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Opened on December 2012, Food For Thought at the Gardens is inspired by the Singapore Botanic Gardens' mission to connect people with the pleasures of nature. Situated within the oldest and most historically significant garden of our busy city, we designed our restaurant around love for family, care for the environment, enjoyment of rest and other aspects of truly sustainable living. Surrounded by lush greenery, our 250-seater eco-conscious restaurant features upcycled milk-tin lamps and full-height glass walls that let in plenty of natural light.
Nestled within Singapore Botanic Gardens is the second outlet of the ever popular Food For Thought cafe. Since it’s the season to be jolly, what could be better to celebrate Christmas with a scrumptious brunch affair with your loved ones? Their scones on the other hand may looked unpalatable compared to hotel standards and it looked even harder to take a nice shot of it but trust me, it’s one of THE BEST SCONES I had in years! Ever since my last visit to Burger Shack, I’ve been in love with pulled pork burgers! THEDESSERTPRINCE by Edward Tang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We went on a Monday morning and it was already a third filled with morning joggers, expat mums with strollers and we even saw a bride and groom, probably taking a rest from their bridal shoot.
It seems that the owner for Food for Thought chose the cafe locations with much thoughts indeed. This entry was posted in Reviews and tagged Cafe, Food for Thought, me-time, mummy diaries, Review, Singapore, Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s hard to find a cafe that has an outdoor playground so the parents could eat while still keeping watch on their kids. Much like us, the fox seemed to be enjoying the scents of the assorted plantings in the garden at hand. The cunning little red fox thoroughly surveyed its surroundings but paid little attention to us.
Red Foxes are particularly adept at thriving in an urban environment and scavenge successfully on anything that humans eat, but at the Montreal Botanical Gardens, there was next to zero litter, so I expect this red fox resorted to a more normal diet of rodents, rabbits, birds and any other small creature, including frogs. It is thought that urban foxes are evolving into a different species from their country cousins because of the availability of man-made food, different survival skills that come with living in a city, and a lack of fear of humans. Top 10 super fun activities for the kids this school holiday - Royal Plaza Group Royal Plaza GroupWe can offer you a myriad of products from deluxe Singapore hotel accommodation to award-winning dining and delightful works of gastronomy.
Located right under the taxi stand of Tanglin Gate, the large glass panels that allow natural sunshine into this cafe makes it excitingly beautiful. Large tables, generous aisles, a safely enclosed playground and a wheelchair ramp allow us to serve visitors from all walks of life. Bond with family over brunch favourites like creamy scrambled eggs, gula melaka granola and pulled pork burgers. Personally, I have always been a huge fan of them since they are well known for their huge and readily-made affordable dishes. I have to say the Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Burger ($8.00) was tender and coupled with that smoky homemade BBQ sauce and violia! Why not consider heading down to Food For Thought at Botanic Gardens instead and end off your lovely brunch affair with a sun bathing stroll by the park.
If I never remember wrongly, it used to be a food court which never see much crowd or at least the times when I went were never crowded. I ordered Two pancakes with dark chocolate and raspberries toppings (one of their bestsellers).
Just the thought of dining in the Botanic Gardens soothes your soul and naturally you feel at ease when you know you are being surrounded by nature.
I love their spacious arrangement of tables and chairs which is very friendly for families with young kids.

The walk from the mrt to this cafe is extremely far, but you are right, it will build up a big appetite and the food would taste even better. Of serviced residences in the heart of Orchard Road and ideal locations for your intimate meetings and events, expect to have your breath taken away. Their to-die-for pancakes laced with generous amount of sweet gula melaka syrup, awesomely good brunch menus and let’s not even talk about their desserts which I always find myself doing nothing but staring through the glass panel that separates me from them!
Either way, the cafe’s free sitting so expect to share your space with someone else okay? Two thick slabs of toast, nicely sauteed garlic mushroom, a good dose of good old scrambled eggs and that’s how ZX loves her brunch.
Although I would prefer my veggies sliced and arranged neaty just like how it was done in the movie. However, I find myself taking leave from work to pamper myself for spa time, meet up with friends, go shopping and realized that I have never really dated my mum before. To come to this place, we took a cab and we told the cab driver to go to Tanglin Gate entrance to the Singapore Botanic Gardens which is opposite the Gleneagles Hospital.
The tables and chairs were of different heights and types catering for different diners’ preference. The other 2 branches are located in the National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Art Museum.
Their menu with local and western delights have something for everyone and kids will be delighted to choose from their kids menu.
Or just kick back at the end of the day with friends over wine and holy basil almond pesto chicken linguine. You have to specify Tanglin Gate or near Orchard Road side of the gardens because Singapore Botanic Gardens is really BIG!
But you know you can stay there for at least half a day exploring the gardens after a good meal. Outdoor playgrounds are now a common sight in the outdoor areas of malls, and Far East Organisation Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay is no exception. You cannot take the mrt to this cafe as you will have to walk a long long way since the mrt is on the far end of the gardens. I would most likely bring the kids to visit this cafe again during the June school holidays when Children’s Seasons comes around. This is a great place to bring the young ones – the parents are sure to be on the side-lines just beaming in adoration.
It's the first attraction in Singapore to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world's first tropical garden to get the honor. It’s bound to keep you enthralled, and chances are, the young ones will be no less than enchanted too.
Singapore is the only major city other than Rio de Janeiro to have primary rainforest within its city limits. I first read about it on one of my favourite travel cum family blog – And Three to go. We won’t tell you more to keep the experience a surprise – but it’s definitely worth a visit!Live the farm life at Farmart CentreEver heard of the Farmart Centre? This perfect food combination will never go wrong and kids can never resist such a sweet treat. She came to Singapore and recommended this cafe in the serenity of Singapore Botanic Gardens. This centre presents children with the opportunity to meet and interact with farmland animals!
With my pancakes topped with fresh cream, spiced gula Melaka syrup, dark chocolates and berries ($14.00), this is sure a Chef Recommendation breakfast main.

Well, actually there is much to learn from tourists as they tend to go to places where locals seldom go to.
This may well be the closest chance the kids get to witness the kampong life through their own eyes.
One of the top attractions is the VIP Orchid Garden, featuring specially bred hybrids named after celebrities and heads of state who have visited Singapore. Photo Credit: Farmart Centre Photo Credit: Farmart CentreIt’s a chance for them to learn, engage, and have fun while at it! Plus, their natural curiosity is extremely welcomed in this environment – knowledgeable tour guides are keen to share answers to questions that the kids may have.
Wind up the day with hawker food at the end – this place has everything!Brave the obstacles at Forest AdventureTucked away in Bedok Reservoir, Forest Adventure is not an adventure course that many know about – just yet. Singapore’s first and only tree top adventure course actually offers more than many of us knows.
Photo Credit: TimeOutSure, the images may look a little daunting to the younger ones at first – but this is one of the best opportunities to take them out of their comfort zone.
Photo Credit: LearninghippiemomSome positive reviews even mentioned that the day in Forest Adventure gave the children a much-needed confidence boost.
Singapore Botanic Gardens has played a key role in international botany research since its inception.
Only two other botanic gardens have received the honor: the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England, and the Padua Gardens in Italy. This is a playground design that is deliberately out of the norm – almost something that appeared out of a children’s book. Photo Credit: Little Day OutLittle features that make this playground even more special (and kind of old-school, too) are steel tunnels, swing hammocks and spider-web nets. We love it!Dine in style with the little onesIf you’ve ever found it challenging to get the little ones to settle down and eat, we are sure you’re not alone. There are heaps of child-friendly restaurants and cafes in Singapore – funky kids’ menus, permanent play areas and more. Photo Credit: Follow my WandersOur favourite pick is Food for Thought at Singapore Botanic Gardens. The beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site is just a 20-minute jog from the hotel, and Food for Thought even provides picnic baskets for your family to take away food and enjoy it in the gardens!
For those who prefer dining indoors – the adorable play area will surely take your breath away.Explore the Port of Lost WonderLocated at Sentosa, this destination encourages learning in a fun and stimulating environment.
This has really taken “playing house” to a new level (we’re talking about an entrance looking like an airport check-in counter) – this is the place where the kids are the decision makers. Giving them a taste of being a grown-up whilst maintaining the fun element could just be the key to getting them excited about what the future entails.Be a Firefighter for a dayLast but not least – the chance to meet the grown-ups in the work force themselves! No, not the bank officers and chefs that are in KidZania – we’re talking about the firefighters in Singapore.
Kids and their families can walk in to learn more about the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), their mission, roles and life in a fire station as part of the life-saving force. Photo Credit: Cheong Wei MingThe firefighters take the opportunity to let the kids try using the water hose, and even get to wear red helmets.

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