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Perfect chicken and absolutely beautiful nibbles and wine – genius idea of having a bottle you can fill up again! Capestone Organic Poultry Ltd, Capestone Farm, Walwyns Castle, Haverfordwest, Pembs SA62 3DY. I’d far rather trade off quality (and astronomical prices) for the kinder, gentler attitude of the staff and customers at Food Emporium. As a long term resident, the gutting of the retail stores is disconcerting to say the least. And when Whole Foods doesn’t have something I need, it was always the second-best option. I have issues with FE, high prices being a major one- milk is cheaper at WF, and hormone free- but ultimately competition is a good thing, so when we are down to one real supermarket, I expect prices to rise at WF.
My favorite is that closet sized space next to the 40 Harrison Entrance that’s asking almost 13k per month for 500 Square Feet. Going to give them a try as I have been increasing frustrated that Fresh Direct has eliminated certain name-brand products for their own generics. Hey, if all the storefronts go vacant at once, the neighborhood will lose all magnetism for shoppers, & commercial landlords will be forced to leave, having gambled and lost. Whether correct or not, the landlord’s strategy is to avoid locking in low rents in a rising market.
They also have the ability to reposition the entire streetfront now that it is largely vacant, to appeal to more upscale (higher paying) tenants.
The people who work there have a bad attitude because they are paid peanuts and work long hours. I manage to be friendly with the clerks, who are working minimum wage jobs and many of whom are putting themselves through school with this job – for them, middle-class is an aspiration, and I respect them for that.

I actually lay awake last night, before I even heard this news, thinking about a map of all the places my family has loved and heavily patronized in Tribeca that have closed over the past 20 years. Crossing Greenwich to Food Emporium last night I heard, then saw, a cashier calling to a couple who were crossing in the other direction. Fresh Direct’s business model has been built on idling trucks that hog curb space and pay nothing for the privilege. When you consider that IP has historically dominated the neighborhood and that the store continues to attract a mostly middle and lower middle class customer, many of whom are on fixed incomes, they just don’t have a viable business strategy. The gourmet fare is showcased through the lovely cafe menu which you can enjoy in our casual atmosphere. Come and browse our collection of tea wares or sit and “sip” a cup of one of our exquisite teas with a slice of cake or some freshly baked scones.
Thank you Simon and Mary-Ann for the use of your glasses on Saturday night it was a fabulous occasion!
I always wonder why no one has thought to open a supermarket in northern Tribeca to service the endless apartment buildings being thrown up- I mean constructed- I mean thrown up there. Its fabulously subsidized ($100M in our tax dollars) expansion into the South Bronx is bitterly opposed by a diverse coalition of community groups, for a dozen good reasons. It was great having it there and I agree with the above posts that they had things WF doesn’t carry and it was a calm, peaceful shopping experience. Oils, pastas, pates, chutneys, organic goods, gluten-free foods, smoked cold meats, gourmet sausages, vinegars, spices and more.
Alternatively you can purchase a gift card which can be used in either the deli or the cafe.
Order from a delicious selection of sandwich, cheese, and antipasto platters as well as bowls of salad for your next function.

It’s a store in a similar vein with actually better prices on all that basic stuff, and a more polite and proficient staff. Personally, I prefer my cleaning products to have chemicals, I like my cereal to have lots of sugar, andI’m not embarrassed to admit it! It only invites more homeless and vandalism, and then why would a business want to move in?
But that strategy is also a gamble, at least for the neighborhood, which may lose control of the re-positioning of the whole streetfront.
The menu includes homemade delights such as the vegetarian ricotta tart, beetroot, chickpea and pasta salads, hummus and delicious sandwiches, Turkish breads and wraps.
I find it just awful that all those people are out of work and the whole friendly delivery scene in the morning – it will all be gone. Enjoy one of the selection of cakes on offer and a Toby’s Estate fair trade coffee or T2 tea.
And so enough vacant storefronts at once, or enough cop-out nail salons and fast food joints, and foot traffic drops overall, and not even those chains that can afford the higher leases will bother to name-brand their chain here.
It made shopping, like you say, feel totally manageable and okay, not like a huge hurdle in the day. I think they changed it, but when Whole Foods kicked off they had a 4 hour delivery window. At night without the store the block will be dead and dark and with this new mayor the crime is up.

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