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This month we get to enjoy two bank holidays - but if you need to nip to the shops for some last minute bank holiday BBQ bits, make sure to check the opening times so that you're not caught short. SEFTON Liverpool Road superstore, Crosby, 9am to 7pm Sainsbury's Southport, 9am to 7pm For your nearest Sainsbury's Local opening time, click here . SEFTON Southport, 8am to 7pm Maghull, 8am to 7pm For your nearest Morrison's Local opening time, click here. Many people in Kirkby expressed their dismay after the Co-operative Food announced yesterday that its town centre store is to close. Options in Kirkby include the shops in and around the market, with local shopping helping to support local businesses and jobs. The nearest Asda is in Aintree, but there are also stores in Bootle, Walton and Stoneycroft by Old Swan. The nearest Sainsburya€™s are on Rice Lane and East Prescot Road, but after that your best bet is central Liverpool or Crosby. If you're looking for a Tesco, there are stores big and small in Fazakerley, Aintree, Litherland, Walton and Derby. The main option for Morrisons is in Maghull, with the next nearest option in Ormskirk - and a bigger journey to St Helens or Belle Vale after that. Kirkby loses its major supermarket in the late 1970s, and the site remains empty under new owner Aubrey Weiss. Excitement is in the air as plans emerge for a A?125m joint super-stadium for EFC and LFC on Kirkby Golf Course, but both clubs quickly pour cold water on the idea.
Knowsley council give the go-ahead for a new supermarket, leisure development and restaurant, but new owners Development Securities choose not to push ahead with their plans. St Modwen buy half of the town centre for the first time, redeveloping the former market hall and planning major developments.
Knowsley council reject St Modwen's much-trumpeted plans because it would involve forced purchase of local land.

The council reject St Modwen in favour of a rival plan by ex-owner Aubrey Weiss, who then fails to push ahead with his own planned regeneration.The local Lib Dems say the sale to Mr Weiss "beggared belief", given he had left the old ASDA site empty for more than a decade. Destination Kirkby is born as EFC and Tesco revealed their hopes of a 50,000-seater stadium, Tesco Extra and new shopping centre.The A?400m regeneration will double the town centre's size, building on playing fields, an estate and the All Saints Catholic High school. The Blues confirm they have signed a deal with Tesco and Knowsley council to move to Kirkby in time for the 2010 season.Club chief executive Keith Wyness says it would leave the club virtually debt-free. A majority of Everton fans back the Kirkby move after 33,000 season ticketholders and others were given a vote.But a fan-led campaign called Keep Everton in Our City keeps up the pressure against leaving Liverpool. Tesco buy the land, but fears grow about trade being dragged away from Liverpool, Bootle, Southport, Skelmersdale and St Helens by the large new shopping centre.Everton say it has to be huge to fund the new stadium, but it suffers a further blow when government architecture advisors say the design lacks an "inspiring sense of arrival". The plans are called in for a final decision by the government because of the growing controversy, with a public inquiry held in Kirkby from November.
A Kensington shop specialising in Eastern European food and drink has had its alcohol premises licence revoked. The city council’s licensing and gambling sub-committee decided to take away the license from Alinka in Prescot Road after they heard evidence from the Alcohol and Tobacco Unit (ATU) about sales of illicit cigarettes and the storage of non-duty paid vodka.
The shop had been the subject of covert test purchases of cigarettes which had originated from Poland and Russia.
Once the panelling was removed it revealed that the opening of the panelling was controlled by an electro-magnetic switch activated by a mobile phone charger plug.
Councillor Christine Banks , Chair of the Licensing Committee, said “It is important that we target this type of illegal activity. JavaScript is required to view interactive maps and to search for your nearest store but you may still find your store's details by navigating the list below. We've gathered together the opening times for the major supermarkets across Sefton and West Lancs in this handy guide. LIVERPOOL Woolton superstore, 9am to 7pm East Prescot Road superstore, 9am to 7pm Rice Lane superstore, 9am to 7pm For your nearest Sainsbury's Local opening time, click here .

The St Chad's Parade store will close on February 20, with staff all offered jobs at the relocated B&M store opening in its place.
Martina€™s Deli sells a wide range including meat, bread and eggs, while Joea€™s Sausages is proving popular for its sausages and steaks. The dog indicated what appeared to be wooden panelling on a wall in the store room, but once the officers forcibly removed the panelling they discovered the hidden stash of 3,120 Marlboro Gold, Pall Mall and Mathat cigarettes. The sale of illicit alcohol and tobacco undermines initiatives to improve the health of residents in areas of Liverpool where health inequalities are of significant concern, particularly in relation to tobacco and alcohol related illness. LIVERPOOL Speke, 8am to 7pm Belle Vale, 8am to 7pm For your nearest Morrison's Local opening time, click here. The closure marks a new twist in Kirkbya€™s long wait for a major supermarket, with Tesco twice abandoning a planned superstore in the past decade. Mikea€™s Deli has some impressive pies, home-made ready meals, bread and packaged goods, and the Big Apple has a good selection of fairly cheap fresh fruit and vegetables. Mobile top up vouchers can be bought here and card payments are accepted for purchases over ten pounds.
Knowsley councila€™s leader has said he a€?strongly suspectsa€™ new town centre owners St Modwen will bring in a new supermarket, but no further details have yet emerged.
Discount retailers like B&M, Poundland and Poundworld and many smaller independent stores also offer plenty of everyday goods. But for people who want all their essentials in one place at a big name supermarket, what are the options?

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