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Today I am excited to join together with a group of some of my favorite bloggers to bring you 55 homemade gift ideas. I try lots of new recipes every  year during the holidays but no matter how many new recipes I try and love there are  five things that must make an appearance at my house every Christmas season or I am in trouble. So if you are looking for some yummy food gift ideas to share with your friends and neighbors this holiday season I’ve got you covered. A mom, wife, and blogger who uses her vision, creativity, and time management skills to inspire women to create the life they want while discovering the pretty and delicious in life. I'm a big fan of food gifts for friends and family; they're all but guaranteed to be appreciated.
And New York is a fabulous place to find such gifts, whether you're looking for locally made products or taking advantage of our many and varied food shops.
High-end beef jerky from Slantshack Jerky, designer salts from Amagansett Sea Salt (which I sprinkle on just about everything I cook), creative mayonnaise flavors from Empire Mayonnaise, The Redhead's Bacon Peanut Brittle—there are any number of long-lasting foodstuffs perfect for stocking stuffers, or for putting together in gift baskets.
We're big fans of Good Eggs, the recently launched service that delivers locally grown and produced goods from farmers and foodmakers straight to your door.
The best eating week I had all year: when I had a sizable quantity of 24-month prosciutto di Parma in my fridge, which found its way into omelets and pasta (or straight into my mouth) at every meal. If there's a New York cocktail-lover on your list, Cocktail Kingdom is the place to shop—whether you're looking for vintage cocktail books, professional-quality shakers, or elegant glassware. While some gift cards just languish in the back of your wallet, unused and unloved, we bet that most food-lovers will eagerly cash in their Coursehorse Cooking Class Gift Card.

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, there are many gifts and presents that you can give to your loved one of the best gift your can give is a food gift. There are a wide variety of food gifts that you can buy that for example candies, candy cane, breads, tarts, special sweets, wine etc. Some of the most popular Christmas gifts that people normally give during Christmas as Christmas food gifts or items are boxes of chocolates in different shapes and sizes mostly depicting an aspect of Christmas for example, snowman, Christmas stars or Christmas tree. You can also make your Christmas good gift more intimate and personalized, to do that you would have to customize it into various variations for example Gourmet food and wine gift basket which will contain a gourmet meal, with pacific smoked salmon combined with gourmet cheese spread and to top it off wine.
So if you are looking for a gift to give someone this Christmas and your budget is very limited then just know that it doesna€™t have to cost that much to get a good gift, because everybody loves food and so you are bound to put smiles on peoples faces with a simple food gifts. Return to top of pageCopyright © 2013 The Content is Copyrighted and may NOT be Reproduced on other Websites. Because even the person who has everything probably doesn't have bacon peanut brittle, or Long Island-made sea salt—and if they do, well, they'll just have enough for seconds. Check out By Brooklyn, New York Mouth, Court Street Grocers, Bklyn Larder, and Brooklyn Victory Garden, all of which carry a wide range of NYC-made products. The second-best week: when I had a massive wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano, deployed in much the same way. Available in any amount, it can be used toward any one of the cooking classes in the Serious Eats corner of the site —which includes experiences at the Institute of Culinary Education, Murray's Cheese, the Brooklyn Kitchen, and plenty more.
After a stint freelancing for New York and national publications, I came back as the New York editor in 2008 and then the Senior Managing Editor, overseeing all of the other sites that make up the Serious Eats universe.

Another popular food gift for Christmas is fruits, there are a wide variety of fruits that you can give as Christmas food gifts these gifts usually come in a various arrangements in fruit baskets. I love working with women and helping to inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams while still maintaining motherhood and family as their number one priority. Why not head to one of our city's fine wine stores, such as Astor Wines & Spirits or Chambers Street Wines, and let the staff help you pick out something unusual? Food gifts have many advantages over other gift items because they are cheaper compared to buying jewelry or any other Christmas gift and it also has the advantage that you can prepare it yourself and you dona€™t even have to buy it, besides that food is the staple item on the Christmas table. Traditionally Christmas food gifts were given as food hampers that contained a wide variety of Christmas specialty foods such as cheese and ham, traditional Christmas puddings and cakes, fruit cakes, mincemeat tarts in various shapes, sizes, and colors, shortbreads shaped in festive designs such as stars, trees etc, Dundee cakes, and a bottle of wine preferable dry white wine. I blog about everything I enjoy – creating treats and meals in my kitchen, spending time in my garden, entertaining and party planning, reading, self improvement and tips and ideas on style and fashion. Eataly has a wide Italian lineup—and all manner of other potential holiday gifts—or you could head down to Little Italy and join the crowd at DiPalo's. Now that Christmas is fast approaching it is wise to start thinking of what food gifts you are going to prepare or buy.

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