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July 27, 2013 By James Samuel 1 Comment Three well attended talks to appreciative audiences in Taranaki and Manawatu, resulted in a lead on a hidden 20 year old food forest in the Central Plateau. It was a short lead time, but this didn’t seem to matter, in these days of being able to share information rapidly through the networks.
One of the highlights for me was meeting Che Rogers and seeing the tagged Facebook photos of his forest garden, taken with his daughter in the pictures for a sense of scale. The following night 30 people came out in Marton, from the efforts of Lorraine Bartlett who invited us to meet in the Marton Arts Centre.
The next morning I went for a walk with our host Dean Williamson, and was impressed with the extensive and diverse agro-forestry plantings on his 120 acre farm. Gary and Emily Williams joined us for more juicy conversation, that included learning more about the 50 acre food forest project they have been engaged to design and are now implementing. After these events we headed off for what turned out to be a few shakey days in Wellington doing family things. We went up Mt Victoria, enjoyed a movie, made multiple trips to Te Papa Museum, and enjoyed the colourful waterfront and the school holiday activities on offer. At the Fielding talk Trevor Witt had informed me of a 20 year old Forest Garden in the Central Plateau. We left on Sunday morning, after the second substantial earthquake, and before the big one which hit later that day. We plugged the address into Google maps and arrived unannounced in the late afternoon to the warmest welcome I could have dreamed of.
It was also clear that people want more knowledge and information about how to design and implement a food forest or forest garden, so the next event is a Food Forest Hui – September 26th-28th.

This Hui is aimed at people with a Permaculture Design Certificate, as a step towards increase the availability of workshops on this subject. If you have not not had any Permaculture training, but wish to learn more about how to design and implement your own food forest, then please do register your interest in future hands on workshops or online learning. Stefan will share from his experiences converting a commercial apple orchard into a fully-fledged commercial Permaculture Orchard.
Modelled after the Beacon Food Forest in Seattle, the proposed East Feast Festival Beach Food Forest pilot project is slated for the south side of the Festival Beach Com­mun­ity Garden, just east of I-35 at Waller Avenue and Clermont Street on the north shore of Lady Bird Lake. These days, where fast and unhealthy foods are sometimes the only options for food insecure families, food forests open up a whole new world of opportunity by providing a free alternative.  Food insecure families often can't afford to buy their children fruits and vegetables. Susanna, I love this topic, this idea, and this picture!  You wrote a very fine final paper about this, and I hope that you share all or part of it with the college community in another form--maybe a shorter article for the school newspaper?
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With this video we continue our series on permaculture and its implementation in a real environment.
Type ‘permaculture’ in the search box (top of the page) for more videos, leave a comment below, ask a question, and don’t forget to follow us on Google+, Twitter, via RSS feed, or by simply subscribing to our newsletter at the end of this page! Kama Burwell, a very competent and active permaculturalist working at the Hive Taranaki Environment Centre, spread the word and drew in 40+ people on a chilly Monday night, aided by an interview on Access Radio Taranaki that morning. It was a particularly warm and generous welcome, and the talk was followed by an abundant pot luck meal, which kept the conversations going for some time until we had to leave to head over to Fielding.

I suspect that after enjoying the William’s hospitality for a couple of days, and the Fielding talk that drew 60 people, including the Mayor, Dean will be looking at adding more food producing trees into his planting plans in the future.
After quick introductions we were given a tour around the forest garden, and what a delight! We have a fantastic lineup of Permaculture teachers coming, so if you are available at the end of September, please jump in and read about this event and register your interest. As a result, many children are malnourished, which means that they may be getting enough calories they need, but they are not getting enough vitamins and minerals to live a healthy life.  Food forests provide a unique remedy to this situation by introducing the concept that food can be free if enough time and effort is put into it. Though hardly a new concept – there’s a 2,000-year-old food forest in the Moroccan desert – a food forest will certainly be new to Austin, providing an additional layer of sustainable food production.
Holly neighborhood resident Elizabeth Walsh, concerned that the needs of the neighborhood were not being addressed, attended public meetings and began having conversations with her neighbors about the plans for the area. Hart in his book ‘Forest Gardening’ and subsequently became one of the keystone concepts in permaculture.  A permaculture forest garden mimics the architecture and beneficial relationships of a natural forest. Food forests are not ‘natural’, but are designed and managed ecosystems that are very rich in biodiversity and productivity.

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