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Located within the lush greenery of the 150 year old Singapore Botanic Gardens, this family-friendly social enterprise cafe is a popular location for charming, heartfelt weddings with an outdoor garden theme. Designed to inspire everyone to “Taste the Good Life”, the restaurant’s large communal tables, mixed seating styles, generous aisles, wheelchair ramp and playground make the space a great choice for couples wanting a wedding space that is welcoming for old and young alike.
The restaurant’s open look and feel celebrates nature with warm woods, high ceilings and full-height glass walls letting in lots of natural light and views out into the green.
Weddings here are casual and fun communal self-serve feasts that spotlight Food for Thought’s fan-favourite brunch items in playful ways. Who are We?It is ok to be Kiasu or "'fear of losing" when it comes to planning a wedding in Singapore.
If you love indulging in international buffet feasts but do not want to break the bank, Buffet Town is the place for you.
Located at the tranquil Singapore Botanic Gardens, Food for Thought is the perfect place to dine if you want to be close to nature. Tried once and I’m hooked – these five words aptly describe my sentiments about this place that serves awesome pasta and wood fired pizzas. The first time I stepped into PS Cafe at Harding Road (Dempsey Hill), I was captivated by the restaurant’s ambience.
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Cafes: Tucked away in the basement of the Botany Centre in the Botanic Gardens (next to the Tanglin Gate entrance), Food for Thought offers an air-conditioned respite from the heat and humidity of the gardens.
Cafes: "A good place to cool off in air-con after a hot and sweaty walk around the Botanics! Imagine bringing your children to the Botanic Gardens and reading books together on the lush greenery coupled with background birds chirping sound, taking in fresh air and enjoying a peaceful bonding moment on a beautiful day. This is exactly what this book bank initiative is really about – to encourage a love of reading, and what better place than in our own beautiful Gardens. If you are heading towards the Singapore Botanic Gardens, you should bring along a book that you wish to give away and visit the Book Bank outside the Gardens Shop at Tanglin Gate.
For a start, these books are contributed by The Gardens Shop. We certainly have some good conditioned books that the kids have read and loved and we will be happy to share with others while in exchange, pick up new ones or preloved ones by others. As part of the initiative to kickstart the Book Bank at the Gardens, we were invited along with some parent bloggers to a Paper Quilling session together with our children. Basically, Paper Quilling is really an easy craft work but yet it can produce amazing art pieces with endless forms of ideas and creativity. This good news was announced on 4 July 2015 and totally came just in time as a special memorable gift to Singapore’s Jubilee Celebration for her 50th birthday!
Singapore, this little red dot on the world map, which could hardly be seen, has come so far and there is no other tropical botanic garden on the Unesco Heritage list, making this the first! With 2 outlets at Holland Village and Evans Road, Hatched is, as its name suggests, all about eggs. Unlike most eateries where guests really just go in, have a meal, pay the bill and then leave within 45 minutes, The Loft has taken a slightly more welcoming edge. In the heart of the Central Business District, Group Therapy Coffee is located on the 2nd storey of a shophouse at Duxton Hill.
What started out as a specialization of event space for birthday parties and corporate functions and slowly beginning to gain popularity all thanks to the coffee they serve. The Coffee Daily at Brighton Crescent boasts of aromatic coffee made from the beans they bring in from Highlander, a renowned artisan bean roaster. According to Coffee Research Org, 93 degrees celsius is the optimal temperature for espresso extraction. Spacious and cosy, the cafe is neat and organized in color schemes of black, white, and wooden textures. Also, if the weather is beautiful, you could soak up some sun over brunch at the balcony seating!
Previously featured in our list of  Top 10 21st Birthday Party Venues in Singapore, Food For Thought at Botanic Gardens is another popular brunch hangout?
Food For Thought is a restaurant designed around sustainable living and care for the environment. A 21st birthday occasion is always special – a celebration of your coming-of-age, the once-in-a-lifetime party you will be throwing as a adult.
While the restaurant is big, couples have held smaller solemnisations and intimate engagement brunches here successfully in specially sectioned-off spaces like the leafy outdoor garden patio or large communal table area. Whimsical details like recycled milk-tin lamps, tables embedded with whimsical wood mountains and glass jar terrariums and a railed ceiling good for hanging decorations give many playful options for couples who love creative, hand-crafted weddings.
Couples get to surprise their guests with fun choices like a DIY pancake bar, DIY burger bar and a milkshake station and even a seasonal mussels station (featuring the ever-popular coconut laksa mussels).

Diners get to enjoy their meals on dark wood furnishings and brown leather seats in a relaxed environment. Buffet Town is conveniently situated at Raffles City, and it offers diners a sumptuous buffet spread of Fresh Seafood, Japanese Sushi and Sashimi, Italian Pasta and Pizza, local delights (Chilli Crab!), and many other varieties of food. Aside from serving great food, there are also coloring sheets and crayons on the tables to keep children occupied.
The soft lighting, relaxing music and unimpeded view of the lush greenery and vivid foliage makes this a great place for family gatherings and special occasions.
Seb’s Bistro (previously La Viva) at Rochester Park offers classy alfresco dining in a relaxed environment.
This spacious, airy cafe offers a large choice of all day breakfast and brunch items, burgers, pastas, salads and mains such as slow-roasted baby back pork ribs and pan-seared salmon, together with a selection of teas and coffees, soft drinks and a small choice of alcoholic offerings. Over here, you can drop your book and exchange for a book on the bookshelves to bring home, or simply donate some good books, or pick up one and read at the Gardens. Hopefully, the next time we visit the Gardens, this bookshelf will be so plentiful of books that it requires a bigger corner! Be it boiled, baked, scrambled, fried or poached, we’ll bet there is something for everyone in the 2012 catalog of eggs. With magazine racks free for all to browse and computer terminals for internet surfing, the dining experience here would be akin to brunching at home away from home. The cafe is styled according to what seems to be a combination of both Japanese and French designs.
Books and magazines are offered along with a variety of seating arrangements (sofa seats, wooden chairs, couches etc) for guests to make themselves at home. A cosy, uncluttered and unpretentious hideout – the cafe had played host to events of all sorts. Made from a blend of 100% Arabica beans, Group Therapy serves coffee freshly roasted and ground on the spot. People who live in the North-eastern part of Singapore will be happy to know that the scouting for brunch places can be kept within the vicinity! Other than the well-liked beverage, another highlight of the cafe would be the old school decor that had began to grow on many people.
The menu also includes a fair share of burritos, breakfast sets, sandwiches and cakes for the hearty brunch you desire. In fact,  have lost track of the number of times I have heard somebody rave about Wild Honey. The entrance also features a tantalizing display of freshly baked goods from the confectionery, ranging from too-pretty-to-be-eaten cakes and fluffy pastries. Indeed, there is no finer place to have the first meal of the day than in a garden or a park, or anywhere with lush greenery for that matter.
If you are expecting children at your gathering or event, the branch at Botanic Gardens can’t be any more ideal for it has an outdoor playground.
The restaurant’s signature wall with its warm words about “Love Your Family” and “Savour Every Moment” make for an ever-popular photo backdrop for weddings.
Food for Thought also provides for the local tastes of the older crowd with Spicy Chicken Rendang, Tofu Steak Salad with Ginger Cardamom Shoyu Dressing and Mini Kaya Profiteroles.
Some even have outdoor fields where children can run amok and expend their boundless energy. There is also a vibrant play corner in the restaurant where children can have fun and expend their endless energy (if that’s possible!).
Diners enjoy a variety of super delicious Italian food (Wood-Fired Pizza, Pasta, Seafood, Premium Steaks) while overlooking the sea and Sentosa island. The staff is quite helpful in helping to accommodate big families (setting up of toddler high chairs, etc). Diners get to choose to choose from a huge variety of food including Pastas, Tapas, Thin Crust Pizzas, among others.
An outdoor playground keeps the little ones entertained, while at the same time keeping some peace indoors! But do remember to return it so that we always have the bookshelves full of books and not depleted to none. However, I find myself taking leave from work to pamper myself for spa time, meet up with friends, go shopping and realized that I have never really dated my mum before. According to the article, a hybrid meal that starts with tea pastries and later segue into meatier dishes is a much friendlier alternative to a heavy spread of rich fare, like meat pies, once someone wakes up with a hangover. It is one of life’s simplest pleasures to be able to leisurely lounging at a cafe while one takes in the sights, sounds, and smells of it.
With many brunch-serving eateries sprouting up across the islands, most are well-furnished and decorated, making them cosy places for get-togethers and comfortable settings for conversations. Also, look out for the little eggs-themed details, from the salt & pepper shakers to the toys at the counter!

A small corner of the cafe is dedicated to the set-up of a lifestyle store selling kitschy knick-knacks like children bibs, greeting cards and fancy stationery.
There is no need to travel to the city on an empty stomach to find brunch when we’ve got one in Serangoon Gardens. The concrete floors, retro grilles and vintage pieces of furniture tastefully put together in sets contributes to the flavor of the place. Located in the West on Morse Road, the cafe is big on coffee, with its very own in-house roaster and beans for sale to other coffee lovers. If you’re the type who likes to walk it off after a meal, a stroll in Botanic Gardens actually does sound pretty good too! Simply click on the quick links in this blog post to be directed to the venue’s page so you can access more information, photographs, or enquire with them. Therefore, these are great venues for family bonding, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy your meals and conversations without the constant distraction of your children.
If you are a mussel-connoisseur, this food joint offers diners a choice of over twenty varieties of mussels.
The spacious interior makes it a conducive place for large family gatherings, and there is also an outdoor playground with slide where children can have fun.
The staff here is really helpful and nice too, and they are accustomed to helping families with children settle down comfortably. There is also a small lawn outside the restaurant where children can play and be closer to nature!
Food for Thought supports several charities, with part of their profits going towards the United Nations World Food Programme, World Vision and Living Water International among others. In Singapore, our Instagram timelines between 11am-2pm on weekends would’ve already showed us what the quintessential Brunch experience looks like. Lately, it also seems that there’s a growing trend of birthday celebrations enjoyed over brunch at cafes and restaurants with pretty and kitschy concepts and themes. The cafe also carries a selection of Jing teas, ciders and boutique wines for your tasting.
I later learnt that the owners of the place had intended for the cafe to look like a home from the 1980s. I have also listed the respective kids-friendly-features and price range of each restaurant. There is also a huge selection of Belgian beer (180 labels!), including the famous Leffe beer. This Korean restaurant is relatively out of the way as it’s located in the faraway West area. There is a kids menu and the restaurant provides coloring sheets to keep your children occupied. Families get to enjoy their meals at this charming restaurant overlooking the sprawling green field and vivid foliage. And after posting some of our paper quilling masterpieces on instagram, I realized that I have been missing out such crafts since my school days! So if you’re not into the evening birthday bashes or the loud pool parties, the idea of a low-key birthday brunch may appeal to you. Good hygiene is observed too because you need to remove your footwear before entering the playroom.
Children can play on the lawn outside, where there is a variety of toys, play sets, and coloring sheets.
There are many toddler high chairs in the restaurant as well, and the staffs are keen to help accommodate big families.
The bungalow houses two floors of play area that are filled with a multitude of toys, and the best thing of all is that there are child minders looking after your kids here! Such a delight to be served a beverage with your favorite Sanrio cartoon character swimming in it, isn’t it? More importantly, there is a large play area for children so you can indulge in sinful Korean BBQ without being distracted. Therefore, adults can enjoy their dinner and drinks in peace knowing that their kids are playing under the watchful eye of the Playhouse staff.
The maple syrup in the Sleepover Special will do the trick while you figure out if its a dessert or main course you’re indulging in.

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