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This website arises from the project FOOD which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Public Health Programme.
Twin 5.25-inch guns of an anti-aircraft battery at Primrose Hill in London, 27 August 1943.
The London Blitz had largely finished in 1941 but the Luftwaffe continued to threaten the country. It had been a long time since there had been a significant raid on London, so when the sirens went off, people were more curious than scared. New Sacks for Old: Salvage in Wartime Britain, 1943Mrs Nancy Marchant at work on a large darning or sewing machine at a sack recovery plant, somewhere in London.
German Tiger I tank captured in Tunisia, on display at Horse Guards Parade in London, 18 November 1943.

It was a long wade out to join the waiting line and when we reached the tail we were waist deep. Recently we visited Sydney to show and demonstrate our wares to the biggest international food trade show in Australia -The Fine Food Australia Exhibition. For example, people were amazed that industrial beverages could contain almost 44 pieces of sugar! The rubble from this site is helping to make a new road at East River Drive in New York in the United States, where it was taken by ships as ballast. This display focuses on wartime cookery demonstrations and includes information on vitamins, dried eggs and vegetables.
Woodford, Ilford, Grays, Battersea, Hampstead … some say Red Lion Square and Vauxhall Bridge.

Progress was slow and I suppose we were in the water for about an hour, by which time we were in as deep as the shortest men could stand without having to be supported. Our bombers were on the way out as the Germans came in — sometimes the searchlights caught one of ours, and sometimes the enemy. That makes three Dukes lost so far, which is a good quota, considering there are not many of them.
The further the troops could wade the quicker was the Navy's turn round of pinnaces taking men out to the ships.

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