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Zinc – Why We Can’t Live Without It and Which Are The Top 10 Zinc Richest Foods? Zinc is an essential mineral that participates in the synthesis of DNA and RNA, the genetic material that controls the growth, division and cellular activity. With sufficient quantities of zinc intake increases the resistance of infections, especially among the elderly and also accelerates the wound healing.
If you have a zinc deficiency, then foods with animal origin are better sources of this mineral than the plant foods. Zinc a mineral that is essential to boost our immune system, which strengthens our resistance system and protects our body from infections. Zinc helps to transmit signals between nerve cells, and thereby increase in nervous system to function normally. Zinc helps to build muscle with repairing and rebuilding back into strong and big ones after workout. Zinc is especially important for men because of its role in maintaining prostate health, testosterone levels and overall sexual health.
Zinc also plays major role in female reproductive health and fertility.  Zinc is responsible in the growth process of a woman’s egg, a zinc deficiency can leads to improper maturity of eggs and ovulation will be impeded and causes infertility, apart from this a zinc deficiency cause’s low libido also.
Zinc is one of those nutrients that don’t get talked about much, however it plays a huge role in so many functions in the body.
Zinc is essential for many physiological functions, including structure in certain proteins and enzymes, and regulation of gene expression.
The best sources of zinc are from animal sources, because often in plants it is bound to phytates inhibiting its use by the body.

Zinc is an antioxidant which is essential for the immune system and helping to prevent allergies, colds and flus.
Zinc deficiency impairs the motor skills and cognitive skills including Brain fog, clumsiness, and inability to think clearly. Reduced fertility, skin irritations,  rashes on the skin, spots on fingernails, sleep disturbance, loss of sex drive, loss of taste or smell, ­ mild anemia, decline in energy levels, lack of concentrate, lack of memory, infertility, regular colds and flus. The proper healthy function of red and white blood cells  requires good levels of zinc throughout the body, so if you suffer from any of the above and you get regular colds and flus you may have low levels of zinc.
Too often we look for one fix, we chase symptoms and we try and fix it with using a band aid. Studies show positive effects of zinc supplements on sperm counts and motility, especially due to low testosterone levels. Zinc food boosts killer cells, which fight against cancer and helps white cells to release more antibodies. 100 grams of cocoa powder has nearly 40% of the required daily dose of zinc for the organism.
I first got introduced to zinc when a naturopath I went to looked at my finger nails and said I was low in zinc, along with plenty of other nutrients. It is important for the role of the immune system, wound healing, protein synthesis, cell health and DNA synthesis. Foods high in zinc are organ meats like kidney and liver, then red meat such as beef and lamb. 80 % of your immune system comes from your digestive health, so if you have a stressed digestive system you aren’t able to digest and absorb nutrients and minerals from your food.

Zinc deficiency weakens the cells, which can result in hair loss, poor nail and skin health.
One big indication of low zinc and other nutrients is white spots on your finger nails which is what my naturopath noticed 5 years ago.
Yet in order to fully understand your body you need to get to the root cause of why you are low in zinc, iron and whatever other nutrient.
Zinc plays a powerful role in skin health, helping with regeneration of cells, wound healing and inflammation.
Seafood is super high in zinc so getting oysters, scallops, and other shellfish into your diet helps increase zinc uptake by the body.
The thing here to really understand though is that you are only as healthy as what you are able to digest and absorb, so unless you have a healthy digestive system no amount of supplementation will improve your uptake of vitamins and minerals. I used to take all sorts of supplements and spend a fortune trying to fix my low this and that, I ate an incredibly good diet, with plenty of zinc, however for some reason I was low?? When it comes to plant foods such as pumpkin seeds and other nuts they are high in zinc but the zinc is much harder for the body to use.
This is why soaking your nuts to remove phytic acid increases enzymes and the nutrient availability of the food. When you address the root cause and heal that, you will then be able to get and absorb your vitamins and minerals from real food and achieve that real health and wellness.

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