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The casing, including the transparent protective plastic covering, is shatterproof and very rugged. We found out that it did not just survive, it survived the whole ordeal without deformation or any scratch.
We use only lead-free, RoHS-compliant components ordered from reputable suppliers in MonoKey's electronic circut. We also use halide-free printed circuit boards with gold finishing (ENIG), lead-free solder to assemble the circuit, and RoHS compliant screws to assemble the casing. Our first choice was one of bio-based plastics, but we found out the hard way that they are not easy to obtain. We promptly black listed PVC because it is poisonous and largely not recycleable, and ABS because it is not transparent.
We crossed polystyrene from the list because it is brittle, poisonous, and not enviromentally friendly.
The most logical choice was polycarbonate, which is a tough, transparent engineering plastic.
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Summary:Email forward explains how to decode the triangular "chasing arrows" symbol on plastic containers (Full commentary below).
Did you ever drink from a plastic bottle and see a triangle symbol on the bottom with a number inside? Many plastic containers that we use every day, including soft drink and water bottles, food packaging and household chemical bottles include a number and letters contained within and beneath a triangle shaped "chasing arrows" symbol. The plastics coding system is a voluntary scheme initiated by the US Society of the Plastics Industry in 1988.
The code system was developed to meet recyclers' needs while providing manufacturers a consistent, uniform system that could apply nationwide.
While the information about the plastic coding system is true, other claims in the email are more debatable. More recently, Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic is raising health related concerns and generating heated debate among scientists and industry regulators.

While the potential health risks of using plastics is likely to remain the subject of heated debate, an understanding of the plastic coding system symbols can certainly help consumers become more aware of what sorts of plastics they are using in their everyday lives. There is a common misconception that all containers made of white plastic or HDPE plastic bearing recycle symbol 2 are food grade containers. This is not true. You can read more about these plastic types, including details about their temperature tolerances, on the food grade plastics article.
The #2 will also become brittle over time I believe the photo degredation is 6 to 9 months. I called the maker of Home Depot buckets -the name escapes me at the moment- and was specifically told they are not food grade.
So, for a buck or two, I simply use mylar bags in my orange HD buckets to remove all doubt. All that being said, the filtered water that you consume over a few days is not likely to contain enough contaminants to be of concern.
I had emailed the company (Leaktite), have experience with food grade containers through professional cooking and designing said containers.
HDPE plastics may be used for dry good for a short period of time, but are not recommended for liquids or fatty materials. Because municipal recycling programs traditionally have targeted packaging – primarily bottles and containers – the resin coding system offered a means of identifying the resin content of bottles and containers commonly found in the residential waste stream. The message suggests that toxic chemicals from plastic containers can leach into food and drink and have a detrimental impact on our health. Polycarbonate is included under 7 in the above Plastic Code, although not all products in the 7 group are made from Polycarbonate. Based on just the recycle symbol, they all seem to be food grade, but I’d check with the manufacturer of the storage totes before using them for direct contact with food. So we can be quite positive these are food grade although they are nowhere labeled as food grade.
HDPE plastic may be more expensive but home depot sells their buckets for really cheap because they have their logo all over them.
A number 2 does not mean that the plastic is automatically food grade, it means that it is HDPE and *may* be food grade.

I hadn’t considered that dyes or other additives could make any bucket non-food safe. Someone is going to get poisoned if they do not read properly, Reconstruct your information to properly cove HDPE!!!!
But what about use of the inexpensive Home Depot buckets for the construction of Sand Filters for emergency water filtration?
The molecules of HDPE are more tightly packed and stable than other food grade plastics, meaning less plastic can leach into your precious food stores. I haven’t seen PETE used for buckets before, but if you’ve found an example, send it in!
They actually sell an white unbranded bucket which is exactly the same make but costs much more. If they were, rest assured Home Depot wouldn’t hesitate to say so, since it would be yet another use for their branded inexpensive bucket. You must also look at the binders and release agents used in the bucket making process as food grade ones are more expensive. It’s even possible that a bucket is made with food grade plastic but has been colored with toxic dyes. Home depot wants to get their little five gallon billboards out there as cheap as possible so people will know about them and buy lumber and stuff from them. Things to consider is the sand filter will actually scrape the pail and could expose more of the plastic to the water you’re filtering.
For example, a long running emailed "health warning" that claims there are links between cancer and the heating and freezing of plastic containers has been dismissed as untrue by health experts and government agencies such as America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Rona sells a blue 5 gallon bucket, but no one uses them because they are leaky and low grade. Another warning that circulates via email claims that simply reusing plastic bottles can lead to the ingestion of the chemical DEHA and cause cancers.

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