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This special issue celebrates not only 50 years of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and its successor, the African Union (AU), but also the life of the late Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem, a staunch Pan-Africanist. Pambazuka News interviewed various leaders of the AU Commission and an Oxfam official about the accomplishments of the AU as well as some of the challenges and future of continental integration. Post-independent African leaders have failed to realise the aspirations and hopes of self-determination and unity of the African people. The AU is well placed to articulate the Pan-African agenda for the benefit of the people, yet the majority of African presidents are busy with self-preservation and less supportive of initiatives that promote regional and continental integration.
There is a need for a cultural rebirth in Africa as part of the radical economic and social transformation of the continent.
MENELIK EDUCATION exists today because we believe that this harsh reality, faced by millions of Congolese children and their families, should not be overlooked. Brutal crimes of violence against women have massively increased and become pervasive in the country. We at (Menelik Education), noted that the security and the justice system is extremely weak and fails to address the problems of violence and that women and young girls survivors of rape lack sufficient care and protection. While this alarming situation of brutalisation of women and young girls continues in the DRC, it is deplorable that efforts from the international community are targeted at the eastern part of the DRC notably Bukavu a very small part of the DRC, and are not coming forward to condemn these evil atrocities across the DRC.
In many rape cases, the police, families and relatives of victims, spend more time seeking reconciliation by financial mean between the attacker and the victim family rather than investigating the facts.
We at CSN operate on a “zero tolerance” basis, and not only encourage families to take action but support them through this process. We regularly visit schools and universities to raise awareness and build links with these schools so that students facing violence or any form of harassment can contact the office for action. The survivors of violence in the DRC need moral support to overcome gender-based discrimination and the continuous threat to their life and security. It is a conviction we share with our partners locally, and spent nearly 10 years advocating for the rights of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Thousands of women and young girls have suffered due to beating, rape and forced sexual slavery. In the course of our daily work defending the vulnerable in Congolese communities, we noted that rape and other forms of violence perpetrated against women, can constitute a crime against humanity. They seem to relegate violence carried out in non-war situation to the private sphere, a practice which put women and young girls’ lives at risk. Over all, the police are poorly organised to deal with serious crimes, particularly those against women. We try to force these agendas on local authorities in the areas in which we operate, and they seem to be very responsive.
Thanks to the work we do in schools, on the 8 March 2013 the Head of all Catholic schools in the DRC wrote a press release in which he informed all the schools staff and students that the CSN was now mandated to operate in all its schools and that our primary mission was to eradicate sexual or other sorts of harassment in schools. We will continue to participate with confidence and compassion in eradicating all forms of violence. Menelik Education, civil society organisations, the Congolese government and the international community have responsibilities to address this concern.
We aim to amplify the voices of children, the young (especially young girls), women and their struggle for survival. Just last month (March 2013) a man killed his pregnant wife because she lost his phone sim card. We call upon the government to comply with its obligations for prosecuting persons responsible for such acts, to ensure that all victims of violence whatever their nature, particularly women and girls, have equal protection under the law and equal access to justice. The message Menelik Education and its Centre de Solidarite Nationale (CSN) is that “violence against women is a crime against humanity”. Pay is poor and opportunities for advancement are rare, leaving many police officers dependent on bribes to support their families. We also reiterate the need for all members in Congolese society, to ensure that the innocent are protected and the oppressed are freed.

However, the only thing I’ve found that I take serious 100% of the time is someone’s salvation and providing for my family. Through our efforts, we aim to effect change that will ultimately stop this vicious circle of poverty, hunger, discrimination and the lack of access to healthcare and education.
Young girls as young as 6 years old, suffer sexual violence committed by various groups but mostly by those who have power who use it to silence people including those who are supposed to protect them.
In short, we aim to bring about a change to ensure that every child in the DRC, every young girl or woman regardless of race, religion or background, have a fulfilling and enriching life, guaranteed to them as citizens of Congo. The situation of increasing violence against women and young girls is as bad in Kinshasa as it is in rural areas. I value ones spirituality and more importantly if they have accepted Christ as their savior. In the East, on top of being attacked by their own, militia from neighbouring countries, also pour inside the country to commit sexual atrocities that are of an unimaginable brutality, which go beyond rape and aim at the complete physical and psychological destruction of women as sexual slaves with implications for the entire society.
Even the MONUSCO (UN mission in the DRC), does not have resources and effective mechanisms to deal with such deprivation of human dignity.
In numerous cases, male relatives are forced at gunpoint to rape their own daughters, mothers or sisters. Such women often end up being infected by HIV and stigmatised by their families and, if married, they are often deserted by their husbands.

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