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Beginning in 1853, the Illinois State Fair is one of the longest lasting fairs in America, which has given them plenty of time to discover what foods they can fry.
I could show you the big giant tractors, the best in show of pigs, or baby calf pictures, even if cute, none of them will wet your taste buds like deep fried brownies.
We must not forget the most famous event at the Illinois State Fair, the life-size butter cow. You might end up with a heart attack after experimenting with all the foods, but you will definitively get a taste of America’s midwest state fair food. In Minnesota, we have the Minnesota State Fair, and we have a similar carved butter sculpture (except for ours is a carved bust of the current Princess Kay of the Milky Way). There are 150 calories in 1 serving of Long John Silver’s Freshside Grille Corn Cobbette with Butter Oil. There are 90 calories in 1 serving of Long John Silver’s Corn Cobbette without Butter Oil.
It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Buy from a huge variety of fresh and seasonal food brought directly to you by local producers.
There will be free cookery demos running throughout the day from the head chef at Monte Carlo restaurant in Hoylake. Sign up to receive our free email newsletter and keep up-to-date with all the news from HoylakeJunction! Get in touch today and start putting your local business in front of potential local customers.
I enjoy a deep-fried anything as much as the next Fairgoer but there is a lot to be said about the healthier side of life–if you count caramel apples and chocolate dipped strawberries as healthy, of course!
Terri also offers chocolate-covered strawberries, fresh fruit bowls and an assortment of healthy snacks for those ready for an action-packed day at the Fair. This entry was posted in Food, Fun at the Fair and tagged berries, caramel, chocolate, health, sweets by A Fair to Remember. Unique fried foods like the ones advertised on this sign at a past California State Fair are among the annual event’s most popular edible items. This is the time that guests of the event put aside their general eating habits and partake in a wide variety of edible assortments ranging from longtime favorites such as corn dogs and cotton candy to just about any fried food imaginable. Although many reports have been made regarding the fair’s food offerings, less emphasis is generally placed on the food vendors themselves.

And these vendors undoubtedly have many unique details to tell about themselves and their histories in business. Despite their busy schedules as they prepared for this year’s fair, several vendors dedicated time to share information about themselves, the fair and their food offerings. One such individual was corn dog vendor Milo Franks, who volunteered the obvious observation that he has a surname that is quite fitting for a man in his line of business. Franks, 61, who lives in Pilot Hill, near Auburn, said that he has seen the concessions at Cal Expo grow tremendously in his four decades of selling corn dogs at the State Fair. In an attempt to bring entertainment to the fair, Franks is working with his secretary, Georgeanne Clasen, to present the California State Fair’s first corn dog eating contest.
Milo Franks, who has been selling corn dogs at the State Fair for four decades, passes out a cash reward for a corn dog eating contest.
The qualifying round of the contest will be held on July 21 and 22 and the finals will be held on July 23.
The cost to enter the contest is $30 and the first place prize is $2,000, second prize is $500 and third is $300. Although Franks, who enjoys racing hot rods at the Sacramento Raceway in his spare time, has spent two-thirds of his life as a corn dog salesman, he said that his initial plan was to be an industrial arts teacher, so he would not have to work during summers.
Franks said that ironically, he has not had a summer off in 42 years, but added if he ever retires, he will build a car and race in all of the National Hot Rod Association meets around the country.
Certainly, fair food offerings are much different today than when Franks began selling corn dogs at the fair. A prime example of this fact is the Jungle George’s Exotic Meats and Bugs trailer, which is operated by Fremont, Calif.
Sandefur said that he offers about 18 different, unusual meats such as alligator, python, raccoon and beaver meats and a full line of bugs from scorpions to crickets to maggots.
Sandefur, who enjoys boating, swimming and flying standard, single engine airplanes during his spare time, said that by the following April, he introduced alligator meat, Rocky Mountain oysters and other unusual offerings at the Maricopa County Fair in Phoenix and sold out his inventory in about an hour.
Wang, who is assisted in the business by her husband Richard, who designed and built one of Tempura, Inc.’s trailers, said that she is very excited about introducing crepes to guests of the State Fair through her Grace’s Crepes trailer. Tempura, Inc.’s other trailer will feature the Fresh Mexican Grill with quesadillas, chicken and beef fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, a nine-item plate, called the “Super 9,” fresh tortillas and homemade salsa and guacamole. Wang said that some of her passions in life are reading books, attending seminars and living in Carmichael. Regarding Carmichael, she said, “It is a relatively old community, so it’s very quiet with a lot of trees, big yards and very nice neighborhoods.

Relatively newcomers to the State Fair, but 20-year veterans of the fair circuit, Galt residents Philip and Crystal Miller are adding sweetness to this year’s fair through their California Ice Cream Co.
The business features different flavors of ice cream, banana splits, sundaes, a McDonald’s McFlurry-like ice cream cup and their new item, a bacon maple sundae.
As a helpful tip in finding her business trailer, Crystal noted that the trailer is purple and pink and is decorated with an image of a snowball-throwing polar bear, named Cal.
Although Crystal hopes that many people take advantage of the many food offerings at this year’s State Fair, she stressed that she is desirous that people come to the fair, in general. My visit is justified by visiting my Grandma and Uncle Mike in Jacksonville, Illinois, but after witnessing the big fair, I suggest adding it to your Great American Road Trip if you can swing it. The Cozy Dog Drive-in, in Springfield, Illinois, claims to have been the first to serve corn dogs on sticks, on June 16, 1946. I currently hold a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (exercise science), as well as all of the certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is a personal trainer with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (exercise science) plus she holds three certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I made a quick visit to Terri’s Berries today and got a little peek at what goes on behind the scenes.
Crystal is the assistant director of the color guard and Richard is a volunteer visual arts coordinator. Over 25 stalls of artisan food and drink producers carefully selected from the top artisan food producers from around Derbyshire and the Peak District. I am not really sure of the significance of this, except that it’s representative of the dairy farming. I also have a background in sports training as well as internships in physical therapy and Occupational Therapy.
Adria has dedicated her life to changing peoples perception of fitness inside and outside of the gym with great fitness tips daily!

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