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No matter what your dietary restrictions or preferences it’s crucial that you have a balanced healthy diet. The eatwell plate, by the Foods Standards Agency, is a simple guide to a balanced healthy diet and it shows the types and proportions of the 5 food groups that make up a balanced healthy diet. Calcium is the key nutrient provided by this food group and it is vital that we get plenty of this nutrient to keep our bones strong (see Article: bone health and dairy free). We only need a very limited amount of this food group for health but for most of us it is an important food group for our enjoyment of food! Living with food intolerance’s is a challenge in itself, so if you need more help and tips ensuring you are  getting a balanced healthy diet, get in touch. To make this lesson a playable game I decided to incorporate the game mechanics of the Chuck E. I drew up a mock version of the game and asked my girlfriend Tricia for feedback.  She thought it was a great idea. My first idea for the mechanics of the game was to have students identify which food groups a meal belonged to and throw one ball into each food group hole.  Prof. This entry was posted in Playable Lesson Plan and tagged 5 Food Groups, Nutrition Playable Lesson by ezmike. Ok there troll, calm down it was just a first draft idea and it wasn’t the final product. Not all of these categories and examples will apply to every child’s preference and opinions. My nephew pretty much only likes gummies, veggie packs (at least those are healthy), grilled cheese sandwiches, and marshmallows.
I think there should be a goldfish food group as that would validate the volume of goldfish that my children consume.
I’m glad boogers were included, as it seems that is the only somewhat-nutritious my almost-2 year old has eaten this weekend. I have one of those strange kids that is not crazy about chocolate (evidenced by the fact that he would not eat a bite of the chocholate pudding I put his medicine in, only ate half his chocholate cake for his birthday and my other kids birthday, but faceplanted into the white cream cheese frosting of the carrot cake I gave him earlier this week (forget this fork stuff mommy…its slowing me down!). My oldest decided last week his lunch was yucky so he not only tossed it in the trash he tossed the tupperware it was packed in.

My son is currently surviving on sausage and biscuits, chips and an occasional serving of cereal. Because they are low in fat and calories, fruits and vegetables are a healthy snack between meals. Fats, oils and sweets provide hardly any nutrition for the body so we should eat very little from this food group. However, sometimes fruits and vegetables are classified as two separate groups, making six groups in total.
Cutting out multiple foods can really restrict the variety in your diet, which could result in nutrient deficiencies. Remind yourself of the basic principles of healthy eating to ensure that you get a balanced healthy diet. If you have a lactose intolerance so don’t tolerate dairy foods or choose not to eat them you will need to find suitable alternatives that still give you adequate amounts of calcium.
The unsaturated fats can actually help to lower blood cholesterol levels and are much healthier than the saturates. Students should understand that the foods they eat are made up of different proportions of nutrients. For example, some kids might consider M&Ms more properly placed in the Portable category rather than Chocolate. Lucas drinks superfood in the morning like a Buick drinks gas, but if he even sees the color green on his plate… bad news for business! No wonder I keep thinking about whether or not Luke Skywalker would wear orange converse if he had the choice. She likes to skoop some kibble fresh from our dogs food package (child proof lock my ass…) and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her snacks. They are both portable, yummy, and probably the only source of iron (yes they’re fortified) that they get. Tell me something: do you wake up in the middle of the night laughing uncontrollably as these come to you?
I even wouldn’t put it passed some adults I know not to occasionally indulge in Gross and Inedible.
If we have pizza, he’ll only eat the cheese, if I make him a sandwich, he takes it apart and eats the insides separately.

Food is the fuel for our body and we need the fuel for energy, to help our body grow and repair itself, and to keep warm.
A lot of food from the fats, sweets and oils food group, such as butter, margarine, gravy, salad dressing, sugar and jelly do not contain these things. Go for Whole grain & gluten free options wherever possible and get as much variety as you can. You should include something from this food group with at least two of your meals each day. Whether you choose soya, rice, oatly or nut milk look for one that is fortified with calcium (many of the organic versions are not enriched and are very poor calcium sources). Students will learn how to classify the foods they eat into the 5 food groups and break down foods into main ingredients. I would like to hope I can teach my son better habits than this but I know my son will probably follow this food guide pyramid whether I want him to or not.
Thankfully we are beyond the portable food group stage but mine would live in the chocolate group if allowed. Meat and fish are the best and most easily absorbed sources of protein and iron but go for lean cuts to keep the saturated fat intake down. I am planning on learning how to make cute Japanese style bento to make veggies look more attractive. Two important vitamins are Vitamin C, which we get from fruits such as oranges and Vitamin B, which we get from the meat and bread groups. Vegetarians and vegans must be especially careful to include suitable alternatives such as beans, pulses, nuts and tofu.

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