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FOOD INDUSTRY MAKASSAR EXPO 20126 - 9 September 2012The internasional trade exhibition for food industries, Hospitality, Products, Equipment and Technologies. Food Industry Makassar Expo will be a fabulous show, where the exhibitors will impart a lot of knowledge to the visitors about the food and hospitality industries and the products, equipments and technologies related to the industries. The exhibits of the show will include cake ingredients, baking mixes, supplies and flours, beans, grains and rice, bread and baked goods, candy and individual snacks, carbonated beverages, cheese and cheese alternatives, chips, pretzels and snacks, cold cereals, condiments, coffee, coffee substitutes and cocoa, spreads, crackers and crisp breads, eggs, energy bars, entrees and mixes, frozen and refrigerated meat, poultry and seafood, frozen appetizers and snacks, frozen breakfast foods, frozen desserts, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen juices and beverages, frozen lunch and dinner entrees, dressings and marinades, conserves, jams, hot cereals, milk, nut and seed butters, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and trail mixes, oils and vinegars, other dairy and alternatives, pickles, peppers, olives and other vegetables, products including gourmet and ethnic items, pudding and shelf stable desserts, ready to drink tea and coffee, refrigerated condiments, refrigerated juices and functional beverages, refrigerated pasta, refrigerated pasta and pizza sauce, refrigerated salsas and dips, shelf stable meat, poultry and seafood, shelf stable pasta, shelf stable pasta and pizza sauce, shelf stable salsas and dips, soup, sweeteners, teas, water, yogurt and kefir. Food Industry Makassar Expo will be an amazing show, which will be held over a period of four days.
Pecah seribu adalah ciri khas Baruasa (kue tradisional Bugis Makassar) yang kami pertahankan dari yang terdahulu, kue ini dengan latar belakang masa lalu (tradisional Bugis Makassar) dengan Home industry beratribut Panorama Food tak dapat dipandang sebelah mata. Jika anda memiliki darah keturunan bugis Makassar, maka kue yang satu ini pasti tidak asing lagi ditelinga anda, eh…. Kepala Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata (Disbudpar) Kota Makassar, ungkapnya "Seperti Black Canyon, kalau pelanggan pesan kopi atau teh, biasanya disertai kue atau biskuit.
Kebutuhan masyarakat terhadap kue tradisional masih menjadi minat, juga pada masyarakat menengah ke atas. Kripik Wijen Khas Bugis Makassar Diolah dengan bahan berkualitas dengan resep tradisional. Bagi banyak orang, kebudayaan adalah sikap, kostum dan kadang perayaan pada penanggalan tertentu. Memproduksi kue tradisional Bugis Makassar yang diolah dari bahan baku pilihan dengan resep asli tradisional tanpa bahan pengawet.

Tersedia dalam kemasan Dos dan Toples, dengan tidak meninggalkan kesan corak budaya Bugis Makassar . Chance to meet, greet and collaborate with key figures in agricultural industry of Southeast Asia region.
Expand your knowledge with latest innovation to break through your limit in current production quantity with strong increase in quality to meet international standard.
Myfunfoodiary as Indonesian Food and Travel Blog was born in July 2012 and has become one of the valuable online source for locals, tourists, food enthusiasts and industry professionals. The Indonesian event will provide the opportunity to the visitors to buy the various food products such as baked goods, cold cereals etc. Butik kue tradisional yang berdiri sejak Tahun 2002, cukup berkembang dengan target high-end customers, sebuah layanan produksi kue khas yang telah telah turun-temurun diolah oleh tenaga professional.
Nah, ke depan kita akan kerja sama dengan PHRI agar kue itu diganti dengan kue khas Bugis Makassar. Peminat penganan Kuliner Makassar ini, dapat menemukan hal tersebut, bahkan dilokasi strategis di kawasan bisnis :kedai, toko, minimarket ke supermarket. It is a Jakarta based Food and Travel Blog managed by Mullie Marlina, a young, lovely, cheerful and blessed wife who loves to share her culinary and travel experiences through her writing.
The visitors of the show will be able to take part in the promotion process of the products, conducted by the exhibitors of the show. The fair, which will develop the business of the exhibitors, will be organized by PT Berkania Promosindo.

Keberadaan kue ini selalu dirindukan karena aroma, warna, tekstur dan rasanya yang khas, khas kacang hijau.
Experience the most comprehensive platform with networking opportunities for various industry players from across the globe. This event is the right place to discover the industry’s potential. You’ll find her honest reviews, valuable suggestions, objective ratings and recommendation of eateries in Jakarta and selected cities in Indonesia and abroad. Her curated restaurant reviews are based on her meticulous inquiries and her rich dining experience in various restaurants in Jakarta. She has also traveled to different cities and countries where she finds interesting and inspiring dishes, cuisines and excellent dining ambience which she also included in the list.
From recommendations, restaurant experiences, events, travel destinations, and recipes, readers will find anything food related in this website.
She would really appreciate your feedback, and would love to hear about any suggestions, events regarding food, or just to drop in to say "Hi". Kue putu kacang hijau merupakan kue tradisional yang menyehatkan, disamping memiliki kandungan energy yang tinggi juga kandungan protein yang cukup baik. Kandungan protein diperoleh dari bahan baku utama kue tersebut yaitu kacang hijau.Buat anda yang memiliki riwayat penyakit Diabetes Mellitus, sebaknya menghindari atau membatasi mengonsumsi kue ini, karena kandungan gula pasir yang cukup tinggi.

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