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Demand for electricity in developing countries is on the rise, but without a reliable electric grid or even access to power, other solutions have to be developed.
GRAFT Architects designed the autonomous business units using a kit that can be customized according to an area’s needs. Kushi Q welcomes business partners who are dynamic, aggressive, and have passion in food & beverage industry to join our family.
Kushi Q requires its business partners to be actively involved in the business, preferably on a full-time, hands-on basis.  The business partner is required to complete an extensive, multi-week training program prior to commencement of the business. The ability to perform recruitment, training, motivation and implementation of standard operating procedures effectively.
The ability to control food quality and customer service in line for highest customer satisfaction.
One or more business partners are allowed to start and involve in the business operation together.  To ensure long-term business continuity and avoid unnecessary conflicts due to ambiguity partnership, Kushi Q strongly recommends the joint partnership establishes clear duties and responsibility, business organization structure and authority level in the form of writing. Business partner will be granted a limited protective territory that comprises primary sources of customer in the selected location. Intensive guidance will be given to business partner on location selection prior to the confirmation of location.  Thereafter the design and renovation will be advised by Kushi Q based on the characteristics of the location and traffic flow. Two weeks before the commencement of business, Kushi Q will provide onsite supervisor to guide the prior opening preparation and setting up.  In addition, advertising and promotion materials like bunting, leaflets, banner, emails, newsletter, online promotion and etc, will be progressively launch in line with the business operation.
Actual profits will be affected by various variables factors including location, the business partner’s ability to control operating cost and achieve customer satisfaction, financing, rental, wastage and others. New potential partners are encouraged to view the performance of our existing business partners.
Please send us your personal profile with the information related to above mentioned requirement.  And also tell us your target location and relevant information (if there is any) and we will contact you for an initial discussion and outline the next process steps. Of all the five senses, the sense of taste has a distinguished value because it is the sense with which we enjoy food regardless if it is traditional or just your normal fast food fare.
Food cart is a mobile kitchen usually set-up on the streets, malls, schools and offices that basically aims to address customers’ food needs much like regular fast food restaurants.
Looking upon the market trends and greater revenue prospect, the franchising business is thriving in the Philippines as well. People love to eat food that is easily available and particularly ones that are available at cheap prices. It is a fact that the food cart business is becoming more popular among the entrepreneur of Philippines because it is easily manageable, requires a small capital, is easy to set up and has a low risk of business failure. Congratulations to the Winner of the 2010 Manila Reviews and Manila Fitness promoPraying to be healed? She graduated MA in Communications Major in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific.
Topped with photovoltaic panels, the lightweight modular unit sells a variety of goods to local villagers, provides power for battery charging, and stays open with the lights on at night.

Luckily, developing countries can now leapfrog the traditional grid and head straight for off-grid renewable power solutions like the SOLARKIOSK. Different sized units provide for different business or power needs and modules can be grouped together to create even larger systems. The Philippines is considered to be the franchising hub of Asia where franchising business has made remarkable growth in the past few decades in sectors; including retail clothing, education and training, hospitality and wellness, personal care, cafes, confectioneries and bakeshops, and food carts. All you have to do is to make your food cart look good enough to attract people towards it and assemble it at a location where you can target more and more customers. After you start getting profit you can invest on another food cart and hire more personnel to get the job done for you or you can sell them to others. Here are the best kiosk business ideas that are popular in today's market.slide 1 of 4What Is a Kiosk?Small retail booth businesses in big box chain stores or shopping malls, also known as kiosks, sell all types of products and services. The first one to be up and running is located in Ethiopia, and it provides solar battery charging and a variety of goods.
The solar panels will be manufactured centrally to control quality, but the modules themselves can be fabricated locally using materials akin to the region. Carts and kiosks are perfect for startup companies looking to introduce a small enterprise that is just getting started.A mall kiosk or cart is a good way to test-run a product before opening an actual retail store. You should choose a location where most of the population is likely to pass by and they can easily see what you are selling.
In this way people may enter into a large business, though they started from a small investment.
These modular, off-grid buildings will help developing countries leapfrog over traditional electric grids towards renewable energy generation and along the way help grow the local economy through sustainable businesses.
The lights come on at dusk and provide safe and sustainable lighting during the night for business, reading and other activities. After fabrication, the parts are flat-packed and shipped by whatever means is available — truck or even a donkey and a cart.
This can help you determine the market viability of your new offering and develop new business strategies. The reason behind popularity of franchise food cart is simple: it needs a small capital, easy to set up, movable and less risky in context of business loss. According to Patricia Norins, a specialty retail publisher and entrepreneur for over 15 years, the investment for starting a kiosk business ranges from $2,000 to $ 10,000.
Other kiosks have been deployed and are expected to be up and running soon in other off-grid locations.
The difference between food trucks and food carts is that they are fixed and unlike food trucks, food carts needs to be moved by some means. It's important to remember that kiosk operators need prior big box store or shopping mall permission before setup. Each kiosk will be staffed with local residents after proper training on how to run the solar systems and run a sustainable business.

Pre-packed items, beverages, desserts, and fruits are just some of the food items you can offer. A food cart business has a greater chance of success because you offer cheap prices making it affordable for a large range of customers.
The kiosk owner must abide by certain business regulations including hours of operation, products sold, and displays that must be approved by the big box chain or shopping mall. Homemade goods and food items such as cookies, jams, and cakes also make excellent kiosk products. Today most of the fast foods chains offer food cart franchise opportunities at very low prices including the cart, the product, uniform and training of the crew.
Byte Power Group suggests trying an e-kiosk designed with external advertising panels to make the food stall more attractive.Clothing ItemsT-shirts, scarves, belts, wristwatches, and accessories are excellent choices for products you can sell in a mall kiosk. Availing franchise opportunities may be considered better than opting to sell your own product because you don’t need to introduce your product to the customers or even market to new customers.
You even put up your own t-shirt designing business or start your own clothing line, before finally making a larger investment in a traditional clothing store.Magazines and NewspapersComics, magazines, and newspapers are also ideal kiosk products. It is perfect for publishing companies that want to have their own magazine store or retail outlet. Kiosks take up less space than traditional comics or magazine stores, so you can save more money on rent and construction costs. You can also sell specialized magazines or comics that cater to a specific audience.If you’re looking to start a business with less risk, carts and kiosks are a good way to go. The upfront investment for these temporary spaces is much more affordable than that of a traditional retail shop. You can sell a variety of products where customers can pay through cash or a credit or debit card. Electronic kiosk vending machines attract customers because of their modern design and functionality. They can configure the kiosk according to your desired market solutions such as ticketing, gaming, photo kiosk, health care, check-in, retail, and government solutions.
They also customize the kiosk design and allow you to choose the materials to use for your electronic kiosk vending machine. If you think this is the right business for you, why not choose one of these kiosk business ideas and get started today.

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