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Food for Thought: Eating Well on a Budget is a Sesame Street education resource kit released in December 2010, designed to help families make healthy and affordable decisions when picking out food. In the program, Super Grover finds himself in several food-related situations where he can't seem to help out.
The Muppet scenes from the video were incorporated onto the actual show in a Season 41 episode.
While looking over the menu items I happen to notice some new additions.  I suppose this shouldn’t have surprised me since we were wrapping up our traditional Southwest Florida tourist season and gearing up for the quieter, less congested summer months. It was at this time it hit me – like a palm to the forehead in the “I could have had a V-8 television ad.”  Restaurants are very much like benefit auctions. Several past blogs mentioned the fact that fundraising events should be fun and fresh.  Guests tend to get bored and are unexcited about attending when events are the same year after year.

An event chairperson is much like an executive chef.  But, changing up the menu is but one of a number of comparisons that can be made between a restaurant and a fundraising event.
The present low priority we give to the "have nots" points to a shortfall of Global Caring Ethics. It is a human right that all people in the human family have enough to eat, drink and live happy secure lives. The video portion stars some of the Muppet characters, featuring a quartet of new characters, the Super Foods. He constantly runs into the Super Foods, who one-up up in helping Elmo, Rosita and Baby Bear learn how healthy food can help them in their daily lives. New elements must be fused with traditional elements to keep the excitement level up and the guests wanting to come back.

If it only has one major fundraiser a year some of the money raised needs to be stashed away and used as seed money for next year’s event. The video was funded in partnership with United HealthCare and the Merck Company Foundation.
You might say we are regulars.  They know us by our first names and we know the names of everyone there, including the servers and bartenders.
If you do so, your guests will be clamoring for more – will continue to fill up the seats – and will more eagerly open their wallets and checkbooks.

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