdown" last year, lighting designing Christopher Landy of Brooklyn-based Vibrant Design LLC recently teamed with Art Edwards, executive producer with High Noon Entertainment, on "Food Network Challenge," the hit competitive cooking series in which professional chefs vie for top honors in their specialties. The seventh season is devoted to cake decorating and viewers will discover how tough it was for the four contestants to achieve such amazingly beautiful results: The grueling contest lasted eight hours straight and a $10,000 prize was on the line. Landy flew to Denver, with his gaffer Gerard McCarthy and his associate Matthew Piercy to light the show's new set at LSI, the film studio where the Perry Mason TV movies and the "Father Dowling" mystery series were shot.

Landy accomplished his goal with a combination of moving lights, LEDs and conventional fixtures. Vibrant Design LLC is an entertainment design firm providing a full range of set and lighting design services to broadcast and cable TV, live productions, corporate events and theater as well as architecture and interior design. While browsing the net looking for ideas for my son’s upcoming 10th birthday cake and wishing I could find just the right Football Theme I came across your videos and website. He opted for 12 VARI*LITE VL2500 spots, 12 Martin Mac 700 washes, 124 Color Kinetics' Colorblast 12s and 17 72-inch Colorblazes to give a more dynamic feel to the high-pressure contest.

Network challenge watch full length episodes online laneymfood network challenge watch full. He mixed in a pair of 1x1 Litepanel LEDs plus more than a hundred 750-watt ETC Source 4 lekos, 36 ETC 750-watt SPARs, 60 Baby 2K fresnels, a 5K fresnel, 70 200-watt PARs and two dozen 100-watt Birdie PARs.

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