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Suscribete a nuestro boletin mensual y mantente al dia en eventos, y ofertas exclusivas en el area de Tijuana. Food Garden forma parte de una nueva tendencia global, es una version mejorada de lo que conocemos como food courts, ahora le llaman food halls. Ricardo Nevarez Martinez se inspiro en este tipo de proyectos en Malasia, le llamo la atencion ya que cada restaurante o puesto, trabajaba en equipo, juntos conformaban una comunidad y todos se beneficiaban. El famoso letrero de Food Garden “Keep Tijuana Tasty” fue inspirado por una frase escrita en varias partes de la ciudad de Portland, Oregon, que dice: “Keep Portland Weird”.
En Food Garden se venden productos locales como: cerveza, queso, pan, mermeladas, postres, etc. En palabras de Ricardo Nevarez: “Para mi, Tijuana es una ciudad con mucho sabor, hay gente de todos lados de la Republica. La intencion del letrero que esta afuera es causar impacto a las personas que van pasando, una manera de agradecerle a la ciudad con “Gracias Tijuana por…”. Las redes sociales han jugado un papel importante, en facebook existe un grupo llamado Tijuana Makes Me Hungry con mas de 18 mil integrantes, donde la gente comenta, da su opinion, comparte experiencias.
Food Garden tuvo mucho exito por las redes sociales, la publicidad de un buen restaurante que antes era de “boca en boca”, ahora es masivo, lo que escribimos o comentamos, lo lee mucha gente. Tijuana se ha vuelto una capital gastronomica del pais, realmente es un punto de referencia, y esto se vuelve muy atractivo para el turismo y para los que vivimos aqui. Los invito este 7 de Junio, al festival TMMH (Tijuana Makes Me Hungry) en Food Garden, donde podras disfrutar de la comida, musica, cerveza artesanal, food trucks, todo local.
Considero que los tijuanenses estan demandando proyectos originales, no tan caros, con mucho mejor producto, productos verdaderos, y Food Garden los esta escuchando.
Nestled into the bustling Zona Rio neighborhood in Tijuana is a delightful space where artisan street food comes together with a casual but refined atmosphere.
The main outdoor seating area is fresh and inviting, well designed with wood and concrete tables and seats, bright accent colors, and beautiful tiles lining the perimeter. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Declared as the "first of its kind created in Mexico," Food Garden Gastronomic District opened just three weeks ago in Tijuana (at the corner of Blvds. I'd heard a lot about Kokopelli's high-end, low-cost tacos, so of course I couldn't stop by their new digs without sampling them for myself. We were encouraged to sample the spicy toppings, and this is where I should have remembered what country I was in.
There's one more aspect that makes this Food Garden different from most other food courts -- you order whatever you want from each vendor, but you can only get beverages and pay at one register that is shared by all vendors.
The fact that Mexico is just 20 miles from San Diego still boggles this former East Coaster’s mind. My friend, Lauren, and I went on their Tijuana Tacos + Craft Beer tour last weekend and had so much fun pushing our taco boundaries (i.e.
We walked across the border from San Ysidro, which was new to me, since I’ve only ever driven over the border. Our first stop was at La Cahua del Yeyo, a hole-in-the-wall  joint that used to specialize in turtle tacos before it became gauche to use shelled reptiles in food.

Our last food stop was at Tijuana’s very cool, very hipster Food Garden, an outdoor food court, with crepes, Asian eats, and tacos among other choices. I'm Archana, and My SoCal'd Life is a travel blog for the adventurous, hungry, and stylish explorer. Foodgarden cuenta con la presencia de diferentes artesanos culinarios de la ciudad que buscan su crecimiento empresarial y de valor de marca. Varios locales en un solo espacio, con comida artesanal, platillos mas elaborados, productos no prefabricados y apoyo al talento local. Originario de Durango, empezo a involucrarse en proyectos para tratar de darle a Tijuana un cambio positivo. La actividad de la gastronomia es el segundo generador de empleos del pais; y como lo he mencionado en otras entradas del blog, el crecimiento de esta ciudad en particular, esta ligada a la gastronomia. Esta ciudad es muy peculiar, rara, pero es la esencia de la ciudad, y sus habitantes estan orgullosos de ello. En el primer ano, la frase era “Antes de morir quiero…”, un movimiento que se ha dado en varias partes del mundo. Segun Ricardo en la gastronomia de la ciudad hay un antes y despues de Tijuana Makes Me Hungry, porque hay restaurantes que han abierto, e instantaneamente tienen exito, por redes sociales. Tampoco nos gusta el spam, asi que tu informacion esta segura con nosotros, jamas la compartiremos. Food Garden, an urban street food garden complete with artisan food stalls and a seating area in the middle, is the first establishment of its type in Mexico.
Parking is $5 pesos with purchase of something at the Foodgarden (take your parking ticket with you and present it at the cash register to have it validated).
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But prior to Food Garden, you could only find these tacos at street fairs or in the small lunchtime window during which their temporary stand is set up. David and I shared two, the shrimp, pepper, and avocado, and another, with sole ceviche with squid ink.
My search led me to Club Tengo Hambre, a roving supper club started by a collective of bloggers based in both San Diego and Los Angeles. The aforementioned blood sausage taco was tasty, as long as I told myself it wasn’t blood sausage.
This taco eatery, which now boasts three locations along with a most recent opening in Chicago, is a TJ institution that specializes in grilled seafood tacos. BCB Tasting Room, located down a nondescript street, is like an industrial, dimly lit den with old kegs turned into lights. I moved to San Diego in January 2013 after traveling the world for a year, and love finding, trying, and documenting my travel discoveries—whether that's off-the-beaten-path eats, beautiful beaches, or cool boutiques.
Se encuentra ubicado dentro del Distrito Gastronomico y cuenta con mas de 30 lugares de estacionamiento, banos fijos, area de comensales techada y abierta. Menciona que dentro de esta industria hay tres aspectos: el compromiso de calidad del restaurante, el empleo que genera y el compromiso social. A la gente le gusta el vino, la cerveza, la comida; los tijuanenses saben vivir bien, disfrutan la vida, a diferencia de otras ciudades que estan mas enfocadas al trabajo.

It presents several culinary artisans delivering fresh and delicious dishes in a relaxed and refreshing environment making it a great a place to try a smattering of the gourmet street food that Tijuana has to offer in one place.
The permanent food stalls line the outdoor seating area and are mini-locations for acclaimed Tijuana restaurants established around the city.
Find a seat at a table with your number and they’ll bring you your food as soon as it’s ready. ?Buen provecho! I went for a salsa that was second to spiciest on the counter, and put a huge dollop of it in my mouth.
There's Creperie La Luna, where they make their own caramel, and the Spanish-inspired Etxeverri Tapas y Pintxos.
Insane! I’m getting to know our neighboring country more now that I live in San Diego, since before I moved out West in 2013, I had never even been to Mexico! Their trips focus on dining and drinking in Tijuana, Ensenada, Valle De Guadalupe, and now Mexico City, and they bring a wealth of knowledge with them. Their chef consults at Tacos Perla in San Diego’s North Park, and that octopus taco at Perla? We were all going a little crazy during those hours, but a few rounds of hot-from-the-fryer churros were a wonderful emotional salve. If you’re just getting into the Tijuana or northern Baja food scene, this is a great place to start. For the next 15 minutes, my eyes watered and my tongue burned so hot I tried to hold it outside of my mouth like a panting dog, and all this while trying to maintain conversation with Nevarez.
For example, our guide, CTH co-founder Antonio, grew up on both sides of the border and had been to many of the spots on our trip. We paid $18 for a lot only to be yelled at on the way out for not having a ticket…even though we were never given one!) Interestingly, Lauren and I turned out to be the only San Diegans on the trip.
I’m not a big beer drinker, so I polled the group about our brew pairing, an Imperial Stout from Funes Hand Crafted Baja Beer, made with blue corn, hibiscus, and Mexican corn sugar. This was another amazing taco—I mean, the filling was wrapped in fried cheese!—but also the most tourist-friendly.
And he doesn't want vendors who already have several locations -- Food Garden should be a gourmet food purveyor's second, not first or third.
By the time the white-hot burning had tapered into a merciful ache, any remnant of makeup on my eyes was either smeared or gone. CTH keeps groups small—ours totaled 11—and once we crossed over to Mexico, we were driven around in a small van. I also loved how even though it was a pairing at the taco shop, the brewery teams were all on hand for info and questions. The impression I got from speaking with Nevarez is that he's looking to help develop small food businesses, which he feels is best accomplished by assisting them at this crucial juncture.

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