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Anyhow, the basic gist of the Food Fighters was that the heroic Kitchen Commandos were pitted against the evil Refrigerator Rejects in eternal battle for control of your mom’s kitchen.
The Commandos were lead by Burgerdier General (a hamburger, as you would guess) and included Major Munch (the doughnut), Lieutenant Legg (the chicken leg), Sergeant Scoop (yep, the ice cream cone), and Private Pizza (needs no explanation). Those weapons and accessories were nothing to sneeze at either; there is actually quite an impressive amount of detail in those little implements, and while I have lost most of them over the years, there are plenty of guns at this scale that can be used because of the level of detail put into this line. Really, I am not joking, even with a basic concept and questionable paint jobs, the sculpts on these figures are actually very solid and they really come out on figures like Private Pizza and Chip the Ripper. I Food Fighters erano una raccolta di action figures prodotta dalla Mattel tra il 1988 e il 1989. Si trattava di giocattoli di plastica con l’aspetto di cibo vestiti come dei militari. Perhaps the lesson is that when it comes to cooking TV, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Oh the latest episode, the contestant cooked what looked like over cooked shrimp because it was fluffy and white and a judge said that the shrimp was gummy, so it was overcooked…the contestant won.
This show is Bs…yeah the prize is money if u beat the chefs put what is the incentive for the chefs?? It is the summer, so NBC is trying to bring out new shows and see if they might work and they have recruited Man vs.
Join us on Reality Rewind for all your Food Fighters 2014 spoilers, recaps, videos, photos, news, predictions, previews and much more! They were still bigger than video games so companies were able to develop varied concepts and put them to market, so even if lines were not sensations like Masters of the Universe or GI Joe, the variety and sheer number of properties always kept it interesting.
This was obviously serious business because all of the Commandos had official military ranks, and everyone came packing heat, helmets, and medals of honor.
Each and every character had his own personality and their sculpts and expressions really brought those out. As you might be able to tell, I have actually repainted Chip the Ripper and Burgerdier General, and even my meager painting skills have brought out a lot of the details.
Burgerdier General made me titter, and the fact he fights a guy called Mean Wiener catapults it up the ladder.

Food”) recently made headlines both for his considerable weight loss and for some nasty exchanges he had with Twitter followers.
Vigneron demonstrates the difference an aggressive competitor can make, while Garcia is a dynamo capable of turning a taco challenge into a one-woman show.
These people are somehow able to find all their ingredients, do prep work like chopping, breading, and even hand-making pasta, AND cooking their dish, AND plating them ALL in only 20 minutes?!! The judges seem to find more faults with the pros even if they are minor and they are not comfort food . I guess they tried to mix it up a bit last night when the contestant lost the first 2 challenges, then won all the rest for like 70K? Come on why do you all show the contestant and which chef the home cook will be competing against before the commercial break..
Ah, but I bet you know them, even though you have not thought about them for a couple of decades. That pretty much happens with all toy lines, but this is one of those properties that either speaks to you, or it doesn’t. No, it is not deep or highbrow, and the concept comes from grammar school shenanigans in the lunch room, but the character designs and the fact that you really don’t need much background in the concept to “get it” make it accessible and nothing but fun. A lot of these were homegrown properties as well, and media support was not always required. Heck, they even had vehicles like the Combat Carton to raise the ante of the dangers of war. The faced off against the evil Mean Wiener (the hotdog) who led the rag tag Rejects of Fat Frenchy (the fries), Taco Terror, Short Stack (pancakes), and Chip the Ripper (the cookie). The decision of whose cuisine reigns supreme is left up to a sequestered panel of five everyday citizen judges, who vote their preference without knowing who cooked what.
Each individual episode must have been a nightmare to tape (and a serious chore to attend in the audience), but the battles are reduced to no more than few minutes onscreen, leaving little time for process or insight. The only thing positive about this show, is that it made me turn the tv off and go do something better with my life. So I just leave it at that, and I am not really going to try to convince someone that this is something that they should like because, as I said, the concept is so fringe that whatever your initial reaction to it might be, it is probably right for you.

These are toys, after all, and no matter your opinion on the line, the fact remains that stuff like this just doesn’t happen in toy lines anymore, and that is terribly unfortunate. So really, a fringe line like the Food Fighters would not even really be possible in today’s climate. The story unfolded in the character bios (something Mattel still does today!), and the battling exploits took the colorful (and delicious) cast of characters from the pantry to the fridge to the stove and everywhere in between.
I am serious when I say the details on these guys are really great, so don’t be so quick to dismiss them. In victory, the home chefs are rewarded with increasing levels of cash prizes up to a maximum of $100,000 if they win all five battles.
And shame shame shame to the chefs who for some reason associated themselves to this show, why nbc, why!! If you think about it, the concept is genius, and even though I was collecting a lot of action figure lines at the time, I made room for the entire run of the Food Fighters line. However, if you are a part of the uninitiated population, here is an original commercial for the line, and it is awesome. Embracing wackiness,  and the concept of toys as toys are a couple of things that I would love to see return. Never has an action figure line given you such an excuse for building bases out of pots and pans and flinging utensils as projectiles into your opponent’s strong hold.
The Food Fighters represent a time and place in action figure history that was glorious and will never be repeated, and that is a shame. This show would be better if it wasn’t obviously rigged for the home cook to win just about every round and against such well known and respected Chefs.
Until they call me i ain’t interested ne more n neither r the people i associate with!!!!!

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