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Food Network is a television specialty channel that airs both one-time and recurring (episodic) programs about food and cooking. Food Network Canada has ordered Family Cook Off, a 12 x 30-minute competition series to air from March 1 at 9 p.m. Produced by Force Four Entertainment in association with Food Network Canada, the series is Canada’s version of the Australian series Coles Great Aussie Cook Off, which has already been remade in Singapore and the UK. Hosted by Entertainment Tonight Canada’s Kim D’Eon and shot in Vancouver, each episode sees two Canadian families going head-to-head in a bid to win “the coveted Golden Frying Pan” and CDN$1,000 (US$1,000) worth of groceries.
Food Network Canada chefs and cookbook authors Anthony Sedlak (The Main) and Trish Magwood (Party Dish) appear on the show as judges. Our platform has been used to engage audiences in various ways and we’re excited to announce that CNN’s morning show Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien will be using ScribbleLive to add an interactive real-time component to their program.
Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 was the first time Starting Point used our livebloging platform.
Their goal was to engage the show’s viewers and encourage discussion around the various topics covered. Another great example of liveblogs being used alongside a morning show is CurrentTV’s Stephanie Miller show – Talking Liberally.
The Learning Channel has used ScribbleLive to host chats with their shows’ stars, allowing fans to ask questions and interact with their favorites in real-time.
Other television shows have used our platform to facilitate discussions around on-air episodes. One of Discovery Channel’s top shows used our platform to interact with their fans across social platforms. See how ScribbleLive drives results Schedule a tour to see how ScribbleLive can help your content succeed predictably. The leading content marketing platform: ScribbleLive gives marketers, publishers, and agencies everything they need to create effective content.
Food Network is a cable network whose main topic is food, food and more food — where to find it, how to prepare it, as well the people who do all the work behind the scenes. On each of the days, I will be heading down to both of the trucks to witness all of the foodie fun and, most importantly, to eat! We think that CNN’s Starting Point team did a wonderful job with their liveblog, they used pools, webcam comments, and tweets to build a rich real-time conversation. CityTV’s the Bachelorette have two weekly chats, one for the east and one for the west coast of Canada.
Each week when a new episode of Top Chef Canada aired, viewers could discuss all the culinary action with fellow fans.
They ran a liveblog with the show’s cameraman Todd Stanley and embedded it onto their Facebook page. Our software platform makes it possible to predict when content campaigns are going to be successful, simplifies collaboration, and helps unleash creativity.
Founded in 1993 by the Providence Journal Company as the "TV Food Network" (this name was dropped in 1996 for the present one), FN was bought by the E.W. It’s one of the most interactive chats we’ve seen, with new posts streaming in every few seconds for 3 hours! The chats are sponsored by Miller Chill Lime, who broadcast commercials during the episode to encourage viewers to participate in the chats. Fans of the show were free to ask the guest questions and he replied to them for an hour before the new episode premiere. In an era when interruptive advertising is becoming less successful, content is providing a more authentic, more powerful way to connect with your audience. Failure to obtain such permission is a violation of international copyright and trademark laws subject to specific financial and criminal penalties. The light beer hits the perfect demographic by advertising during the show’s mostly-female audience and sponsoring the chat.

Guest chefs, like Canada celebrity chef Mark McEwan joined the chat to interact with the show’s fans and giveaways were announced on the liveblog. The result is a well-paced, real-time conversation full of relevant and interesting questions (as chosen my moderators), reaching a level of engagement and control that is not feasible of Facebook. From knowing what your audience cares about to delivering it to them in the right channel and optimizing results, our content marketing platform empowers organizations to make effective content a predictable part of their business. Also the network that was willing to take a chance on a certain offbeat cooking-science show back in 1999, as well as introducing most of the USA to Iron Chef, a show whose exposure had been limited mainly to the Bay Area before then.Has been accused of some level of Network Decay, with the biggest complaint being that the how-to shows aren't as technically rigorous as they used to be (Semi-Homemade is usually held up as the worst example of this) and that the channel has been focusing too much on documentaries and reality shows (albeit, a bit of a natural progression from the popularity of Iron Chef).
Several stars on the network started out as competitors on Iron Chef America, including almost all of the Chopped judges.
Alex Guarnaschelli is another standout, having been an ICA competitor and having her own show, but she broke out on Chopped and now serves as an Iron Chef herself. The Neeleys on the Deen brothers' show, and Paula Deen on Gordon Elliott's are two examples.
Author's Saving Throw: Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade has been widely criticized, not only for processed, unhealthy, cost-ineffective ingredients, lavish sets and wardrobe changes (including her signature "table-scapes"), and her boozy cocktails. Sandra's Money Saving Meals features recipes made to feed a family of four on a budget, while Sandra's wardrobe has been stripped down and the set is almost entirely white. Having cooked for her impoverished family as a kid, on food stamps to boot, she probably didn't like the idea of someone calling her wasteful. The Casanova: Tyler Florence, especially on Food 911, although many of the housewives he helped out had a definite Dirty Old Woman vibe about them.
Ina Garten is known to repeat the phrases "How bad could that be?" and "How easy is that?" She also loves to use the adjective "good" whenever she possibly can, often gently reminding viewers to use "good" ingredients, and very often when episodes end with a dinner party or a picnic she'll ask "Good food and good friends, how can it get any better than that?" Alton Brown has catchphrases of his own, including "golden brown and delicious", "just walk away", "oh bother", and "but that's another show".
Guy Fieri has "that's money", "off the hook!", and "bananas!" as well as "that's on point". More than a few fans have observed that Tyler Florence could pass for Bobby Flay's younger brother.
Cool Old Lady: Paula Deen may be considered this for some people, especially on her Paula's Party show, though not so much anymore. The real holders of the title were the Two Fat Ladies (RIP both of them; Clarissa Dickson Wright died in 2014). Paula Deen, whose recipes seem to consist of breaded sticks of butter coated in butter and deep fried in butter with butter on the side also counts. Cultural Translation: The original Iron Chef gained enough success to earn the aptly-named spin-off Iron Chef America.
The reruns of the original version on Fine Living were given the retronym Iron Chef Japan; Cooking Channel, to which the reruns were carried over from Fine Living, has also picked up the name.
The fact that he used to be in the British Navy, and in fact got his start as a chef there, certainly helps. Besides having a rather feisty and spirited personality, he also says that when he was a teenager he frequently got into fights and hung out with a group of other tough guys before getting involved in the food industry and turning his life around. Food Porn: And it often gets Disturbingly close to literal porn with some of Giada's and Rachel's quasi-orgasmic tasting shots. The Best Thing I Ever Ate, which features Food Network personalities and colleagues rhapsodizing about Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Emeril Live took this up a notch this for 60 minute food "live sex show", featuring "ohh"s and "ah"s from the audience. Egregiously so when he added a great deal of butter or garlic and the camera cut to a closeup of someone reacting in the audience.. Virtually every sentence she speaks describing food is practically dripping with a sensuous tone of voice, and such admiring physical descriptions of the food that she makes it sound like it's a person that she wants to date, rather than a piece of food. Spoofed by Food Network Humor (which has since closed down due to the author's utter disgust of Food Network post-2012 that she refuses to update it), who created "A Sensual Reading of Alex Guarnaschelli's Tweets".
Basically just the FNH editors reading Alex's Purple Prose in a rather exaggerated fashion.

Then there's the Neelys, who somehow always find a way to slip in sexual innuendos during every show, as they endlessly flirt with each other. During the crossover Thanksgiving special he said mocked Giada's garnish by saying "You're one of those people who eats with their eyes, aren't you?" Genki Girl: Rachael Ray and Paula Deen are by far the worst for this, but Giada De Laurentiis puts in some genki moments on a fairly regular basis as well.
Getting Crap Past the Radar: An episode of World's Weirdest Restaurants had a segment that took place at a restaurant with drag queens, and in the background you could see an ejaculating penis made from balloons. Gratuitous French: Ina Garten of "Barefoot Contessa" is probably the most notorious offender for this, as even the Francophilic Melissa D'Arabian doesn't name-drop French terms nearly as often as Ina. It gets especially ridiculous (and somewhat amusing) when she repeatedly uses Crème anglaise. The French named sweet custard used as a dessert sauce "English cream" in (grudging) recognition of the fact that the English like to put thin, sweet, creamy custard on their desserts and are actually pretty good making it—but the specific technique used in France is not exactly the same as the traditional English one. Towards the end of each episode of her shows, her eyes practically light up when she excitedly announces that "It's cocktail time!!!" In one Christmas episode, she actually decorated a Christmas tree by hanging cocktail glasses and wine glasses all over it. She then declared that "of all the trees I've ever decorated, this is my favorite!" Jerkass: Alex Guarnaschelli on Chopped. She hates men, hates other women even more, and seems to be an extremely unpleasant person to be aroundnote It's a widely known "secret" in the cooking community that her "mean bitch" act on Chopped isn't an act, but how she actually treats people. This may have to do with the fact that her mother Maria is one of the few cookbook editors to become truly legendary, at least until she masterminded the Love It or Hate It 1997 version of Joy of Cooking. Most of the female judges on Chopped seem to be more critical and less personable than their male counterparts; Guarnaschelli is just the most egregious of them. Kerry Vincent, master cake decorator, became infamous on Food Network Challenge for exactly the same reasons, and to the point where FNC in turn became most notable and infamous for her judging.
Sometimes her criticisms are perfectly valid, other times she criticises teams for things like time management, noting that they didn't organize themselves well even if they got their piece finished on time.
Jobber: Bobby Flay is frequently this on Throwdown, owing to him being a more-or-less generalist restaurant chef being pitted against people who tend to be experts in their specialties. While Flay certainly cooks to win, he isn't broken up if he loses, since according to him the whole point of Throwdown is to get awesome local chefs some attention. Round One has the two chefs compete against each other by cooking a round-winning dish showcasing an ingredient of Bobby's choice. However, when the time came to spotlight a talented challenger, Kenichi was often the one to be humbled. However some professional chefs have taken exception to some hygienic shortcuts taken on some shows (30 Minute Meals and the contest show Chopped may be the worst offenders), and the show Worst Cooks In America follows terrible amateur cooks learning how not to be a Lethal Chef. In the first episode, one of the contestants basically mustard-gassed the others by cooking a pepper-heavy chicken in a pan without oil. Eating Paula Deen's food on a regular basis would lead to arteries clogged with lard and butter coming out of one's pores.
It's not uncommon for the judges on Chopped to refuse to taste a dish for sanitation reasons. In one episode, of three Cornish hen-based meals, only one was tasted (one was undercooked, and one was sliced on a contaminated cutting board). Locked in a Room: The Network loves throwing judge Kerry Vincent and competitor Stevie Famulari together on Food Network Challenge, in spite of (or more likely because of) the fact that the two are oil and water, with one being a hidebound traditionalist and the other a postmodern iconoclast. The network even invited Stevie to compete in the challenge of making Kerry a birthday cake, which ended with Stevie memorably (though accidentally) lighting the cake on fire.
Subverted in that despite several extended and often heated conversations, each still has little apparent appreciation for the other's point of view.

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