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Soya beans and soya-based products like tofu, miso and tempeh are becoming ever more popular. Good hygiene, careful storage and food preparation are essential components of healthy eating.
At the supermarket, frozen products should be the last thing to go in your shopping trolley.
CIEH is the most recognisable and respected Awarding Body for Food Safety and Hygiene in the UK and Europe.
Online Food Safety Course is accredited by an Awarding Body at the pinnacle of Food Safety and Hygiene. End tests for the CIEH courses consist of 20 questions for Level 1, of which 15 must be answered correctly, and 30 questions for Level 2 courses, of which 23 must be answered correctly. The questions are marked instantly and the CIEH Certificate of Completion for successful candidates can be printed directly from the learners PC. The CIEH Certificate of Completion is sufficient to fulfil the inspection requirements for any Environmental Health Officer and to prove, if required, that this training has been carried out correctly and to the correct standards. We are often asked questions about food hygiene and food safety law, so we have put together some of the more commonly asked questions below. What should I do if I find something in my food (a foreign object) that shouldn’t be there? Trading Standards officers and Environmental officers deal with offences where the food is not of the nature, substance and quality demanded by the purchaser. Registration will allow local authorities to keep an up-to-date record of all those businesses in their area so they can visit them when required. In most cases the complaint can be dealt with by returning the food to the store it was purchased in.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here why not send us an email via our contact page, we will try and find out the answer and get back to you.
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The Safer Food Handlers' Food Hygiene Certificate is an Accredited Level 2 Course with a Qualifi Accredited Certificate. We think our food hygiene course (previously known as basic food hygiene) is easier, more effective, and better put together than previous courses offered. If you wish to try this course then register for a demo by clicking the 'interactive demo' button. All food handlers in the catering sector can satisfy their legal requirement by taking this e-learning course. The Level 3 Supervising Food Safety Course is designed for supervisors and food managers who require a broader understanding of food safety control in the catering sector. Best of all is to take a coolbag with you and pack the frozen stuff in it as soon as you’re past the checkout.
In commercial food processing plants, preparation areas are divided into ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ zones.
This means that you can now get a CIEH Food Safety Certificate Online over the intenet, reducing the cost and time associated with conventional classroom training. In addition to this, a copy of the certificate is also emailed to a specified email address just in case you are taking the course on a computer where you don't have access to a printer. Section 8 of the Food Safety Act 1990 states that it is an offence to sell any food that does not comply with food safety requirements. Best before dates often apply to longer shelf life foods and usually relate to the quality of the food rather than the safety.

It is not an offence to do so but it would be if the food had deteriorated to such a point that it was unsafe to eat.
If you have found something in your food that shouldn’t be there keep all the packaging and ideally the receipt. Sometimes the complaint may need further investigation and you may have to bring the object of your complaint, food packaging and the receipt. You will be given the option to purchase and continue with your course at the end of your demo! The course gives learners a basic awareness of good hygiene and safety issues and meets food industry recommendations, with reference to employees preparing, cooking and handling food in catering settings. It is common practice to destroy food beyond its best before date because the food will have reduced in quality.
You will have to register the premises used for the food business whether it is a building, market stalls or a moveable structure (delivery vehicle). If clothing like gloves, aprons or hairnets are not worn it may not be an offence because this depends on the specific circumstances. If you have purchased food that has been contaminated with either of these then contact your local council.
When the weather is warm, it’s advisable to transport fresh meat and fish in a coolbag anyway.
So you’ll separate ‘unclean’ areas, like potato storage, beverage crates and the egg rack in your fridge (because of the salmonella risk) from the ‘clean’ areas where you make salads or prepare raw fish and meat.

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