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Can you command a crowd and make them laugh, and have everyone eating out of the palm of your hand? As a food tour guide, you will be escorting our clients to the best local eateries in Austin with VIP service from restaurant to restaurant, share the Austin culture and vibe that make Austin so special!
As a food tour guide, you are given the opportunity to improve your presentation skills, build strong relationships with restaurant management, learn culinary techniques and bond with our clientele. Filed Under: Austin Food Tasting Tours, Austin Food Tours, Food Tours of Austin Tagged With: Austin Food Tours, Food Tour Guides, HiringAugust 13, 2015 By foodietours Why Go On a Food Tour? With the interest in flavorful, unique foods as the new rage and the integration of new, upcoming restaurants on the rise, the best and sometimes only way to experience it all is to go on a food tour!A  Food tourism is a relatively new industry that takes tourists around to 5 or more local venues where they get to sample some of the best of that particular citya€™s favorite eateries. Coupled with the fantastic food and creations from top local chefs, the tourists also get to have a taste of that citya€™s historical highlights and cultural spotlights.A  Thus, a dynamic food tour guide is essential to making a food tour even more fun and fulfilling than the sampling of great food entrees from around the city.
Discovering the unique combination of spices, oils and local produce or proteins makes all the difference in the delivery and delightfulness of the experience.A  This precise, perfected combination of choice ingredients not only captures the true essence of local, national or cultural cuisine, it also can create completely new combinations known as fusion cuisine.
Equally, presentation in a food tour makes for memorable dining moments that can draw tourists in as well as keep the locals coming back for more.A  Thus, food tourism creates demand by alluring tourists to try and experience new local eateries but also, this demand inspires design and ARTchitecture. In this regard, food tourism can place well-favored local eateries on the proverbial map.A  They can become renowned for their food, their ambiance and also for their aesthetics. Meet and Greet Meetup with The Food Tasting Network Austin Food Tours and BOCA FOOD TRUCK Court Experience Six Awesome Austin Food Trucks and Free Sangria Red Wine! If you’ve passed any of the above, chances are… you’re a foodie!   Come join the Food Tasting Network on our next food tasting tour prepared especially for the foodie in you! The world watches and waits as the newest bands, hottest film fads and latest technological trends begin to quake outwardly in all directions, like an epicenter of creative force changing the world in its wake.   We are awed and humbled by the ensemble of talent present at SXSW, 2015, featuring an entire line up of artists, actors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who made their debut and performed at their finest.

This quest for the best in all things food, fun and festivity has also made way for food truck utopia! As if the choice of food itself were not enough, there are the venues to consider…   Austin restaurants are an eclectic blend of artistic decor, country cool and outdoor ambiance set typically to the mood of… you guessed it – music!
Adding a fourth dimension to the SXSW realm would be beneficial to Austin on so many levels. Austin, make way for the new SXSW – Film, Music, Interactive and FOOD Festival!   The Food Tasting Network is a proud proponent of this new direction and welcomes others to help prepare the way for the fabulous food and fun that is certain to come!
This gives us great pleasure to announce that we are looking to hire food tour guides to CREATE an amazing team at the Food Tasting Network Austin Food Tours! We are looking for individuals to lead our tours who have an outgoing, friendly personality and love to meet new people from Austin, TX and around the world. A If you are a person that loves challenges and can work independently and solve problems on your own, this could be the opportunity that you are looking for. You will be connecting with the restaurant management to make sure they introduce themselves and share with our clients their intriguing stories as the clients partake in tastings of the chosen signature dishes. A This is where the distinctive tastes of certain nations are combined with the colorful flavors of other nations to create something entirely new and deliciously unique. A With the challenge to be different and unique with their food offerings, comes the desire to be daring and different with their appearance as well.A  Restaurants often bring in top, local architects to deliver an element of design to their establishment that truly makes them stand out. Food tours are beneficial to everyone involved a€“ the tourists for having the opportunity to try new and interesting local eateries; the restaurants for the recognition and admiration of their foodie fans and of course, the tour companies hosting the tours.A  The question then remains, why NOT go on a food tour? Like a viral hit, Austin continues to rise to the top of the charts as a favorite food destination for food enthusiasts everywhere.

It would introduce Austin’s fine array of restaurants to the tourists from around the world visiting SXSW for the other aspects of the festival. Whether its poignant, topical or just plain fun, we thought it would be cool to keep track of The Sign. We are looking for that special someone who loves hospitality and customer service with a SMILE a€“ and well, of course, FOOD.
A Other attributes are that you are reliable, responsible, have a demonstrated record of managing a flexible schedule and most importantly, be on time. The Mountaineers first trip to Austin as members of the Big 12 with some help from John Denver. A Your tact and think-on-your-feet mentality will WOW our customers and ensure that they feel cared for and valued. Also, the revenue brought in just for the Food portion of SXSW would benefit Austin on unprecedented levels since food tourism and food traveling is as much a part of the tourism industry as are historical places of interest. They should also be able to stand for long periods of time, walk distances and hills easily.
This job is perfect for someone who has a flexible job looking for a fun way to make some extra money, A preferably someone with music entertainment experience like a singer who can play the guitar.

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