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UC researchers studied farm-to-hospital initiatives in the Bay Area, and they found a growing movement to put locally produced food on patient trays and cafeteria menus. One example of a "farm-to-hospital" initiative is the John Muir Health System facilities in the East Bay, where executive chef Alison Negrin (formerly chef at some of the Bay Area's best known restaurants, including Chez Panisse) has replaced all frozen vegetables with fresh produce, most of which is grown within 150 miles of the hospital. July 7, 2010 by Grace 17 Comments Believe it or not, this had been part of the hospital food I had while confined.
Who would’ve thought bolognese pasta, pizza and cake would be served in the hospital!? Not too appetizing for me but not bad at all – just surprising because who would have thought pizzas and cakes would be served in hospital trays! When my dad was in the hospital I went down to the cafeteria and everything LOOKED good, but tasted like… crap!
It was better than I expected but alas without any appetite, I only had the soup, water and the vegetables. Hello, my name is Grace and I’m a 30-something expat mom living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Hospitals should be the gold standard of healthy eating, advocates say, since patients go there to get better, and eating well is a crucial part of wellness.

Some hospitals throughout the country are starting to change, with tailor-made patient menus that use locally grown food and focus on fruits and veggies. “More than ever, patients are making the connection between chronic conditions and diet,” says Susan Levin, a registered dietitian with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
No more slimy Jello cups and tasteless mashed potatoes: The Partnership For A Healthy America announced today that over 400 hospitals in the US are joining with them to provide better, healthier food to hospitals. Hospitals which use Morrison Healthcare Food Services are asked to change the food in their facilities in several ways, including removing all fryers and deep-fried products, offer only healthy foods near cash registers (no candy bars, for example), and offer a daily lower-calorie meal on the menu for patients and in the cafeteria. This means that hospital fare will hopefully be changing from the colorless, lifeless options pictures above into something that sick or hurt people will actually want to eat. I can’t think of any other institutions that would benefit more from a nutrition makeover than hospitals. New Study Says Hospitals Are Really REALLY Overcharging UsHospital Workers Fired For Refusing Flu Shots: Agree Or Disagree?
They say that buying from local farmers and ranchers is part of a trend toward better quality and flavor in hospital meals, both to satisfy consumer demand and to address concerns about dietary contributions to chronic disease. I had to blink to check if I wasn’t dreaming when I woke up and saw this tray of food for dinner on my bedside.
At least they still make you feel better through the food they serve even if they have to consider the diet your doctor assigned you to have. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, is currently the honorary chairwoman of the PHA, and this news comes on the heels of another new partnership aimed to promote healthier diets for Americans (that one involving the First Lady, Pinterest and several media companies).

Those meals must be priced less than or equal to other meals, and meet certain nutritional standards. Hospitals should be leading the charge to improve nutrition standards for patients, staff and family members and the public that they serve. Think chocolate cake made with black beans, flatbread pizzas, baked chicken and frozen yogurt shaped like a heart. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Some hospitals have already adopted the new guidelines and have eliminated sugary drinks and are offering more fresh fruits and vegetables to their patients, staff, and patrons. Hopefully this means that doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and laypeople are all starting to finally understand the connection between good, nutritious food and good health. It doesn’t hurt to have a government initiative to help push these kinds of changes into action, but I hope that this change will usher in even more in terms of what hospitals serve their patients.

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