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The Canadian Food Network has announced the release of a free iPhone and iPod touch recipe application.
Features of the iOS app include access to thousands of recipes, videos of cooking tips and techniques and the ability to create grocery lists that can be checked off as you find the items in the store. The app can also log in to Food Network web accounts where users can access their previously saved favourite recipes in order to build their customized grocery lists. What do you get when you combine 1400 cupcakes, delicious recipes, a team of talented folks, a week of photography, 50 lbs of butter and sugar and plenty of code and technology?
Now that the app is out it’s such a delight to sit back and scroll through the recipes and watch the videos, but there was quite a bit of work that goes into making an application of this magnitude. Adam works on another animation, this time featuring candy bees and a hive made out of cupcakes. For a week the studio became a fine-tuned cupcake factory (we even installed a 3rd oven!), and batches of cupcake cooled throughout the studio.

You know you’re fancy when you’re building custom-made props and boxes for cupcakes, right? Filed Under: Behind The Scenes, Cooking Channel, Photography, Recipes Tagged With: Cupcakes! I love how you can create such beautiful photos with so much light, texture, and great energy! I love that they got custom-made prop boxes and that you have an Armando who can fly in and save the day.
Lots of meetings, plenty of discussions, and that’s just before we even set foot into the studio to begin the main photography.
The application not only contains recipes but tips and tricks about frosting as well as having the right gear on hand to create many of the cupcakes. The Food Network knows how to pick great, talented people and you and Adam are top of the list!!

This app for the iPad contains more than 100 cupcake and frosting recipes, and if I was a glutton I’d tell you I actually tasted most of them.
Once we were in our groove it became a wonderful yet serious endeavor, with dozens of cupcakes baked, frosted and decorated, sets constructed, frames animated, images approved, and so on.
She doesn’t even slap me when I print out photos of her from facebook and stick them to the kitchen ceiling. A very special thanks to the design team for making such a beautiful and intuitive application, it’s an honor to be involved!
But there is something fun about being up to your eyeballs in cupcakes, even if the powers-that-be kept their eyes on you so that you wouldn’t eat them.

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