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If you have seen the movie (trailer below), you will know that while the movie lifts the veil on certain aspects of the food industry that have been hidden away from the public (cloned meats, genetically modified soy beans and the over-subsidization of corn to name just a few), the broader message is more about the right to know what is in the food we eat.
When Kenner chose food as a subject to examine more than six years ago, he did not realize that he was heading directly into a tornado.  Kenner was not fully aware of the momentum that the movement away from processed food had already gathered, and Food Inc. In this day in age, we are fortunate enough to not only have people like Rob Kenner who shed light on hidden wrongdoings, but we have the Internet.  A place that allows us access to virtually any source of information we choose.
The year 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Bryn Athyn as a borough in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Explore the Hungry For Change Cafeteria and learn what schools are actually serving for lunch. Listen to Alyssa Milano on how to prevent foodborne illnesses and Martin Sheen on farm worker rights. So if we cannot trust the FDA, who cam we trust?  Kenner recommends Slow Food, Food & Water Watch, Grist and Food Democracy Now.
Celebrity moms, like Kelly Preston, tell you how we can help our kids eat healthier in school.

And… he is a good alumnus!  Kenner spoke to over 100 people on October 6th at the Solebury School, and stuck around to also speak in classes.

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