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Certain fast food chain fries, such as McDonald's, are riddled with preservatives to prevent any sort of bacterial or mold growth. In a study it was found the average fast food consumer ingests around 12 pubic hairs a year. Cheese products labeled as processed are actually loaded with additives, chemicals and flavoring that make up 49 percent of the product. The milkshakes from these fast food restaurants contain more chemicals than your conventional fertilizer. The McRib, for instance, is a restructured meat product containing pig innards, tripe, heart, scalded stomach and a whole lot of salt. Ipoh Parade, one of Ipoh’s largest shopping mall destinations, has been undergoing a series of renovations lately, and we are pleased to reveal that one of its recently completed phases has been its brand new, swanky food court. The concept of Next Food Avenue is not quite your typical food court layout where all the stalls occupy the periphery with tables and chairs set up in the centre for patrons. The overall quality and taste of both the pork-free and non-halal options are fair, but what stands out most is that you will be spoilt for choice with the sheer variety of options available. Mee Bakso (RM4), an Indonesian beef noodle soup which comes with beef balls and beef patties or beef balls and slivers of beef.
There are numerous rice dishes starting with the usual chicken rice from the ‘Nasi Ayam’ stall and also Nasi Ayam Percik (RM5.80) from ‘Ayam Percik’. The Rendang from ‘Rendang Tok Mak Nik’ is a must-try and the Asam Laksa Taiping from ‘Taiping Delicious’.
You can find a variety of Ipoh’s famous dishes here such as chicken beansprouts noodle, roast duck, chicken or pork rice, popiah, chee cheong fun, yeong tau foo, and more.  There are also other specialty dishes such as Hakka cuisine, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese fare, and fusion food.
It would be remiss of us not to recommend the Ipoh White Coffee (hot RM2 and cold RM2.50) – aromatic and not too sweet – a must-try. Share1.1K TweetPakistani food in general is a very chaskaydaar cuisine but there are some things that are universally acclaimed and eaten in copious amounts.
These deliciously crispy triangles filled with tantalizing treats like spicy potatoes, tangy chicken or karara qeema make them the perfect food for a quick bite, dipped in chutney and eaten straight out of the frying pan. Next time you need something to munch on mindlessly, just don’t bother with anything other than some nimko because it is yet another Pakistani food you cannot resist once you start chomping on some. These fried puffed globes are the best food to eat when you want something that isn’t too heavy on your stomach (or your pocket). MangoBaaz is an online information and entertainment company that generates original and engaging content for the digital generation of Pakistan.

Okay, this one is admittedly not a 1:1 replacement but try swapping out sour cream with Greek yogurt. I have to admit I love that little crunch in my salad-but now I get it from almonds, the super-powered weight burning cousins of croutons. Sugar is one of the banes of any dieter- and I’m no stranger to its allures (especially late at night. Continuing on the theme of coconuts being some sort of mystical superfood, get rid of your gatorade and get in with the coconut water. I do love milk, don’t love the sugar in it- but that’s okay because almond milk exists! While we’re talking about almonds… how about giving them a shot in your sandwiches too? While I do love the crunch of potato chips, popcorn has a pretty similar mouthfeel while having way less saturated fat and almost a third of the calories.
And there you have it- some food replacement hacks that require you to do literally nothing except buy something different at the store next time you go. In fact 55 percent of the chicken is fat; the rest is feathers, skin and corn with chemicals, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and petroleum.
Named the Next Food Avenue, this food destination is apparently the first in the country that has two separate food courts side by side, one with pork-free selections, while the other, non-halal dishes. Here at Next Food Avenue, you will need to walk through the food court to view all the mouth-watering options as there are more stalls to be discovered around the back, smelling and looking better than the earlier dishes!
Plus dishes are very affordably priced as the ambience and cleanliness of Next Food Avenue is a class above other local food courts. From soup noodles to baked cheese rice, western snack food, nasi ayam and ayam percik, rojak and traditional fare like laksa, rendang and Chinese popiah made in different ways and chee cheong fun, one is spoilt for choice. This ‘Selera Sutera Thai’ also has Nasi Goreng Thai (RM5.80) with lovely crispy ikan bilis on the side. Additional fried yeong tau fu (from Ipoh’s famous ‘Big Tree foot’ at Jalan King) at 80 sen per piece.
As soon as the first droplet of rain hits the ground, every Pakistani taste bud starts screaming for these fried fritters accompanied by our national drink – chai.
It can be sweet, like fruit chaat or it can be savory like the many, many different chaats available at every roadside stall or high end chaat shop. Also, possibly the most commonly found item in lunch boxes all across the country, a shami kebab can be eaten with a paratha as a breakfast item, with biryani or pullao for lunch or dinner or just on its own because it is that quick to make and filling.

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Turns out you don’t really have to change your recipes to eat healthier- you just have to make some food substitutions! Greek yogurt is not only crazy delicious but also far healthier than sour cream- sour cream has 200% more calories and 400% less protein! Almonds have that delicious, satisfying crunch of croutons while also having more protein, more fiber, and 33% of the calories!
Coconut flour has fewer carbs than its grain-based counterpart and also has a whopping 9x more fiber, making it a no-brainer substitute (besides being, of course, delicious). Coconut water has half the sugar of your typical sports drink but almost 10x the potassium, making it a fantastically healthy alternative!
Almond milk tastes great but has way less sugar than regular milk, making it ideal for eating healthier. Almond butter tastes great without all the hydrogenated vegetable oils and added sugars you typically find in processed peanut butter. I admit some of these are not 1:1 replacements taste-wise (I am particularly attached to regular milk, the only thing on this list I really miss) but for the most part these hacks will help you eat healthier and lose inches without having to do anything different! The Next Avenue group, which runs a few food courts of the same concept in the Klang Valley, has successfully sourced about 30 of Ipoh’s famous foods, placing them all under one roof. It is self-service, so you will need to pay for your food at the stall and bring the dishes yourself to your table. All those people who talk about how easy it is to eat healthy and how they don’t even think about it anymore totally blow my mind- I have tried to eat healthier for years with mild success.
Currently featuring 18 stalls in the non-halal, and 12 in the pork-free section, the manager tells us there will be more opening up in the near future. The familiar Sizzling Mee from the old food court sells for RM5.50 plus 50 sen extra with an egg. Healthier ingredients = healthier eating, and all you do is swap one ingredient for the other! Enter coconut oil: it’s got all that tastiness but way more medium-chain triglycerides, which have been shown to help aid weight loss!

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