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As much of a food snob as I can be, Panda Express and its orange chicken holds a special place in my stomach as I lived a block away from 1 for 3 years while living in Boston. Hmm, I guess it depends on experience because every Panda Express I've ever been to has employed mostly Asian folks. Cathy is the best teammate ever -- she's smart, sassy, fun and has an incredible palate!
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Food Express has opened a spacious state-of-the-art foodcourt along 5th Street at the site of what used to be Waldorf Koullas Caf?. What makes the Fire Rock even more smooth and fragrant is the PRICE, where KBC-HK frequently runs this flavor as a special of the day for just $3 a pint.
The marinara dipping sauce has lots of texture and full of herbal complexity, where I’d be just as happy tossing some fettuccine pasta into the stuff and calling it a day.
Like many of you may have the perception of, I was reluctant to accept Panda Express as a respectable Chinese food joint. But, yeah, walk into Panda Express and ask them for a sample of any and every dish that looks interesting to you, to which the server will hand your choice over on a toothpick.
Panda Express (Hawaii Kai Towne Center location) Kobari Beef and Spicy Chicken 2-choice plate. Looks like little bits ‘n pieces of Umeboshi in there, which apparently gives this water-based popsicle an overall pinkish hue.
I so have dibs next weekend on Ono Pops‘ Watermelon Hibiscus Lemon Peel flavor, which the owner told me has bits of Lemon Peel in it. Funny thing is that my gf (her first time visit to hawaii) tried teddy’s burger and absolutely loved their sauce. Also based on your recommendation we stopped by the pineapple room at ala moana and tried the garlic mac sandwich.
I stay at the hotel next door to the Teddy’s on Kapahulu and usually go there once a visit. Tony, I seen the full order of KBC’s Niu Valley Nachos, and I don’t know how even 3 or 4 people could down that, let alone one!

Fat Fudge, well, speaking of Musubi, I wouldn’t put it past the guys behind Ono Pops to come out with a Nori or Furikake-flavored Ono Pop! Glad to hear you enjoyed Alan Wong’s Pineapple Room and thanks for the tip on that Garlic Mac Sandwich. Also glad to hear The Tasty Island helped to make your culinary trip to the islands that much more enjoyable. Joining the love fest is that super tasty and juicy char-grilled 100% chuck all-beef, no-fillers patty, as well as the also-fresh ‘n cripsy leaf lettuce, tomato and slice of onion. I usually like pickles in my burger, but for some reason, Teddy’s is too pronounced, where I find, along with that sauce, those two toppings completely overcome my psychological insistence on tasting the BEEF and everything beef in the patty that those two components ultimately end up masking.
All topping their OEM pizza crust, which is pretty darned good, with just the right amount of salt to bring out the doughs flavor. I think they should keep this one simple and eliminate the Thai Basil, where if anything, I’d go with Li Hing powder over Thai Basil for that exotic 3rd dimension of flavor for this chilly pop. The weather forecast for Honolulu today is mostly sunny, while later this evening it will be raining Kona BC IPA, where there’s a warning flooding may occur. I can remember the last time I tried to take down the full order and I nearly had to take the day off.
For example, many people love bacon in their burgers, but I for one can’t stand that. Not to mention their grillmaster knows exactly when to yank the burger off the grill at medium-rare doness, while making sure the American cheese is completely melted on top of it. Surprisingly the Kalua Pig retained its moisture and didn’t get dried out after being put under the broiler to melt the cheese.
However I think the Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil on it could have been better quality, as the one drizzled on this was too subtle. It has a well-balanced glutenous chew, being neither too tough nor crumbly, along with toasty goodness underneath in all the right spots, without tasting burnt in any particular spots. Perhaps because I wasn’t really looking for it, whereas even though not doing so, I could certainly taste the coffee flavor in the Pipeline Porter right from the start. Ultimately, plus on top of that, it has that wonderfully smokey, aromatic flavor that totally punches out the flavor of the tender strips of Kobari sauce-laced beef from being seared at high temperature in a FLAMING WOK, which as you may recall Chef Sam Choy highly advocates.

I would have never thought of trying the Panda Express but it looked pretty yummy as well, thanks for that tip!
Normally I’m not one for too much heat, but PE is using it in just the right amounts with their entree selections, and the new Kobari Beef is a shining example of that.
See my latest post (as of this writing) for some exciting new ‘Blue Tomato’ stuff happening with Chef Alan Wong! Sounds like Burgers 101 class, but you know as well as I do how often some places can seriously mess those basic rules up. This one was certainly a little sweeter and a bit more smooth immediately upon firt impression in comparison to the Fire Rock Pale Ale. It turns out, more like ADMIRABLE, as well as one of those rare eateries I’ve now become a regular of. And one thing I don’t like my burger to taste like is ether Bacon or BBQ in a pork sense of the genre. Really though, like many other bold beers, the Fire Rock is one of those that quickly acclimates to your palate after just a few sips, then it completely smooths out, turning absolutely fragrant and not bitter at all.
At least speaking for the Hawaii Kai Towne Center location, which is situated about smack center between Costco and City Mill.
Firerock (volcanic) Focaccia bread with Melted Cheese on it, with the cheese being the molten lava.
When it comes to burgers, nothing goes better with it than an all-American ice-cold Coca-Cola!
Other than that, a big ‘ole fat, fatty, greasy grilled burger, chased by an ice cold glass of water.
Large slices of meat that was not fried to a crisp combined with lots of flavour, it was alright.

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