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Buy from a huge variety of fresh and seasonal food brought directly to you by local producers.
There will be free cookery demos running throughout the day from the head chef at Monte Carlo restaurant in Hoylake. Sign up to receive our free email newsletter and keep up-to-date with all the news from HoylakeJunction!
Get in touch today and start putting your local business in front of potential local customers. It is one of the most comprehensive food industry and hospitality sector related trade shows in India.
Visitors can browse through an impressive array of food products, processing and packaging tools, housekeeping equipments, air conditioning units, dairy products, pollution control tools and a host of other related items.
A new version of corndogs has sriracha in the cornmeal coating, as well as drizzled on top. Last year, grilled cauliflower sandwiches were a new novelty (and a very tasty one at that). Other spicy offerings include Breaded Cajun Shrimp and Jalapenos, Cajun Shrimp skewers and Cajun Hushpuppies.
For a change of taste, try the Cuban Fusion Burger, with a seasoned beef patty, smoked ham and garnished with pickles, tomato and chipotle aioli. For vegetarians, there is a Brussels Sprouts Sandwich (lightly toasted sprouts with hoisin, honey, and Sriracha sauce).

The healthiest option from Chicken Charlie is at his Pineapple Express booth – the pineapple boat with grilled chicken, nothing fried or spicy about it. Coffee lovers will want to try the Deep-Fried Starbucks (Starbucks whole coffee beans and chocolate chips in sweet pastry dough, deep fried, rolled in sugar and served with whipped cream), while a Caramel Coconut Samoa Donut sounds delicious. No matter what your favorite spice or food is, between the more than 1,000 items on the food vendors’ menus, no one will go home hungry from the San Diego County Fair which runs through July 5.
PBS Food – Latest CommentsRe: Bake Whole Wheat Brioche BunsCan this dough be used to make a brioche loaf?
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The main event comprises of the Food India and the Hospitality India business events and brings in a large contingent of qualified industry experts from this sector.
The interactive Culinary Show that is organized here enhances the attractions of the show further. When I was growing up, it was a big treat to have a corndog at the fair – back then, corndogs could not be bought at the grocery store or at the mall. For those who like wasabi, there is also Wasabi Bacon Bombs (spicy pork with wasabi, wrapped in dough and bacon and fried) and Wasabi Bacon Fries (fries with wasabi, bacon, grilled onions and peppers). For those who want to splurge without totally going overboard, Chicken Charlie is making Deep-Fried Slimfast Bars, along with the Deep-Fried Peanut Butter Pickle, a hollowed-out pickle filled with peanut butter, dipped in pancake batter and then deep fried, perhaps the oddest combination yet.
An unusual but cool concoction is the Corn-Flavored Ice Cream-on-the-Cob, wrapped in a corn husk.

With the agricultural exhibits and Midway rides come a variety of nostalgic fair food like cotton candy, corn dogs, and caramel apples that we have come to know and love. More than 500 exhibiting companies take part in the event and topical conferences and seminar sessions are also organized here, with a view to update attendees with the latest developments and happenings from this sector.
Adventurous fair goers looking for bold, savory and out of this world tastes will find BBQ Pig Skins (deep-fried pig skins tossed in BBQ seasoning), the Pig Trough (three pounds of pig skins topped with pulled pork and cheese), Sweet Pork Tacos and Burritos, Chocolate-Covered Pork Rinds, a Deep-Fried Pork Sandwich and Cajun Pork Rinds. By the way, wasabi is a condiment in a paste or powder similar to a hot mustard, ground from the stem of the wasabi plant which grows in Japan (I had to look it up). Throughout the years, fair food has evolved into something a little more outrageous than your typical funnel cake. FSRe: The Great British Baking Show: Meet the Hosts and JudgesQuestion - do the bakers get to taste each others finished products? Frangipane was runny even after almost 50 minutes, and doesn't have good almond flavor.

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