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A trip though the local grocery store easily demonstrates the many attributes of plastic thermoformed packaging for food display, protection, and preparation. This multitude of thermoformed food packaging is produced on Brown Machine's continuous thermoforming machines, trim presses and tooling in arrays available up to 64a€? x 64a€? from polypropylene, APET, RPET, OPS, PLA, HIPS, CPET, polystyrene foam, multi-layer barrier, and other specialty materials.
Food business unit supplies various salt and salt products to all types of food processing companies. We exclusively distribute  rock salt of Ukrainian largest salt mine SE Artyomsol in Baltics and Kaliningrad area. A wide range of products, from sugar to preservatives, enable us to supply products to all food sectors. Broad package of food ingredients, starting from spice mixes, stabilizers, fruit preparations, allows us to offer the best solution for a huge range of food applications.

Our team supports Customers with technical assistance choosing the right ingredient in food formulations, as well creating new recipes. 16 of our companies in Eastern Europe are valued for a fair approach to partnership and a unique corporate culture. The company provides accounting, financial, IT, legal, transport and other business management services. Beginning in the bakery, a variety of thermoformed containers are utilized for cakes, muffins and cookies.
We are the most diversified company In the Baltic countries specialized in supply of raw materials. The deli area provides ready-to-eat salads, meat and cheese spreads, rotisserie chickens, pre-packaged lunchmeats, take-out containers, and sandwich wedges.

Over in the meat section youa€™ll find both foam and rigid atmospheric packaging for the various cuts of steaks, ground beef, and in the dairy, both thermoformed egg cartons and yogurt containers. The fresh food section displays berries, tomatoes, lettuce and grapes in rigid, clear thermoformed containers so shoppers can see the freshness. And a variety of shelf-stable, oven ready and microwaveable choices are in thermoformed packages. By the time you reach the specialty and gourmet section you will see virtually every shape and size of thermoformed package design one could imagine; and this is only a sample of thermoformed products for food packaging.

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