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August 19, 2011 by Momstart 37 Comments We’re getting ready for the exciting return of Lion King to the big screen in 3D.
And just in case you have the appetite of a wild hog, you’ll need one more recipe, so be sure and try the Pumbaa & Timon’s Bug Buffet Recipe. We had to eat a lot of soup and tomato sauce to collect enough cans for Nala’s Log Drum but we did make one. Fitness Friday: The 50th Annual Seaside Beach Run 5kThe last few weeks have been absolutely wild! Since 2000, Fast Food Source has been the premier independent site dedicated to fast food lovers, offering fast food restaurant menus, and nutrition information, as well as fast food blogs, articles, forums, and fast food industry news.

To prepare we’re having a Family Pride Party, but we’re still not quite ready as it’s taking some time for us to collect supplies. Just in case you might be interested in hosting a Family Pride Party for Lion King 3D, I’m going to share all the tools you need to throw your own Family Pride Party.
We received supplies needed to create crafts and will be sharing our final results as we have our own party.
We offer fast food location information for over 50 cities and more than 80 fast food chains.
So we need, paper towel rolls, empty clean milk carton jugs, clean empty canned foods, and jars.

Now the Lion King Masks are what we’re all really excited about and what I needed the milk jugs for. As we eat certain foods I’ve been having to make sure the containers don’t go directly into the recycling bin as they usually do. Yes, a milk jug was recycled and that put me a little bit behind because I need enough for two of everything right?

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